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Get out drunk (Request|Miyu)

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#1Atlas Prime 

Get out drunk (Request|Miyu) Empty Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:28 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas had just got done with some chores for the day before getting ready to meet Miyu. They agreed to meet at the bar for the quest at noon to wait for the man to come in. Atlas at the moment was at home getting ready for his request. He heard that the person would cause trouble so he debated to grab his spear or not to come and possibly threaten the guy to leave if needed, but hoped it would not come to that. He looked at it, but felt like it was best to just leave it for now. Atlas felt like it was a simple request so he didn't really grab much. He wondered if Miyu was going to grab stuff for the request since it seems she was always prepared in a way. Atlas looked around his house for one last time to make sure he didn't forget anything before leaving to go to the bar.

Atlas was on his way to the bar and noticed that it was pretty nice out today. He had been out a little earlier so he did experience it, so his outfit matched the weather. He wore a short sleeve black shirt, but his pants were still normal. They were brownish pants so they went down to his ankles like normal ones. Atlas walked through the streets before reaching the bar. He went inside and would either sit down next to Miyu if she was already there or go in and sit down and wait for Miyu if she wasn't there already.

262/1000 words

#2Miyu Kento 

Get out drunk (Request|Miyu) Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 5:30 pm

Miyu Kento
Miyu prepared herself for the upcoming job. She herself was not at all satisfied with the choice Atlas made but it was her wish and best intention to become a stronger mage. Her hair was being made into pigtails as she then decorated them with ribbons. A slight change in her attire was maybe best so the attention wasn't that strongly focused on her. Still keeping her doll-like style she wore a shoulder free blouse with trumpet sleeves with a slightly beige tone to it and fitting pink high waist shorts thigh high stockings. To top it off she wore platform heels with ribbons to tie it closed. Still preparing herself for the quest she slightly lost her focus on the time as she drifted onto the thought. Valentine's day was getting closer and she didn't really figure out what Atlas would like. She blushed as she shook her head. "What on earth am I think since Rytnah said that I can't get that silly situation out my head!"

A Sigh came out her mouth as she laying her chin and her hand leaning closer to the mirror as if she was talking to herself. "Silly one you know he doesn't see me like that." Her eyes peered over to the clock as it made her heart drop. She only had a couple minutes left to get finished and head out to met up with Atlas. Jumping out her seat grabbed her Bag which she back hours before with some small things like change or any items useful for their job. Miyu herself was in that point the opposite to him for she thoroughly thinks out possible and situations or hindrances that can come. Since she was young she was taught from the teachers and housemaids that a lady of nobleness needs to be witty and set a good image for the name. Running out the door she raced through the streets she finally came to her destination. She staggered as she was trying to catch her breath. Running herself wasn't really her strength. As clumsy as she also was she tripped over her feet falling towards him you would hear a shout of surprise as she was awaiting the sharp pain of landing against the concrete ground.

378 words.

#3Atlas Prime 

Get out drunk (Request|Miyu) Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:19 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed right before Atlas entered the bar he noticed Miyu. It seems she was in hurry to get to the bar. Atlas was in now hurry and they would have to wait to do the request anyway, so he felt she could of took her time, but it seemed she didn't feel that way. She was running and it seemed right before she reached him she tripped. Atlas, luckily, was able to reach out and prevent her from falling to the floor. "Hey, are you okay?" he said, helping her stand up correctly. "We still have some time, so you didn't really have to run though," he smiled and laughed a little. Atlas noticed that Miyu was dressed quite differently today. Normally she would have a type of dress, but it seemed she switched it up today. Atlas felt like he didn't really know how to comment on that, so he switched the topic. "Why don't we go inside and wait for anything to happen," he said to her. Atlas would open the door to the bar and allow her to enter first before following behind her. "Well where do you want to sit while we wait," Atlas asked her giving her the option to chose. Atlas would follow her and if she chose a type of table he would sit across from her, but if she chose the bar stool he would sit next to her. Atlas wondered what they should talk about when the door to the bar opened. Atlas looked towards it and noticed a familiar face. He read the name on the request and slightly feared it was the same person since he had helped this person out before. "Well hopefully, if things turn sour, we can try to convince him to stop anything since we have helped him out before," Atlas said to Miyu. He wondered how she might act in this situation.

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#4Miyu Kento 

Get out drunk (Request|Miyu) Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:19 pm

Miyu Kento
She opened her eyes as she felt the reassuring warmth of Atlas's hands. Her eyes directed up to his worried facial expression. Asking if she were alright she answered to it with a gentle nod. "Yes, thanks to you ... I did not hurt myself nor did I injure myself." A Red faint tint brushed along her cheeks giving her that rosy glow as he assisted her to stand again. The Pictures flashed back into her head making her look the different direction from Atlas. She accepted his suggestion while entering the bar. It wasn#t that crowded as it usually was and at first to look quiet.

