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Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private]

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#1Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 12:58 pm

Miyu Kento
She heard some good news from the guild that atlas would return home from his journey. She herself stayed behind for she was still too afraid and felt to weak for the long journey. She still saw herself as a exsisting burden to him. Excitement filled her eyes as she waited to see him walking down the streets for what stories she could tell him new people he had met and what adventures she had. Her hair was nicely done and decorated with flowers and a braided haf hair updo. She wore a black dress which revealed her long skinny legs and her black platform heels with black ribbons. The black Dress was not easy to be seen due to her wool hooded jacket which had cat ears on the hood.

In the distance she seen the familiar brown haired guy. She waved at him giving off her elegant smile. As her stood infront of her she gave him a hug that she soon let go. "Welcome home atlas ..." she said with a soft elegant voice. She tilted her head as she then continued to talk. "I can't wait for the stories you have instore to tell me ... but how about we have a proper meal to celebrate the welcoming ... or maybe head to the guild and say hello to the others?" she said joyfully with that kind and tender voice before walking with him down the street.

#2Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:45 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas felt a little tired as he walking into the town of Orchida from his long trip from Baska. He still had to debate on what to do but he was surprised when he got back. He had barely walked into the town before he saw a very familiar face to him. Miyu seemed to be waiting for him in the street. Atlas smiled at this and picked up his pace to go meet her. She greeted Atlas and gave him a hug which made him smile. "Thank you Miyu, its good to be back," he said to her. Miyu did give him a couple options on what they could do. Atlas thought for a moment. "Well we can always grab something to eat at the guild so I guess its not a bad idea to go there," Atlas told her. With that he would start walking if she would too. "So anything new happen while I was gone?" Atlas asked her. He knew she probably had questions too so he would make sure to answer some too after.

#3Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 2:36 pm

Miyu Kento
She nodded to his descision and they made there way to the Guild. He asked if anything new happened as he was away which she first answered with a nod. "Some things I met my Cousins. I was shorty in the hospital again due to another fainting also I have met new people but nothing new has happened. " She turned her head to him looking at him with a kind pink eyes while giving him another smile. "How about you Atlas has anything new happened?" she tried to follow atlas's pace but streached toward to his shirt grabing it and streching slightly the fabric. Entering the Guild she took a seat close to the bar she ordered a green tea. She leaned forth onto the bar while giving atlas again her full attention.

#4Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:17 pm

Atlas Prime
As they walked Atlas was glad that Miyu told him that she got to meet her cousins. He thought that was a good thing but was instantly worried by the next thing she said about fainting. "Its good you met your cousins but you need to be more careful about your health. Its not good to keep being in the hospital," he said to her. He didn't want her to feel like he was lecturing her, he was just worried about her if that happened. They would soon make there way to the guild and Atlas didn't realize how hungry he actually was. They sat down at the bar and he ordered a hamburger to eat. Miyu did ask him what was new with him. "Well I did participate in that martial arts tournament in Baska and unfortunately lost in the first round to another member of this guild. His name is Maarschalk, not sure if you have met him or not. But the plus side was that he did win the whole thing so it wasn't like I fought someone would just lost," Atlas said trying to redeem himself in a way. "But I'm aiming to get stronger so that I don't lose next time," he said to her. He hoped she would believe him on that.

#5Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:56 pm

Miyu Kento
She nodded and giving him a frown seeing him with a face expression full of guilt. "I am sorry atlas being such a burden ... I am trying my best and the reason of these faints or not really because of the overworking my body ... " she explained to him. Her tea came and she ordered also something to eat. "I will have 3 burgers ... 2 steaks .... 2 big plate portains of potatoes and .... hm and maybe a salad with it" The person behind the bar was alittle baffeled by the big order from such a petite person. Nodding the person left preparing the meals.

Taking a sip from her Tea she listened to him. Her eyes glue for excitement picturing him in the Arena fighting. She herself never seen him fight but was interest to see his skills. She looked sad as he contiued his story of him losing but the sadness dissapeared changing to a smile while he said he was looking foward to getting stronger and take a change to win the next tournement. She laughed softly before telling. "And I will also get stronger and help you that I can!And I promise I will be rooting you on for the next tournement you attend!" The food came and she looked to him but only for a brief moment she then brought her attention to the food which she ate. she Started with the burger where she used her fork and knife to cut into piece before she could eat it. She took a short break from eating and looked up to him. "Do you like chocolates?" she asked softly then started again with eating her first burger then started wih her second burger repeating the process.

