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Welcoming Committee [Solo|Quest]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
Lacie had arrived not long before in Orchidia. When she was dropped off by the carriage that had brought her from Magnolia all over to here, she had entered the city and got a flyer with the information about the city. She had thanked the person gladly for this information for she had never before been in Orchidia. It was a really interesting flyer and she had read it completely when she arrived in her hotel room. When she got everything, she went back to the man to thank him again and he offered her a job for the next day.

This was the reason Lacie arrived back at the gate of Orchidia today. She was greeted by the same man and she came to learn that his name was Dacol. He seemed to be a very friendly guy and Lacie was only happy to help. She got the stack of fliers from him and simply waited this early morning for the first travellers to arrive. It didn't take that long before the first couple arrived. She smiled warmly at them and let Dacol show her what he wanted her to do. He handed them a flyer and even offered a round around town. That was something she didn't need to do since there needed to be someone at the gate. She could offer but than the people would have to wait or come back later. It would take around fifteen minutes. He headed off soon after that. Lacie waved them off before she turned her back towards them and looked back at the gate. It took quite a while before other people seemed to arrive, so she was able to daydream a bit. She thought about what she wanted to do later. She actually had wanted a tour too but that was impossible because than no one would be at the gate, this was why she was hired. She sighed a little. She hated it when she didn't get the special attention that she thought she deserved.

She didn't mind working though, it brought money but there was still the special attention, like a tour through the city. She heard footsteps and blinked rather rapidly to focus on the people that were coming, "Hello," she said, "Welcome to Orchidia." which was weird to say if you had just arrived here yourself but that wasn't the problem. She had read the flyer back and forth so she knew exactly what to point out. She handed people their flyers. Most of the people seemed to be alright with the flyers, "It tells you exactly everything you need to know about the city." she explained to someone who just accepted the flyer and looked at it. Someone else simply dropped it at the ground after she gave it, "You don't have to accept it." she yelled after the person before she pinched her own arm. She needed to stay calm. It would be quite rude to yell at the sort of customers.


#2Lacie Eventide 

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Lacie Eventide
She shouldn't scream at people that was a given. She crossed her arms in anger and tapped with her left foot annoyed on the ground until she realized what she was doing. She turned her back again to the streets and stared at the Gate. She should keep an eye on new people that would arrive. Thank god no one came at that given moment and she could close her eyes shortly and mutter a prayer and a hymn to calm herself down. As soon as she was done, she opened her almond shaped brown eyes and stared at the gate. She could see people that were already coming again, however she jumped up when someone behind her said hello, Dacol had returned, "I was so focused," she explained herself with a silly laugh to cover up for the possible mistake that she just had made. The people that went through the gate now arrived and the same happened as before. Dacol walked in front of Lacie, gave a few flyers and asked if they wanted a tour.

Lacie almost thought she saw a connection, couples always wanted a tour. Though she never knew for a hundred procent if it was really couples or maybe just family, she wouldn't ask. She waved them goodbye and turned herself back to newcomers with a big sigh. She looked around and wasn't sure what to do until they came, she leaned on her left leg before she changed to her right.

The same thing happened, she handed out flyers with a smile, most people accepted, took a few steps and started to read shortly before continueing. Some thanked her like she had done with Dacol the day before. And again some people simply threw the flyers immediately on the ground. Someone even took one and pushed it right back in her chest, which made her really pissed off but she didn't yell or scream anymore. She simply continued and counted to ten in the back of her mind. She would grab the flyers from the ground and dump them in a trash can. People didn't need to dirty the road, was it so difficult to simply walk to a trash can or say no thank you? while she tried to hand a flyer.

The next group was mainly that of guys and Lacie obviously dressed in a black and white sailor like dress was a new winning target. They stood with five around her and ignored her completely and her flyers, they were simply calling her an object that they would like to use. Thank god Dacol came back not much later after that and made sure the guys continued on with a flyer, which they surprisingly didn't throw away in the first instances.

Lacie assured Dacol that she was fine and he should take another couple on a tour and she would work on the last people that were coming in now. It was already dark because of the winter and even though she didn't felt that comfortable because of that, she stubbornly kept going on until he returned and said it was enough for today, she thanked him for the opportunity and waved him goodbye after he thanked her and gave her a little bit of money.


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