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All In A Day's Work [Waltz]

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Ah, yet another magnificent day in Orchidia, the town was full of life as always. Waltz loved going for long walks in the town, the green scenery of Orchidia allowed him to put his thoughts in order. Today, however, was not the case as he had to meet with a client for a request. Waltz was dressed in black, hat, coat, shirt, tie, pants and shoes. It was different from the colors he used to wear, but this time the request was different, he had to meet with a detective and shadow him for the rest of the day, and what better way was there to play the detective than dress purely in black, Waltz loved the idea of this mini roleplay, he even had a black bag with detective tools and two sandwiches in case they got hungry during the day.

After asking around Waltz was finally able to find the coffee shop where their meeting would take place. It was still quite early and thus the shop was rather empty, Waltz was immeadiately able to spot his client. Dressed in the same fashion as himself, Waltz approached the man that was sipping away at his coffee, talking to himself about his life -as far as Waltz was able to hear from the distance-.

Waltz sat opposite of his client and in a calm voice asked him whether he was the correct person. The man almost like expecting that move brought his face closer to Waltz's as it was partly hidden by the way he had styled his hair and they way he wore the hat. The man seemed unsure, in that moment Waltz slighty turned around and revealed the pegasus tatoo on his neck. "I see you came prepared, only someone serious about this job would dress like that". The man stared at Waltz's face with a serious expression, then drank the last drops of his coffee. "Now then, we don't have much time, my assasin is out there searching for me, from the clues I've gathered my assasination will happen tonight". Waltz nodded in agreement, the man stood up and started walking towards the exit, Waltz followed behind him.

"You never told me your name mage". "Waltz, sir, Waltz Symphonia". "I'm Dex, Dex Miller, but just call me detective". "Understood, detective". The two of them kept walking when Dex suddenly hid behind a tree. "You see that woman over there boy? She's definately suspicious, we will follow her and jump at her when she least expects it". Waltz nodded and followed the detective's steps, hiding behind trees, shops, even other people, this whole thing is starting to turn into a farce he thought.

The duo kept following the woman when Dex let out a scream and jumped at her, Waltz confused followed the detective. "Aha, so you are the assasin after all, seeing as you're carrying around a bag with a set of knives. Search her for any other harmful item she might possess Waltz". Waltz nodded and took the woman a bit further away apologising for this incident, explaining that the man must be delusional. The woman smiled at Waltz and told him she would play along for the search. Waltz thanked her and proceeded to do a fake inspection, afterwards the woman went her way and Waltz went back to Dex. "Detective, it appears the woman purchased a set of knives, plates, spoons and cups from the houseware store opposite of the coffee shop we met. I did, however, notice a strange reaction from the man at that corner when I was inspecting the woman". If this man finds happiness in playing the detective then who am I to ruin his day, after all he's the one paying me, Waltz thought. "Ah very well, good job junior detective you seem to have a keen eye for criminals, let us follow him then and check for any suspicious moves he makes".

While Waltz and Dex were following the man, they saw him wave at a woman standing at the opposite side of the street, the two of them hugged, kissed and went into the restaurant nearby. As the couple left, Waltz saw how disheartened Dex was and suggest they sat down on a bench, rest, have a snack and then continue if Dex wanted. The detective agreed and as they were both enjoying the sandwiches Waltz packed, the man started narrating one of his investigations after seeing the dark alley opposite of where they were sitting. "It was that same alley, I noticed a man dragging a woman that had fainted towards it. I had to help, even though I had no weapons with me, I had to act quickly I knew there would be something I could do. I entered the alley following the trail left behind by the man's muddy footprints-It had just rained you see-. I kept going deeper into the alley when I suddenly heard someone mumble about the ransom he was gonna get for the woman. As I tried to get closer I accidentally kicked a bottle which hit the wall and broke with an echoing sound. The man was now standing in front of me, holding a broken pipe, I had nothing but my bare hands to fight. The battle was tough but in the end I emerged victorious. The woman he had abducted was conscious once again, I set her free and used the rope to tie the man and after bringing him to justice the woman thanked me with a kiss on the lips and our ways parted. Ah how I remember that kiss". Waltz didn't know what to believe from the whole story, and the fact that the detective was doing all those weird poses during his storytelling didn't help make the story more believable, neither the fact that he was standing with his lips ready to give a kiss for at least a minute now, probably still thinking about that woman, Waltz thought.

It was already nighttime and Waltz was getting tired as they had followed around five perfectly normal people that seemed like the shadiest of characters to Dex, Waltz didn't say anything to him though, except agreeing and apologising to the people when the detective wasnt looking. "Even though we couldn't locate my assasin you did a great job junior detective, maybe someday you could take my place". The only thing Waltz wanted to take right now was a hot shower and go straight to bed, which he did after accepting the reward from Dex, shaking his hand and saying goodnight.

~The End~

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