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A call of fate [Foot travel to Orchidia]

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#1Kuriana Kozshiroyuki 

A call of fate [Foot travel to Orchidia] Empty Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:03 pm

Kuriana Kozshiroyuki
Kuriana would look back once towards Crocus on where it would leave so many memories. Truly she was sad that those memories wouldn't last long like the rest of hers. In the past she would forget as the next life line would begin. A part of her felt sickening to even think about what the next life would be like. Her red shining jewel eyes would look forward as she would visit Orchidia. Truly she felt the need to go there as if fate was calling her, her only lover. Maybe when she gets there she would be able to finally play one last game....



A call of fate [Foot travel to Orchidia] 14772411
Sometimes...it feels although my real self is within the darkness part of the abyss...while here I am...standing. 

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