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Sisters [Natsuko]

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#1Avis Kitagawa 

Sisters [Natsuko] Empty Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:45 am

Avis Kitagawa
Avis remained in the quarters of her home. The Kitagawa manor remained empty other than the servants and the guardians walking around in their physical forms as humans or at least Shika was. It was lonely being the last one of her family alive from the records. Her Excalibur liked right along her hip in its casing. She sealed it away a lot since it was never needed most of the time during combat. The blonde-hair girl sat in alone at the long and pretty empty table that could sit over thirty people. Sitting at the very end with her tea calmly staying quiet. She properly remained seated with an empty mind. A presence made itself known with a white mist showing Nile, a tall woman in Persian clothing that seemed even most forgien to her. Her long black hair with gold highlights and sunset orange eyes made contact with her blue ones. "Milady, someone is on our premiese. I thought you should know" she said. Nile was one visible to her and no one else as so was Shika. Gracefully, she set down her cup of tea and got up without a word. She passed by Nile then paused looking back at her with a serious look. "Don't you worry about it. I am sure it someone harmless . If not, I know how to handle this myself" she said. Avis was the head of the Kitagawa family.

She made it to the front door and opened it. There was not one present at the mansion's front doors. Guards wouldn't allow any trespassers onto sacred property. Her blue eyes shifted from left to right seeking any sort of clues. She took a few steps foward making her presences known to whoever was on her grounds. Her left hand remained on the hilt of her father's sword. The fountain remained in front of the mansions's grounds. Water was still flowing through the chilled air of the fountain. Again she scanned further, she saw a shadow and unsheathed her sword. "Who's there? Show yourself for the running is pointless! I command thee on the behalf of the Kitagawa family" she announced.


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"Hi I come in peace, I don't mean any harm towards you". Natusko walk out of the shadows. She stared  at Avis with eyes of curiosity and wonder. She was a little nervous but new that she had to speak. She had come this far to try and find Avis. She had asked around for months try to find her and always just missing her every time. She had tried to finder anywhere that the local towns folk suggested that she might be. Luckily there wasn't anyone else around to notice that she was nervous about this. She though to herself "you've come this far now it's time pull yourself together and do it. I have to find out why I was attacked by those thugs in the tavern." She took a deep breath and start to speak.  
"I have heard about your journeys and accomplishments in my travels".It was during my travels that I was mistaken for you and had to run out of there with everything I had. It was due to this insistent that I decided to seek you out. I had to find out why they were chasing me."
As she finished talking she felt a over sensation of relief. She had prepared for this meeting many times with no success. She though to herself " this is only the beginning this will help me when I final reunite with Him"

#3Avis Kitagawa 

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Avis Kitagawa
Avis saw someone emerge from the shadows as her sword was drawn from its casing. Her green eyes narrowed protectively as she was aware the person was there the whole time. It was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes in some strange outfit she had never seen before. The young knight only sought it to be protectively. She said she came in peace which made her only even more aware and protective of herself and her home. Listneing to what she ahd to speak about, Avis only lowered her sword, but remained coldly staring at her. This girl was mistaken for her and was taken by thugs or something. This was not the first time it has happened nor would it be the last. Avis had a face that was common among most of society and was hard to trace. Thank goodness for that. Her blonde strands that were loose trailed over her eyes and tickled her nose. Her grip around her sword tightened even more. A deep breath was taken calming her down, but still quite aware of the situation.

"I know not of you but you know not of me! This is a dire situation. Not the first time it has happened. You could be working for some dark guild or organization. I do not trust you until your have proven yourself" she said sternly. Wielding her weapon, she twirled it with her hand giving her a stance ready to fight in case. "Tell me who you are! Now! Your intentions, truly. Tell me how you know so much is it because you constantly stalk me or know of my family? Either way, if you're intentions are dark I shall report you to the Rune Knights" she hissed.


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Natusko just calmly stood there think of what to say. She had heard of dark guild before, but that was only because she had experience with them. When she was young She had gotten separated from the Wanderer. She wandered around try to find him. She found something, but in stead it a wizard from the a dark guild. The wizard said in a soft low tone. "What do we have hear a little lost puppy. I wonder what kind of sounds you'll make when I start smashing your face in." Natsuko couldn't move even she wanted to. She had no idea what she could do.
The dark wizard reaching out his hand to grab her, when   from one of the dark guilds. She braised herself waiting for what was to come. Shutting her eye to so that she wouldn't have to look at his cold and unfeeling eye's.
Suddenly, she heard loud noised and yelling and screaming broke through the dead silence. She could hear blase of magic firing off over and over again. Then there was silence again, too afraid to see what it was she keep her eye shut. Then a soft kind spoke and a pair of arms wrapped around her. "It's okay Natsuko your okay."
Just the thought of this memory made her start to get chills down her spine. Everyone in a while when she closed her eye's she could still see that mans face.

