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The Cursed Child

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#1Yoshino Freljord 

The Cursed Child Empty Fri Jan 20, 2017 12:17 pm

Yoshino Freljord
A bed laid in the middle of a room engulfed in the color of sky blue. Within that bed laid the maiden of frost, her eyes tenderly opening as if she was a newborn. A few tears spawned in the narrow slits of her eyes; it was morning and Yoshino had just awoken.

Several minutes had passed before the icy girl actually moved. Turning to one side, then to the other, Yoshino searched for her best friend. Perhaps she was under the sheets. Digging her left hand under the sheets and clawing around, the blue-haired princess brought forth the white puppet that served to be her partner in crime. "Good morning Yoshinon." she would greet the puppet with the most reticent voice.

Alas, she retrieved herself from the bed and prepared for breakfast. Coming from a rich background, it was obvious that someone else would prepare the meal but she herself had to ready up. This was the everyday routine of the poor child. Exquisite and noble, the princess wore a simple white dress with pink frills all around. And finally, she walked out of her room to greet the dreaded day.

Step, step, step. Left foot, right, left foot again, right. With each step down the stairs, she felt closer and closer to vomiting. The twisting of her intestines intensified and became unbearable. But the poor child would never show such pain to her parents. Upon reaching the table, she'd greet the devils hiding under human flesh. "Good morning father. Good morning mother."

#2Yoshino Freljord 

The Cursed Child Empty Mon Jan 23, 2017 10:50 am

Yoshino Freljord
Why did the young lady despise her creators so resolutely? It was pure torture to live up to their expectations of being one of the best ice mages across Fiore. She held exceptional skill for her age, but she did not once ask for more power. Yoshino never wanted to be able to wield such a power magic thanks to a lacrima in the first place. The cursed power was forced upon her as was her destiny and fate of being the predecessor of the Freljord bloodline. It was too much for a young child such as herself to bear. And yet, she had bore it for the past 12 years of her life.

She wanted to be like everyone else, but even her social aspect of her life was controlled to the very core. Unable to make friends because of her tight schedule, unable to do what other kids do; all of it was depressing in every aspect. When would this nightmare end?

As soon as she greeted her parents, the little lady pranced towards her seat in between her parents. They had already begun eating breakfast. The air around them was hellish, even more than usual. Did she do something wrong? And it came. Her father cleared his voice and spoke. "Yoshino. We had a talk with the Reinhardt family yesterday." She knew where this was going but held her tongue. "Their child, Devin, is quite the admirable, young man. After the talk, we reached the conclusion that he may be a suitable groom for you." The fear in her heart had exploded in an uproar. And yet her facial expression remained the same. After a couple of seconds, she smiled and looked up at her father. "I'd be happy to meet him, father."

#3Yoshino Freljord 

The Cursed Child Empty Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:39 am

Yoshino Freljord
The rest of breakfast was just like any other. Yoshino endured the time it took for her to finish her food. Once she did, she stood up from her seat and excused herself. Heading back to her room, the only safe haven she had, she exhaled and she closed the door behind her. A million emotions flowed throughout her entire body, none of them any positive.

Pouting and mourning over her dead heart wasn't going to do the child any good. She might as well make the most of the day whilst she still could. She ventured to the outskirts of the noble perimeter of Crocus. The people out with their booths were clamoring in the marketplace, hoping to sell their various goods. Skipping to and fro, she came across a beautiful jewelry stall where a teardrop-gem caught her eye. A beautiful light blue, the accessory seemed to hold something in the center. It was mesmerizing to the naked eye, even more astounding to an enhanced one. Yoshino wanted it. Being the materialistic type of individual, she purchased the jewel without a second to waste. "How pretty..." she would announce whilst ogling it.

#4Yoshino Freljord 

The Cursed Child Empty Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:28 pm

Yoshino Freljord
Little did Yoshino know that this jewel was to change her life forever. This wasn't any ordinary gem, but instead a magical one with enough power to enhance her prowess to another level. Whereas further magical strength was something Yoshino did not at all want but it would prove to be useful for future endeavors. But for now, it was just another jewel for the materialistic child.
Young and in love, young and we're dumb, I can taste all of the pain in your tongue, I can taste all of my pain in the rum, knew it was over before it begun, looking for fun, burning my lungs, learning my favorite feeling was numb, bought every dinner you barely bought one, maybe I cheat and then we could be done.

Yoshino skipped around the streets and eventually, it was time to head back home. But before that, it was time for the park. Something would be waiting for her there...without her knowledge either.

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