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The Series of Unfortunate Events [Solo]

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#1Avis Kitagawa 

The Series of Unfortunate Events [Solo] Empty Mon Feb 06, 2017 11:35 am

Avis Kitagawa
Avis sat alone in the empty house of her childhood. For as long as she could remember, she was the last known family member of the Kitagawa family. Her uncles were long lost in history. They all mysterious wiped out off the face of the earth. It was not until recently fate had brought of all new to the table. This was also another lied to her that the guardians did not seek to tell the young clan leader. Her Excalibur lied against the wall in the corner of the room looking to collect dust. Once this ancient weapon belonged to one of the greatest knights of all time. She just lied on the couch thinking about her newly founded twin sister. What other secrets did the spirits keep from her?

Sitting up in the couch, she looked down at the blue velvet carpeting for some answer. Shika was the one who was most likely to answer her with questions. The deer-elf spirit was willing to help whatever way she could. Despite her timid nature, she did slip under Concord's and Nile's eyes. Her jacket sleeves covered the tattoos of each of the five guardians. She rolled up her left jacket sleeve showing a celtic tattoo of a deer. Closing her eyes, she focused her energy on summoning the guardian. "I call upon thee of Alice Kitagawa for your assistance" she said. The words caused the tattoo to glow and summoning a young woman with green-forest looking dress with long blonde hair that was tied with flowers into it and antler. Her green foliage eyes sweetly smiled at her looking to be of service. "You need ma'am" she asked in a soft, happy tone. Avis stood up with a serious look on her face, but one that was not stern. A casual serious face. Shika tilted her head slightly out of curiosity of what was wrong. This was the very spirit that handed her the sword entrusting Avis to make Shika the one guardian she mostly depended on. Only she could see Shika. Thank the world that she was alone most of the time otherwise others would think she was going crazy.

Shika bowed formally and smiled once more. "Is something wrong, Master Avis" she would ask kindly. Avis dazed out for a moment. She blinked a few times coming back to reality. The young mage had a tendency to do that quite often. "I am sorry about that Shika. I was going to ask since you out of all the gurdians are willing to tell me at least somethings around here. I was wondering if there was any other family secrets I need to know about. My family is slowly being killed off one by one ad from my sister's claims it has happened to her at least once or twice with the confusion of her being me" she explained. The woodland guardian looked hesitant to say anything with a shy fluttered look. She held her hands close to her chest making herself close and make herself smaller. Avis leaned forward thinking she said something. Time passed, Avis noticed she was probably commanded by Nile if she said anything her powers would be taken away. Though, they were spirits, but she was clan leader. "Shika? Is everything alright" she asked. She grew concerned for the spirit and was growing a little impatient. 'Uh...no...I don't know" she muttered. Avis then knew Nile said something.

Avis quietly grabbed her guardian's hand and looked at her with great concern. "Shika, please. I am begging you! Whatever Nile threatened you, I promised I wont let it happen. As clan leader, I have the power to over rule it. I need to know. Now that I have a sister, there must be other members of the family still alive! I fear my only sister and potential family. I beg of you, tell me what else are you all hiding from me" she begged. Shika looked nervous with blinking a little bit more with a anxiety filled sigh. Her green eyes looked straight and swallowed feeling a lump in her throat. "There is a curse of misfortune on the family with that being you. I...think someone is also after the family. I dont know what about, but still" she whispered. Avis paused and blinked. "What? I knew I was the last one, but has soeone been after us for this long? Two generations? Three? Four?" she said, bombarding the spirit with questions maing her feel overwhelmed. He eyes shuttered and fluttered open a few times as she leaned back showing Avis was being a bit too much for her liking. The blonde eased then took a few step back to give Shika some space. The concern of mistfortune faling upon her and the next heir before that and after that. She needed to find who placed this curse on her and her family. If Avis died anytime soon, the airloom would go to her sister and the same thing would happen to her. The circumstances of the situation was drastic. "Its not just the family heirs, but those around them such as your mother. I do not know who place the curse on the clan, but I do know its not the airloom itself" she explained. Avis nodded.

"I see. I am thankful for your help! I am going to summon the rest of the guardians" she said. She took off her jacket showing a white tank top showing all five tattoos. One of a horse, another of a fox, a dragon, and the last one of a lizard. Avis was angry at the rest of them for not telling her any of this. All four of the tattoos light up with a white light. "I call upon the ancient heros of the past of the lion clan and reveal yourselves to me" she called. Four figures shown. Nile, a tall,woman with Egyptian clothing and white blondie hair, was first. Then Achilles, a buff man that stood at six foot even with ancient greek clothing in the colors of gray, black, and red. Next came Goblin, the tallest of them all with scars all over his body and a shark-like glare standing in mid-evil clothing. The last one was the leader of them all, Concord, a young hero in Rune Knight outfit. They all looked at Shika then back at Avis who glared.

