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Lets get Physical [Shin/Luna]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Lets get Physical [Shin/Luna]  Empty Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:16 pm

Shin Sekai
It was another cool day in the Holy city for Shin as he left his room and made his way to the park where he would be co- teaching them with someone from another guild Okay Shin remember this is your first time working with someone so don't mess up! He thought to himself as the wind blew his bright red hair back like a moment in one of those movies where the super hot guy comes on screen. When he saw the amount fo children that he would teaching a sudden chill ran down his spine like he was going to about to see something scary. "Okay I Kids am Shin Sekai one of your teachers for today." he said with a smile to hiding his fear of the kids from them All I need to do is keep all my fear on the inside I'll be okay. he thought to himself as he walked closer to them with his legs shaking  "I hope that everyone will get along with each other today." he told them as a few of them looked at him with very angry eyes for some reason.


#2Luna Nightshade 

Lets get Physical [Shin/Luna]  Empty Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:44 pm

Luna Nightshade
Luna got dressed in some fitness appropriate clothing she had purchased just yesterday evening. A basic stretchy navy blue form fitting t-shirt, a pair of grey yoga pants, sports sneakers and black leather finger-less gloves. She tied her hair up with one of her ribbons into a long pony tail and headed out of the inn sprinting.

She had accepted a quest to help train some young boys for the army in fitness with someone from another guild. Even though Luna hadn't met the other person yet, she was almost certain that they wouldn't be an issue. Luna's biggest concern was the children themselves, she'd been warned that they tended to look down on female soldiers. Well, even if they did give her a hard time, she would be sure to teach them some manners if it came down to it.

Luna arrived at the park where she was supposed to meet her partner for this job as well as the kids. She spotted a man with bright red hair as well as the children almost instantly and ran over to them. "Hey there, I apologize for keeping you all waiting" She shouted as she ran up to them. She stopped next to the red-headed man who she assumed was her partner for this job.

"Hi, Nice to meet you, I'm Luna Nightshade from the Lamia Scale guild." She said to the red haired man right before turning her attention to the children in front of her. "Hi Kids, I'm Luna, I'll be helping this onii-san get you guys in to top physical shape!" However, the children looked at her with disgust. Luna didn't understand why she also noticed one was staring angrily at the guy standing next to her for some unknown reason. Looks like this job was going to be more difficult than she originally thought.


Lets get Physical [Shin/Luna]  Luna_sig
#3Shin Sekai 

Lets get Physical [Shin/Luna]  Empty Sun Jan 15, 2017 9:23 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin took a second to think about Luna's chose of words and just went with it as let it go Oh man she must think am really cool. he thought as he blushed a little as he waved to her with a smile on his face, "Oh it nice to meet you am Shin from fairy Tail." Shin said as he and Luna Finished finished introducing themselves he wanted to ask her a few questions but just keep them to himself as he thought they would be rude to ask. Shin looked at the children to see that they were still acting like they hated them to they could goo home "Okay guys Lets do some fitness training so we can build up those muscles. "Luna why don't you start us off with some simple warm ups." he asked her Maybe after the warm ups the kids will smile or and have fun, he told himself as some of the kids started to question why there were being taught by people older than them. "Okay kids lets really push ourselves!" Shin said really excitedly in hopes of getting the kids to lighten up just a little Man kids are hard to train..Ohhh this is what Mr. Tomm meant by kids are difficult to teach. he thought as the wind blew his hair in his face covering his left eye.


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