#6Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 12:03 am

Atlas Prime
Atlas was a little baffled for the moment. Miyu seemed to order a bunch of food. Atlas had ordered just a burger for himself but Miyu ordered a bunch of food. Atlas looked at her for a moment, but guessed he shouldn't be one to judge her. Some people could be small and eat a lot and some people could be quite large and only eat a small amount. Atlas was glad that Miyu seemed to listen to his story. He was also glad that she seemed to want to get stronger with him. Atlas thought that he had found himself a good partner for stuff. He was quite a bit stronger than her, but if she was striving to do better then he didn't mind holding himself back a little to help her out. Eventually, he knew, they would be on par possibly with each other and then they would be only supporting each other to get stronger. The food came shortly after and Atlas started to eat his burger with his hands while Miyu seemed to cut into it with a fork and knife. Atlas guessed this was the difference sometimes with how people were raised. Atlas wondered a little about what he might be like if he was raised a little differently. If he got adopted into a family that was higher class, would he be eating like that or would his manners be better like Miyu's was. Atlas was a little taken back for a moment when Miyu asked him if he liked chocolate. Atlas thought for a moment. "Yeah, its pretty good. I don't like it in huge quantities though," he said. He already knew if she liked chocolate from an earlier experience they had together. "Oh that reminded me, since I didn't say it. I also got this in Baska," Atlas said, putting down his burger and showing Miyu the spear he had. "Haven't really gotten any practice with it yet, but I hope its something that will make me stronger," he said to her. He had to wonder if Miyu might ever use a weapon like this. He had a hard time imagining it.

#7Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 6:00 pm

Miyu Kento
Finishing half of the meals she ordered she gave Atlas again her full attention. Surprised as she was she leaned back as the spear was shown off. She saw the excitement in his eyes while he was presenting it and telling her about his hopes for it to improve his strength. " I bet it would I have faith in that you are really strong it could make others envious.." A Giggle slipped from her mouth. Since the time she spent with Atlas the more comfortable she was to him. She still had her problems talking to the other Guild members for she never really had the time to get to know them. Concern grew onto her expression while she stopped eating. She laid her hands on her dress gripping to the fabric of her clothing slightly wrinkling the fabric. "Do I really belong in the guild. I am still too nervous and timid towards the other members ...plus I am far too weak than Atlas I am holding him back" she thought to herself. Paying it she stood up. "I bet you also want to say hello to the others I would probably had home ... I was happy seeing you."

#8Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:30 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad that it seemed Miyu enjoyed his excitement with how he talked about his new weapon. "Yeah, I'm still pretty much a beginner with it. I was practicing a couple times while coming back but sometimes I would drop it and stuff," he said laughing a little nervously. As they talked it seemed Miyu's expression changed a little. It seemed to turn a little darker for a reason and she seemed to tense up. She stood up and mentioned that he might want to see the other members and that she would head home. Atlas was confused by this so he grabbed her arm before she was out of reach. "Now, don't be stupid," he said, not in a mean way to her. "You are here now, so I want to see you. I will see the others in time. Its been a while and we still have some more catching up to do," he told her. He wasn't sure what she was thinking, but he was trying to help her think more positively.

#9Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Tue Feb 07, 2017 10:01 pm

Miyu Kento
She felt a gentle though firm grip on her Arm. First surprised of his action she felt a later a little bit calmer by his words. It was such a wonder how his words, his gestures brought such a toll to her. A weak smile appeared on her pillowy lips while nodding. She sat back next to him as he was finished she looked over to him. She still stayed silent or nervous for a while as she drank her Tea. No ideas popped in her head for them to catch up and sighed. Then it came to her.

She blushed while asking him. Other thoughts popped in her head of how he would react to her suggestion. Would he like it or disagree with it. She could not connect to a reasonable outcome so she took a deep breath before looking at him with a stern look as she took all her courage to ask such a simple question. "Do you want to go for a stroll?!" Even though her tone went slightly louder it still had its gentle innocent flare.

#10Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:05 am

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad that Miyu seemed to sit back down with him. He was worried that if she left she might harbor some negative thoughts. He didn't want her to think negatively. Atlas mentioned of trying to catch up with each other but it seemed Miyu didn't mention anything in the meanwhile. Atlas didn't want to take all the time talking but decided to talk to fill the void for the moment. "If you didn't know. I wasn't the only Lamia Scale member to participate in the tournament. I mentioned Maarschalk, but a member, I think you seen him, named Rowan was also in there. Sadly not sure how well he did though," Atlas said. He more forgot to notice how well each other member did. He more just focused on trying to learn from the fights and who the actual winner was. After talking for a little while Miyu seemed to ask if Atlas wanted to go on a stroll with her. Atlas wondered where they might go, but decided it might be fun. "Sure, any idea where you might want to walk around or look around?" he asked her finishing his meal. When she would say he would get up from his spot if she was ready and get ready to head out.