Natsuko took a deep breath trying to clear her head. "Okay Natsuko, it just a bad memory so get a hold of your self get and focus. I just have to explain myself."  She placed her hand on her sleeve and spoke.      
"I am not a part of any guild yet, I have lived in the forest of Fiora my hole life.I don't even have a guild mark anywhere on my body except for this gold band tattoo I have around my arm."
She lifts up her sleeve to show Avis the tattoo. Plus for some odd reason I felt like just had to find. I really can't explain why I have this feeling, but please I am not your enemy." When Natsuko finished there was a long dead silent. The only noises that could be heard was the chattering of people going about there day, but even that was like a wispier in this moment to Natsuko. She tensed wait for Avis to respond to her.

#5Avis Kitagawa 

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Avis Kitagawa
Avis remained standing her ground. Though as she studied this girl as she seemed to be in a trance. The young clan leader put her the family airloom away. The sword was out of sight for the most part. She could tell this girl meant no harm in any situation. Shika emerged in the back of her mind echoing something that seemed to bring her some sort of awareness that this was no ordinary girl. She seemed to be having a bad memory. Avis wondered what exactly she was remembering or something. Perhaps something terrible that had happened to her as a kid. Luckily, Avis never really had anything drastic happen to her other than her parent's death and played it out like it was nothing. Eventually, she knew something was bound to happen.

The girl explained there was a band on her arm that looked like the symbol of Fairy Tail much like her own. Avis then looked up at her with a new now calming look. She explained she was not an enemy, but Avis was a little tense still. Shika spoked in her head, only she could hear her. "Her motives are good. Take her inside. I can guarantee nothing will happen" spoke Shika. Avis was thinking of something to say in the dead silence. There was quietness and tranquility with all there was the background noise of Crocus. "Very well. Come inside, we will discuss this further" she said. They would walk through the front door as Avis held the door open for Natsuko. She would walk behind her to make sure she didn't try anything. The house or mansion itself was elegant and large. Chandilers hung gracefully from the ceiling as stairs showing right as you came through the front door. "Come take a seat in the dining room" she spoke. The dining room table looked to hold large parties back in the day no it remains unused at all. She would pull out a chair for Natsuko and she would take a seat next to her. "What is it would you like to know? And please what is your name, madam" she would ask.


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Natsuko seat down at the elegant table and took a minute to collect her thoughts   she takes a pause to think for a moment to collect her thoughts. She had never told anyone except the the Wanderer about the fact that all she had no memory's except for remembering her her name.  
"My Name is Natsuko, I have been searching for clues about my past signs I was young. I really can't explain it, I have felt like I've been missing something my whole life. As if a part of me wasn't whole and that part of me is missing. I am not just taking about my memories either, it's something, but I don't know what it could be. So I want to know if you can help me figure that out. I don't know I feel this way but I have a feeling you can help me figure this out.
Natsuko staider start straight into Avis eye's, they were the same shade of Emerald Green as Natsuko's were and was was blond like she was.
(inner monology)v Something was off about this, how could they looks so similar? I Mean sure there are tons of people that are blond with green eye, but something was different about Avis. Natsuko couldn't put her finger why this was.

#7Avis Kitagawa 

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Avis Kitagawa
Avis kept her calmness, but was still quite aware. This girl's name was Natsuko and seemed lost on who she exactly was. That was normal for people in the most part of the situation. She took in all the information making eye contact. It was polite to. Mentally, she was tallying up all her thoughts and thinking through a well thought out opinion. She raised herself out of the old oak wood chair and looked at her right into the eye. Unlike Natsuko, from what she could gather that this girl was not raised in a high class society home and middle if not lower class family or foster care. It was not her place to judge and of course, she tried her best not to after all Fairy Tail accepted anyone regardless of background.

"From what I gather, you have no idea where you come from and somehow, someway it has to do with me. Is that right? If so, there is a possbility you are Kitagawa blood. Don't get your hopes up, Ms. Natsuko. I am only saying if this is the case, then so be it. If not, I do not mind helping you. Afterall, I'd rather be of serve to anyone within Fairy Tail. Just next time...please you the gate and not sneaking onto my property" she exclaimed. A small sigh escaped her lips as she grabbed a letter from the table Shika had brought from the morning mail. Opening it, it recommended her to a job in Era. The Fairy closed it and got up. "We can discuss this in Era. Come now, you must be hungry. I will have one of the house servants" she said.


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