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Remove the drunk [Miharu Suzuki]

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#1Miharu Suzuki 

Remove the drunk [Miharu Suzuki] Empty Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:59 pm

Miharu Suzuki
“Mitya? Oh yeah the best way to find him is at Enil’s bar. He won’t be there now but if you wait there you’ll catch him.”

“Thank you.”

About two days ago Miharu and her companion Daidai looked after Mitya’s mother Rynah. Daidai had dropped something there so she had gone back to Mitya’s place but he had already gone to work.

“Have a look around the market place dearie, that’s where he works.” After following sting after string of directions and tips in finding Mitya, Miharu finery found a reliable source on where he will eventually be, Enil’s Bar.

Miharu walked thought the front door of Enil’s Bar, she hopped up and sat at one of the bar stools and taped waited. A bar tender, which had just finished serving a customer, noticed her and walked to her.

He frowned. “Aren’t you a little young to be here, kid?”   He was tall and brown haired. His build was large and aggressive and his shirt was having a hard time containing him but, the black bags underneath his eyes told other stories, a hard worker perhaps? Someone dedicated to something to the point where they lack sleep? Someone who knows how hard it is to fight for something?

Miharu felt respect and admiration go through her but to the bar tender it just look like she was glaring at him. He narrowed his eyes.

“Hey!” Miharu jumped. “When someone speaks to you.” His eyes harden. “You don’t just glare at them you answer back.”

Miharu felt tightness around her chest as anxiety spread. He was misunderstanding but many people did when it came to Miharu. She had an inability to express accurately on what she was feeling and most people reacted like this, misreading what she was truly interpreting.

“M-Mitya...”She said quietly. Her throat felt suddenly dry, she took a deep breath to try and calm down. ”Mitya Noran, I was wondering if he was here yet?”

“No.” he replied, he looked like he was about to walk away but then he stopped. He recognised her from a few nights back she had been with Mitya. Was she trapped by him and made to listen to his life’s woes? Or where they close? A friend? Girlfriend? He contemplated; “are you a friend of Mitya?” he asked.

Miharu shrugged “I looked after his mother once…”

The bar tender thought for a bit then sighed. If Mitya had let her look after his mother then they had to have some sort of connection. “My name is Enil, I run the place here. Mitya comes here often, gets drunk and mutters on about his life. He drives my customers away most nights. You said you looked after his mother once right?” Miharu nodded. The bar tender, now known as Enil, rubbed the back of his head and muttered something like, maybe he was lessen to you and then said, “Can you do me a favor?”


Miharu was sitting at Enil’s bar waiting for Mitya in one of the tables placed at the right of the entrants near the fire and as the time ticked by she was wondering if he would actually come at all. Finally the door flicked open letting in the cold winter air and a snow covered Mitya. He spotted Miharu and walked over to her and placed a small item on her table, Daidai’s charm that she had lost.

“Mum said that she found it admits some clothes, she believes it yours.”

Miharu picked it up and slipped it into her pocket. “Yes, thank you.” He grunted as a replied and moved away from her towards the bar stools were Miharu was once sitting.

She got up and was about to leave until she realised that she still had a job to do and sat back down. Enil wanted her to keep an eye on Mitya and if he got to rowdy and drunk she would take him out of the bar. Of-course Enil wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt hence why he wanted to wait until he started creating a scene. Then and only then she could intervene.

She sighed, ‘this is going to be a long night, sorry Daidai looks like I’ll be late in coming home’.  She picked up her menu and started ordering food.

As time ticked by Mitya order drink after drink getting less sober and more drunk. He wasn’t being too much of a nuisance he only grumbled about work and his mum mostly but as the drinks piled up he started getting worse. Miharu couldn’t help but be slightly ticked off by the way he was behaving he was like a toddler denied from a plush new toy, he was being ridicules! He started to cry as he talk about a girl that wouldn’t go out with him because he lived with his mum. Some customer walked in at the same time but once they saw the wailing Mitya they turned around and left. Enil saw this and looked at Miharu, who was bubbling with irritation and anger. He nodded his head signalling to her that it was time.

She got up and her chair skidded back. She took quick steps to Mitya, and when she finery reached him she grabbed his shoulder pulled him off the stool and with one fluent hand movement slapped him. The room went silent.


It was like a mother telling off a child, a stern voice but not loud. Miharu was a foot shorter then Mitya so it was an odd site. Mitya seemed a little dazed by the slap Miharu took advantage of his state and fished out his wallet from his pockets. She smack down some money. Mitya detested but one look from her shut him up. Irritation was flashed across his face. When Enil was done running the till Miharu grabbed Mitya by his jacket and pulled him along with him but he had regained himself and pushed her away.

“What are you doing?” He shouted “Leave me alone.” He sniffed and rubbed his nose.

“Children are not allowed to drink.” She said firmly.

“The only child here is you!”

“I’m less off a child then what you are right now.” There was a dark aura around Miharu and others cringed back from her. There was something animal-like about her but Mitya being too drunk to notice was undeterred.

“Come on then.”
He raised his fist “Come at me then if you think you’re a big girl.” He swayed to the left and he had to take a couple of steps to steady himself. Miharu sighed closed the distance dodged a weak punch from Mitya and dragged him by the collar out the door.

She let go after they were down the five steps to the entrance and hit the pavement ground. He fell to the ground and groaned. He staggered back up and started walking to the door, Miharu blocked him.

“Come on! I just want a drink.”  

“You have had to many already.” An exasperate look cross his face. He shuffled through his pockets and produced a cigarette, he lit it. Miharu grabbed it stamped it out on the ground and then checked it in a bin. He stared lighting up another one but she took it before he could.

“Ugh, Jesus I can’t even smoke?” She pointed to a sigh near by that had a cigarette centered in the middle of a red circle with a line across it.

He sighed. “Then what am I supposed to do then?”

“Go home” she replied forcefully. “You are not welcome here anymore.”
He spat at the ground close to her before turning around shouting out how he didn’t care and start stumbling away but not without throwing the birdy over his shoulder.

“He is a good guy you know.” Enil had creep up silently behind which surprised her for such a big man. She nodded in replied and watched as Mitya vomit in a nearby bush he was already quite a distance away.

Enil sighed. “Here this is for you as payment.”

“But I..”
She began to protest but he stopped her, ”A job is a job take it and um..” he hesitated.

“I.. I wish to apologise, I didn’t treat you to kindly.”

“It’s all right, many don’t.” she put her payment into her pocket and started to walk towards then inn she was staying at. The night air was cold and snow crunch under her feet.  

She stopped. “The food...” She took a breath, the shyness was already enveloping her.
“The food was good.”

Enil smiled and a pink flush of embarrassment appeared on his cheeks. ”Thank you, umm come again?” Miharu nodded and started on her way back to the inn.
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