#11Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Thu Feb 09, 2017 12:50 pm

Miyu Kento
She looked at him and smiled faintly. "I wish I knew the others a little bit better but I am still nervous ... and scared. Due to the faints and my Magic or lack of socializing. The feeling sometimes of being a burden is strong and I hope I don't pull you behind ... " She saw up to him. "So I have to get stronger ... for me .. for you and everyone else's sake .." As he accepted her request she stood up and paid for her food before leaving with him back to the streets.

She shrugged her shoulder as he asked where they should go. She looked around the town which was illuminated by the street lights. She looked back at him and had an Idea. "Let's walk to the docks ... If you like or do you want to go the bar .... ?" she asked gently she herself liked places closer to nature which was common for a lot of nature mages. She felt a strain of her hair which was misplaced and with her small hands she stroked it behind her ear. looking slightly down to the floor.

#12Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:02 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad that Miyu wanted to get stronger. She talked a little about being disappointed with her strength, but said that she would get stronger. "Thats the spirit. We all have our strengths and weakness's. With the weakness's its just about overcoming them that matter. Whether you do that alone or together," Atlas said looking at her. He wanted her to know that she was not useless or weak. Atlas in his own way was weak too. He knew that he needed to get stronger to protect others. Shortly they finished there food and left the guild to go outside. Miyu mentioned either going down to the dock or a bar. Atlas felt like the bar might be too loud and if they were walking the dock might be better. "I would say lets try the dock. We can walk and talk there better then going to a nosier bar," Atlas said. He would start to walk but match her pace so she would not have to run or walk super fast.

#13Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:16 pm

Miyu Kento
He had a talent for building others up and giving others strength. She herself was though rather curious of his own weakness. Instead of asking she kept it to herself Feeling rather cautious of stepping on the wrong foot. More to ease that Atlas and she was on the same page. She herself had little interest in the drunk guests that would surround him and herself. The past the light one after another as her eyes laid upto him slightly watching him. Out of no where she started to blush which was also for herself uncommen. Franticly she looked away laying her cold fragile hand onto her soft heated cheeks. It was a akward silence that ruled between them and also as they got to the docks. Gathering her courage she broke the ice "Can I know more about you? Well ... uhm ... I am curious and want to no more ... about ... you ... B-b-but not in a ill intentioned way ... or I have no .... uhm... I am sorry .." she was flustered and she just walked alittle ahead trying to hide her shy persona. " It's difficult sometimes ... with me and my ways..."

#14Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:21 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed that they were just walking at the moment, more being silent between them. Atlas at the moment just wasn't sure what to say and it seemed the same way for Miyu. After a while though she spoke. She seemed nervous asking if she can know more about him. Atlas was a little confused with why she was so nervous about asking that but laughed a little from it. "Yeah, I don't mind letting you know more about me. Sadly I don't think I'm super interesting but I can tell you want you want to tell. I might want to know more about you though form this if that is okay," he asked her. He wondered if she would be okay with that. It was in a way to him a two way street. He did want to know more about this girl named Miyu in front of him.

#15Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:53 am

Miyu Kento
A Smile appeared on her lips as he laughed and was comfortable talking to him. "I think you are interesting. You are a genuine person. You have the strength that helps others .." She bluntly said with her straight doll-like face. She nodded as he himself wanted to ask questions about her to know her better. Walking along the docks Miyu found a bench where she insisted on sitting with him. Sitting down she gazed upon the see focusing on the waves that moved to them gently colliding on the poles with the soothing sound of splashing water. "What was your childhood like? Why did you want to become a Lamia Scale Mage? Where are you from and do you miss your home?" She played with her hair while then looking to him with her rose eyes that slightly glowed like her pale skin from the moonlight. She liked the piece and excited to see another side of atlas.

#16Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:19 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was very happy when Miyu complemented him. This made him smile even more. Atlas was awkward with complements so sadly he couldn't think of how to say one back to her. They walked for a little bit before Miyu sat on a bench and Atlas joined her. They seemed to take a moment to look out at the sea. Atlas thought it was a really nice site. He looked up to the sky and since it was darker out now he started to see the stars. He was glad they decided on this walk. After a moment Miyu started to ask him some questions. Atlas listened in before responded to her. "Well my parents more or less left me at an orphanage when I was four. I'm not sure why but it basically changed me. I took a new last name I liked which was Prime. Sadly I forgot the other one I used to go by. Its been a while," he said stopping for a moment before recollecting himself. "I stayed in the orphange until I was about sixteen. A man adopted me to help him out and we traveled together for two years. Sadly he died in a fight against a creature and a Lamia Scale mage saved me. Seeing his strength inspired me to join Lamia Scale," he said. He wondered if she might of though that he spoke a little to much there but it more or less just started to come out. "Sorry, just started to really speak," he said to her. Atlas thought for a moment again before speaking. "So not to repeat questions, but why did you join Lamia Scale?" Atlas wondered. A lot of people would think of Lamia Scale mages as cut throat people, but Miyu seemed like a sweet person to him

