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The Kitagawa Family Info [WIP]

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The Kitagawa Family Info [WIP] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:03 pm

Avis Kitagawa





The Kitagawa family origined from forgien lands among Earthland seeking fortune and a new life. The founder of the clan was named John Kitagawa. He served as a castle knight for the king of Fiore and was granted land in Crocus. The forsaken origins of the family remain holy and good. People among knowledge of the family's existance known it as chilivary and loyal to their word and promises. They thrived on the code of the knight.

Generations of the rich history, recently the past few generations started dwendling in numbers slowly until it drastically came to a very small line of those who had the purest blood. When the last heir of the family, Zar, was alive he had twins, Natsuko and Avis. They thought Natsuko was a still born since she stopped breathing and taken her out. It was a heartbreaking for both Joplin and Zar. It was not even a year later when both Joplin and Zar were murdered ruthlessly leaving Avis, an infant, still alive. The greater spirits of the family sought on their behalf to reborn themselves as humans once again and raise Avis as their own. It was known until recently that Natsuko was founded alive.


The Family Airloom:

The family airloom is handed down from generation to generation of family heirs. Only the family heir, also known as the clan leader, to wield this in their hands as it is a symbol of righteousness and honor. This was once John's sword and said in these words:

"May those after me take my treasure and hold it to their dear hearts. For thee the Kitagawas shall live on, take my life with this sword for it is my heart and soul. The one who wields is, is the one who is worthy of it"

The gurdians were given this power to guard the sword at all costs even if it being held by the heir. It shall not go into the wrong hands. If it does, they are announced as clan leader.


The Kitagawa Family:

  John Kitagawa: The founder and original clan leader.

Zar Kitagawa: An honorable man who loved his child or children very much along with his beloved Joplin. He was the last known family heir before Avis. The oldest of the family he was chosen by the guardians to wield John's Excalibur.

Joplin Kitagawa: The wife of Zar and mother of Natsuko and Avis Kitagawa. She was a beautiful women that was very elegant and kind towards those around her even if she was burned by them. She still sought to please every soul she could with her sweet smile and laughter. Was ruthlessly murdered with Zar

Zues Kitagawa: The younger brother to Zar and older brother to Zadow. He is the middle one out of the brothers in the older generation. Zues was known to be a little dark and out of control when he was younger, but was never a problem towards his niece when he visited Avis during her childhood. Zues was known to do illegal activities and was apart of a dark guild for the longest time. He went missing around the time she was about 8 years of age.

Zadow Kitagawa: The youngest out of the brothers. He was always adventurous and curious about the world around him. Never could sit still. Unlike Zar and Zues, he left he family when he was 19 and when out among the world to go explore. He went missing around three years ago. Rumors say he was last seen on a pirate ship.

Avis Kitagawa: The daughter of Zar and Joplin Kitagawa and twin sister of Natsuko. She was raised in Crocus under the Kitagawa guardian's protection. She never knew her real parents were dead until she was 13 saw a paper clipping from an old newspaper about it. During her tough times, she was presented her father's sword or John's Excalibur that her father was going to give her. The guardian, Shika, told her that it was her job to find and revive the clan as one. She is now the clan leader.

Natsuko Kitagawa: Natsuko and Avis were seperated at birth due to health complications. She was raised on her own for a while until a man found her and shown her the world. Recently, a band of dark guild members found her and mistaken her as Avis. She gotten confused and sought to find this 'Avis'. When she found Avis, they both found outn they were long twins.


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