"What do you need us for?" asked Nile. Shika turned quiet as she stood next to Avis. The blonde glared at all of them. "All five of us at once? This must be good" claimed Achilles, slightly annoyed. Goblin only growled with a snarl on his lips. Concord stay quiet. The ground beneath Avis created a crater with the force of her light magic growing stronger. "Enough of these games! NO MORE LIES! I am tired of being sheltered. What ever you threatened Shika to not tell me any more secrets, I will banish you al to godless nothing" she echoed in anger. All four of them grew quiet. Goblin gave sharp glare at Shika. He marched up to her and grabbed her dress pulling her up. "You little brat! We all told your specifically to not spill anything. What does it take to get through you thick skull you dumb deer" hissed Goblin. The others seem to give Shika the same look. Nile and Concord looked to be disagreeing with Shika had done. Avis grabbed the Excalibur and slashed Goblin to put her down. They looked at their family heir with a surprised look. Avis's eyes were flaming with rage. "You all played to be my real parents, lied that I had a sister and now a curse on the family? You all four are to not be trust anymore. You are not doing the Kitagawa family any good keep things hidden from me! Why must this be so" she hissed. Goblin threw down Shika harshly. Avis helped up Shika. The deer spirit felt sore. "I'm okay. I can stand thank you, Master Avis" she whispered, shakily. Avis held the spirits arm around her to help her standing. While doing so, she gave all of them a look. "I want an answer! NOW! As the family heir, I can alter which ones keep in existence and according to my father's will Shika was the one in charge of the keeping the family heir safe! My question is going to be repeated again. What is the hell going on" she growled. Achilles had not safe anything until now."Who said we were apart of the Kitagawa family" he said. Avis looked confused. All three guardians looked at each other and nodded. Concord looked really concerned. "Guys don't. I thought we all agree to keep Avis safe? Not this! What are you all doing" said Concord. He seemed a little confused at all of this. Shika looked at Concord. Avis was confused. Goblin looked down upon the leader of the whole guardians, that being Concord. "You think that we ever followed you? Kitagawa! We are quite tired of orders from you and that shame bag of energy you call a guardian. Nile, Achilles, attack Avis" cried Goblin. Nile created a spear of light energy right above her left hand. It landed in her hand. She lifted her hand above her head and threw the spear at Avis. Shika broke free from Avis's hold and stood in front of her. The spear went right through her chest. A spout of blood came from her mouth. The pain that Shika felt, Avis could feel too. A sharp pierce shock went through Avis focusing on the chest. She winced and clenched to her chest falling to the ground. Shika stood there with wide eyes reliving this pain once again. It was fimilar to her mind. The light spear vanished.

Concord created a black void with simple shadow magic making the whole room dark. "If you are what I think you are, I will have to dispose of you three quite easily" he echoed. The fight would break out as lingering with darkness around them. Shika and Avis were outside of this void in the regular room. Shika sat over Avis, who was knocked out. She held her gently to her chest looking at the ball of darkness hoping Concord would end this quickly.

Meanwhile in the dark void, Concord, Nile, Achilles, and Goblin were all fighting. Three against 1 was a one sided fight. "You all make me sick! Chaos unreign" he protested. He shot a lighning bolt at Nile causing some severe damage. Though, Goblin and Achilles tackled him from his blind side. He felt the wind was knocked out of him by two brute forces. "We have to end this fight" said Nile to herself. Concord huffed. He had one mroe card up his sleeve. The last triumph card. A held out his left hand surgeon light around it. His dark eyes pierced through his glasses. "Nine sign seal of the white lion" he cried. This move would seal them away in an a figurine form for a short period of time and not inside Avis. The light around his his arm split into three lights aiming at Nile, Achilles, and Goblin in a lion-like seal forming on their chest. They all three looked down and then at each other. The seal shown. Quickly, they became sucked in turning into three figurines of their animal forms.

The dark void disapeared back to the fimilar family room. Avis seemed to be still still knocked out and lying gently in Shika's lap. Concord looekd to be very guilty to everything. The three figurines lied on the floor the size of chess pieces. He grabbed all theree of them and picked them up. "Seems like they were either poisoned by the curse or they are the curse" said Concord.

Shika stayed quiet still really mad at him for letting it get out of hand. He was blind by worrying about the safety of Avis that he didn't see the true colors like she did. She saw more exposure through them. Shika had tears welding up in her eyes as she clung to Avis. "You let it get this far" she whispered. Concord looked down at her. He looked away knowing this was all his fault. It wasn't Avis's fault for getting angry. She just wanted to protect her family and twin sister. "I know, Shika, I know. Come on lets get her out of here and figure out what the hell is going on" he said.


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