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Train With Me [Waltz]

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Another day starts at Orchidia as Waltz yawns and get's out of bed. He's supposed to meet with a girl named Seheda and be her accountability partner in physical training. Waltz never liked sports or working out, in fact he hated it as his late parents always used to praise his brother for excelling at them. However, he wouldn't let something like that be responsible for not helping others in need. His physique wasn't the best in terms of fitness but he could at least outrun an average person.

Waltz made his way through Orchidia, it was a cold morning, and the streets were rather quiet, thankfully there's no rain or the training would just be a mess, he thought. When he finally arrived at the forest outskirts he saw a girl's figure, as he approached her she waved her hand at him and asked whether he was the mage that accepted her request. "Waltz Symphonia, not the best coach for your training but I'll try my hardest". Waltz smiled at her as he completed his phrase and offered her a handshake. The woman smiled back and the two shook hands. "Seheda Linas, let's give it our best". As Waltz nodded in agreement, Seheda proceeded to explain her situation. She told him how she applied three times for combat academy and they rejected her all of them, she explained how difficult it was for her for two years to be a mercenary and only act as a guard assisting mages and other people with their missions, she wanted to do something more. After she finished explaining, Seheda was ready to start training. "We'll be running through the forest, along this path there are multiple obstacles we need to pass". "Understood, let's do this".

The two of them started running, the path was clear, this is not gonna be so hard, Waltz thought. At that moment multiple mini turrets emerged from the ground and started shooting some kind of bullets. "They won't harm you but they will paint your jumper if you're not careful". Waltz hadn't thought of this, on top of running he had to dodge projectiles that were coming from the sides?! He made a run for it, the faster I run through this place the less chances I will have of becoming a rainbow, he thought. Even though his legs started hurting from all the jumping and ducking and speed up he had to do to avoid the bullets he did a good job. Seheda was quite good at it herself, she demonstrated such grace while dodging, Waltz was impressed. She was slightly ahead of him but he could see her smile, she was enjoying this, suddenly he saw her opening her mouth. "Watch out!". Waltz was about to hit a branch and ducked at the last second. That was close, at least she's a good sport, he thought, thanking her and continued running. They were now facing actual obstacles in their way, from rocks and bushes to hunting traps, who even thought of hunting traps was that her idea, she's gonna kill me, Waltz thought.

Somehow Waltz managed to make it through alive but he was already out of breath, this physical exercise was killing him, being the toughest he ever had, he couldn't afford to show it though, Seheda was his client and he couldn't let her down. Waltz mustered up all his strength and continued forward. "I'm really glad you accepted my request, not many people are interested in helping with just a physical exercise". Waltz could understand why, he thought he was gonna end up lying on the ground any minute now. "You see I come from a line of mercenaries, my family has helped with wars, with keeping peace in countries, we've been hired for a lot of diverse purposes, well except me of course, being just a personal bodyguard can't be described as my dream job exactly". Seheda's eyes looked like she was about to cry. "I can't afford to be turned down a fourth time from the academy, I wanna fight, I wanna be someone worthy like my father, he was the best mercenary back at my hometown, always kind and caring but ferocious when it came to battling, there wouldn't be enemy that wouldn't fear his sword. This is the person I aspire to be". Seheda's voice cracked as she started shedding tears, her voice out of breath, she was getting tired and all that breakdown was not having a good effect on her. As Waltz was trying not to fall in the mud and stay on the grassy tiles, he turned to Seheda. "Then why am I watching you cry Seheda, you have a dream in your life, no one can stop you from making it a reality except yourself, believe in yourself and in the strength inside you".

Seheda's facial expression changed, she wiped away her tears and smiled turning over to Waltz. "You're right Waltz, my insecurity is what's holding me down, I know I can do it...I will do it, just watc-". Seheda didn't manage to finish her sentence as she tripped over a log and face planted in the mud, surprised Waltz turned towards her but by not paying attention in front of him he tripped as well face planting a few meters away from Seheda. Both of them stood up covered in mud, the woman was embarassed, face planting after a speech like that is not the best that can happen. Waltz laughed at the sight, they were both a mess. He asked Seheda to cheer up as life has it's ups and downs but they should do their best to move forward. Seheda agreed with a smile, although still a bit red from embarrassment. Once they made it back to where they started Seheda gave Waltz the reward thanking him for his help and kind words. Waltz left covered in mud, a long hot shower was in order followed by a long sleep.

~The End~

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