The Bartender informed us about the man and pointed him out of the small crowd of familiars. What a surprise it was that this was also the same person from yesterday. Displeased she watched the situation though slightly drifting off into her world of thoughts. Ripped out of trance from Atlas's words she tends to nod. "Yes, the only thing we can do is watch and also knowing him we have an advantage. We already gained his trust but be cautious of how much trust we have gained. Using her right hand she pulled them through the lavender cover hair flipping the end at the end of making her hair slightly swing just to land back to her side.


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#5Atlas Prime 

Get out drunk (Request|Miyu) Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:57 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed the best shot was to wait to see if anything happened. Atlas didn't want to try to do something to him if he wasn't going to do anything in general. Miyta just came into the bar and seemed to not be causing a scene for now. Atlas would look towards the bartender to see if he wanted anything done but it seemed he was calm about Miyta entering and not doing anything about it. Atlas took this as a sign to calm down. "So, any big plans after we get done with this request?" Atlas asked Miyu. He decided the best way to kill some time was to just talk with her. He had to wonder how some people would do this alone if they were waiting for something to happen. Atlas at least had Miyu to talk with. Some people would just have to wait for something to happen without doing anything. Atlas would wait for her response and listen in to what she had to say. It would seem around that time is when Miyta had made his move. He was already talking but it seemed to get a little louder and louder each time. Atlas looked at Miyu and then the bartender and decided now might be a good time to step in. "Well sadly, we have to do this now," Atlas said getting up from the table. He didn't know if Miyu would follow behind him but he went up to Miyta. "Hey, Miyta, remember us. We helped you with your grandmother. Well it seems we are in a bind here. You seem to be making to much noise and its not good for the enviroment here. Can we ask you to leave please," Atlas asked him. He wasn't sure if, because he was drunk, or if he listened to him from his help from before, but he didn't put up a fight and got up from the table. He looked towards Enil and mentioned something about being back before leaving the bar. Atlas stood at the door and watched him walk back to his bar. He thought it was going to be nice and easy until Miyta turned around halfway through going back towards Enil's bar. "Guess he doesn't give up," Atlas mentioned. Miyta would try to get back in the bar, but Atlas blocked his way. "Come on, please just go back. Lets not make it a huge deal here," Atlas said. After a little of trying to get back in Miyta took the hint that he was not welcome back. After Atlas confirmed that he was gone he looked towards Miyu "Well gets that. Lets go back in a let Enil know," Atlas said. He walked back into the bar and Enil seemed to have the reward for both of them ready. Atlas had a some other things to take care of so just told Miyu that he would see her later and took off.

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#6Miyu Kento 

Get out drunk (Request|Miyu) Empty Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:54 am

Miyu Kento
She stayed close to Atlas's side. The attention that was brought to them from the others guests gave her an uneasy feeling. Her fingers had a firm grip to the fabric of his shirt slightly stretching the material that left wrinkles when she would loosen the grip. A calm atmosphere ruled the room. No Tention nor bursts of unfamiliar noises just the routine like activities of the guest having a small chat while the beer disappeared from their mugs. Still uncomfortable with this kind of places she scootched closer to Atlas feeling his body heat on hers. She came close to her senses and realized her actions which made her feel flustered a nervous feeling to in control of her body Her heartbeat was louder than before but still not to be overheard from the regular commotion in this place. He broke the tension between them as he asked if she had any big plans. Shaking her head she began to speak always with that sweet and gentle voice. "No, not really maybe going to the river to sing.... It sounds embarrassing but it's a way for me to calm down and be more in control of myself. For me, it is the best way to get lost without overthinking... And you any specific affair you have to attend?"

A Smile appeared on her pillowy lips. Her Bond to Atlas grew stronger. It was such a nostalgic feeling even though her thoughts interfered with the current situation. Her ears perked up by an unfamiliar noise. It was too good to be true. The man from the last job they participated had his fair share of alcohol. A little too much in her opinion. Atlas and Miyu set into action as Miyta started a fiasco of his own. Staying silent she let Atlas do the talking. He was more step forward and blunt while she analyzed the situation before she could react. There was no upcoming confrontation between the two and the drunk guest said his farewells. That, of course, when too easy as planned for the Owner warned the mages of his to pursue to return. Atlas with his tall athletic figure blocked the door while Miyu stood back giving the owner a little bit of company. The man behind the counter and bluntly said: "You two are the talk he must have been lucky hitting a lady like you." She looked at him tilting her head slightly. "Sorry I do not understand.." He laughed mid sentence and said. "well you know a pretty lady like you as a girlfriend.." Her face grew warm and her pale complexion turned into a flaming red tone. Before she could answer Atlas returned and fulfilled the task. Getting ready to say there farewells she got a wink from the bartender. She felt like her heart was going to explode from the loud and fast beating. Out of the bar, she asked atlas if he would escort her home due to such a late time at night and she would part her ways with him at her door.

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