#17Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:48 pm

Miyu Kento
She listened to him how he explained about his past. Her eyes were filled with concern and sadness as she heard his story. She tried to maintain her blush while grabbing to his hand. Keeping a Calm expression her grip tightened on his big hand. " I am sorry to open old wounds. I do not wish to make you feel unpleasant or ... hurt you in any way. But I am happy you are in Lamia ... I can understand why you wish to be stronger ... and have such an influence ... it makes me slightly envious of you." Understandable of the curiosity of his question for why she joined Lamia scale made her look away hiding her face. It was only silent for a while as she wanted to loosen the grip. "It was my father's wish. My mother was killed by a cold hearted woman and my father was forced to stay with her. She also wanted to kill me not knowing at first I was his daughter. When she found out I was also taken and locked at a house and my room was like a cage. I was visited by my Grandfather, Heir of the Kento Family and a dark mage... He noticed of my health and my magic. I follow almost my Great grandmother's footsteps when it comes to power and magic type. I did not hear what they spoke but I myself was supposed to be arranged with a devious man like your age. My Father and I did not wish for that to happen so he helped me sneak away. I could not join Blue pegasus for I would be found and kidnapped and also maybe tortured bringing embarrassment to the Heir. So I joined here and I do not regret my decision."
She felt a slight dizziness overcome her that she almost fell forward of from the back. Still conscious she started to pant slightly gasping for air. Everything was slightly at a blur as she frantically tried to grip onto something. She felt the familiar fabric which brought her to ease even though her senses momentarily weakens.

#18Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Fri Feb 17, 2017 12:10 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was a little shocked at first when Miyu touched his hand. He wasn't sure how to react but just let it go. He didn't fully know why she was grabbing his hand either. Was it sympathy for his story or something else. It seemed Miyu would also open up to Atlas about her past a little. Atlas listened to the story getting a little angry at it. "That's not right to do that to someone. I'm glad you escaped from that place," he said to her. After her talk Miyu seemed a little out of it and fell forward from the seat. They were both pretty lucky that he noticed right away as he went and grabbed her to keep her from falling. "Woah, lets not over exert yourself," he said. "Can you hear me? Are you alright?" Atlas asked her to make sure she was okay.

#19Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Mon Feb 20, 2017 3:43 pm

Miyu Kento
He senses where weak that his words were muffled and she could barely understand. she could barely feel the firm grip onto her arm. It took a while for her to get back to her senses and sit back. She rubbed her forehead rather she looked at him with a faint smile. "I am sorry ... it happened again ... I am trying my best for it not to reoccur..." She wanted to stand up and loosen his grip showing him there is nothing to worry about but she sat back in her seat for she still felt a little weak in her knees. She was silent after that situation until it was ok to switch the topic. Looking over to him for only a while she looked away. "Could we travel ... .together ...when you leave orchidia?" she asked softly. She tried to search or his hand though took a soft grip to his finger still looking away from him. "I would want to spend more time with you..."

#20Atlas Prime 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Fri Feb 24, 2017 1:22 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad that he caught Miyu in time and that she seemed to be coming back to her senses in a way. He was really curious about why she did that, but didn't want to ask about it and possibly push her away for diving into her personal life. "I'm just glad you are okay," he said to her. It seemed they sat there for a moment in silence, probably not sure what to talk about. Miyu looked up at him and said that when he leaves Orchida for something, she was wondering if she could come. Atlas smiled at her, "Sure. Having people to travel with is always a good thing. I think its nice spending time with you," he said to her.

#21Miyu Kento 

Reunited friend [Atlas] [Private] Empty Sun Feb 26, 2017 7:19 pm

Miyu Kento
She felt a sudden heat on her face as she blushed. Looking away she just nodded. "I also enjoy your company ..." she said bluntly and rather with a melancholic hypnotising tone. It was getting later into the night and they both had a busy schedule this upcoming week. With a gentle nod, she stood up looking over to him. "Would you mind escorting me home it is rather late and I dislike walking alone at nights ..." She said with an insecure voice as she fidgeted with her fingers showing off her shy persona which also atlas was used to. they left off


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