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Welcome Committee [Selena+Arisa]

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Yawning slightly she would start to walk towards the town of Orchidia. She honestly just got here from Crocus so this mission was quite perfect. Her brown hair would flow behind her as the wind would caress her cheek and flow towards the back. Her lioness brown eyes would glisten as she looked towards the streets, making her smile small. Truly her mind was thinking on who she was doing this mission with. Was it Waylon again? Was it someone new? Arisa wasn't quite sure a she continued to walk towards where she was going to meet Dacol. 'Do you think it's Waylon?' a darker voice spoke as she would make a frown in thought that she kind of left him behind. She has done many missions with Waylon and completed quite many of them in a small amount of time.

Her heart would beat rather quickly as she was nervous that it was someone different. What if it was a cute guy? Wait, why did she care? Her head shook as her eyes lowered to look at the ground. Grrr.~ Her stomach created some noises as it seemed to be hungry. 'God a sandwich sounds amazing.' she would think softly making it obvious that she was ignoring the lost souls thought and question. Truly Arisa wasn't going to let whatever that voice is control her actual thoughts nor actions.

No... Not yet. Soon she would finally see the man she was supposed to meet, but where was the partner she was supposedly suppose to meet? Her head turned left and right, turned around and then looked straight. Honestly Arisa expected Waylon to appear by tripping and face planting into the cement like usual, but would it happen this time?

''Greetings!'' the man would speak as he walked towards her with papers in his hands. She would slowly walk towards him as well till they were about three feet away. Arisa was wearing armor of normal status in her opinion yet it was important and expensive due to it being an antique. Soon he would hand her fliers within her grasp that she held onto tightly. ''Here are the fliers. Hopefully the other person appears before travellers appear.'' he would say with a nervous yet confident smile that the other person would be here first. She was supposed to give fliers to new people, show them around as to give them
personalized experience.

He would of course help the travelers leaving her and whoever else she's working with alone. How should she act around this random person she's working with? She sighed softly, waiting for whoever this partner was to be. - 446 Words

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Selena Maelstrom
Selena was walking out from one of the many forests in Orchida. She was slightly sweaty and a little tired but over all she was fairly okay to continuing to travel. She had literally only finished another quest only a few minutes prior in the woods with a budding young girl who was trying to get into a combat school. She was pretty good just needed a little help. And Selena was there to help her. Now however Selena was making her way into town to find somehwere to stay before going off to do more jobs. It took a while but eventually the dirt path from the forest covered in trees and fauna came to a quaint little town. Selena guessed it was Orchida. Selena walked around for a few moments, the cobbled streets felt a little hard on her feet. She only realised that she was lugging around a rather large backpack full of mainly towels and blankets she had bought from Crocus, the holy capital. "God I need to find a place to leave this." She said to herself. She even noticed a few people looking at her slightly bigger bag than most. It did not help that she was training earlier too so she was especially bothered. Selena was atleast wearing her training gear so her appearence was justified a little. And with her training gear they were pretty comfortable and airy so she was at least a little cooler, although it was hard to get much colder considering the side effects of her dragon slaying magic.
Selena shook her head. She had to stop thinking about that stuff. luckily as she shook her head she seen a sign to her right. The sign was rather large and had a bed with a giant head with even bigger Z's coming from it. The sign looked as if it was enchanted as the Z's kept floating away then reappearing. Selena went into the place and luckily it seemed fairly diserted. "Hey there." Selena said to the receptionist. "Any vacant rooms?" Selena asked. The girl nooded and gave her a key with a number 7 on it. The number kept glowing different colours for some reason. Enchanted too more than likely. "How much?" Selena then asked. The woman was small and bust with think red glasses on a leash. She was dressed in a yellow dress with white pokedots and pointed to the sign. Sadly the amount was calculated by the time stayed so Selena just decided to throw a bunch of money at the woman since she was not how long she was staying.
Once finished at the recptionist Selena went to her room. The door kept changing colour with the key which made it easy to tell which room was hers. There was no keyhole so Sleena just placed the key on the door and instantly the door vanished. Selena took off her pack and threw it in the room, not interested in seeing what was inside. As she turned around she could see vibrant colours again. the door had reappeared after she had left.
Now for something to eat. As she walked around Selena was not sure where to go as all the places looked terible in her opinon. As she was about to give up Selena met a man with flyers. He agreed to tell her the best place that made sandwichs in town if she helped him later. So Selena did just that. She went and ate before returning. There however was another woman in armour that seemed fairly familar. "Oh great here is your partner for today, she'll help you give out flyers." He said handing Selena some flyers. "Hey." Selena said as she nodded to the girl and went to hand out flyers. 635

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She stood there quietly as her foot would tap the ground made of cobble stone. Her eyes would look straight towards the town expecting her 'partner' to arrive from inside the town. Truly Arisa didn't think that her partner just arrived in town just like herself. Her lioness eyes would then finally appear as she had blue aqua hair of the lighter shade and rather pretty eyes. It reminded her of her favorite element yet truly she was gifted with something else. Calmly she would then look at the girl and lifted up her hand as a simple greeting. ''Hi.'' was all she spoke in a cold calm manner. She was afraid to be rather chirpy and happy-like as honestly it annoyed her other soul as well. Who knows how it was to annoy. It took a little moment though as it didn't click, the fact that they already met once before this.

Soon they would stand together to wait for the first visitor making her eyes wander a bit. Not that long before then she would spot a visitor. The greeting was simple as Dacol went up to them, shook their hand if they accepted and looked at both her and Selena. ''I'm going to go show them around a bit. Remember what to do. The fliers.'' he would say and chuckled while leaving to go off to show the traveler around. 'It shouldn't be too hard, right?' she thought softly as her eyes would corner to look at her. At that moment as she would wait her eyes would scan Selena which then the memory smacked her in the face. ''I believe we met once.'' she spoke then softly in her normal soothing tone. As Arisa said that she would then see someone appear. ''Hai. Welcome to Orchidia. Here's a flier.'' she spoke rather nicely. The first person accepted it quite nicely which was a breather. She watched as the traveler would read it, but then another appeared. Arisa would then look at Selena to see how she worked.


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Selena Maelstrom
The girl replied with a calm hi. Hmm she seemed familiar. Selena was sure she had met this girl somewhere, probably in the holy capital of crocus as that's where she met most of her friends. Selena used a flyer as a napkin while Dacol wasn't looking. Damn that sandwich was amazing, just hit the spot after a morning of training. Dacol then went to go greet some people as Selena stuff the flyer in her back pocket. Dacol then came up to the two girls and said that he was going to show these people around then added that it shouldn't be too hard,right? Well was it. Hopefully Selena would not get shanked. Well it was always a possibility after being in the Rune Knights. Before Selena knew it the girl came up and confirmed her suspicions. She said almost asking if they had met. "Yeah I thought we did too. Wait is it Arisa? Yeah you liked nature that day. Sorry about that I think I was pretty brain dead then." Selena said. half laughing. Selena then noticed some women at a table looking at them. "Gonna try giving these some flyers." Selena said pointing to the women and back to Arisa. "Oh and love that armour, looks familar." Selena said as she walked over to the women. The armour she wore looked nice, and Selena was sure she had seen it before. So as Selena talked to the women, and when they were rude to her, she left them and asked Arisa. "Wait is that Rune Knight Armour? Where did you get that?" Selena asked. But before Arisa could answer Dacol came back and paid the two girls for their work, despite the fact that Selena only gave away one flyer and used the other as a napkin. Luckily Dacol did not notice luckily. So Selena went back to her little room and went back to her changing colour door to her room and crashed in the little place. The place was little but Selena did not mind since she gained all the money she wasted here by giving out flyers! The onky thing was Selena felt a little guilty after what she did soshe rriedexit to sleep it off. 377 exit

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Welcome Committee [Selena+Arisa] BLlZQ5m
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She would inner giggle as she did see Selena use a flier as a napkin, honestly thinking it was funny. She would watch her do some work herself, but before that even happened she would hear that she remembered her - calling her by her name. She wasn't obviously famous enough to be known without meeting anyone. Truly she didn't even want to be famous as it attracted too much attention. A simple smile would appear from her own soft lips as her eyes would then look away from her. More people did arrive giving away the fliers. Sadly not all people accepted them and even threw it in her face. Taking a deep breather she wouldn't bother with the waste of air. Why did she think like that? Her head would shake as she tried to shake out of something she wasn't really apart of. Was it her other soul that was making her think like this? Arisa hoped that it wouldn't get out of control. Her head and eyes would look and turn to then see Dracol. ''Hey there. Thanks for doing this for me. Both of you.'' he would say and laughed rather roughly.

Arisa would look at Selena without even answering that question she asked earlier, but just nodded as to say bye. Dracol walked up to them to hand their reward. ''Well, cya.'' he would say as Arisa would then turn away. She sighed softly as she would put her reward in her armor. Her air would flow behind her as her lioness eyes would look around to think of what to do next. -exit- 1066

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