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Train With Me [Rym Oto]

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Train With Me [Rym Oto] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:58 pm

Rym Oto
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"Alright, let’s get this over with,"
Rym got up from his spot near the river. After his run in with the Rune Knight he really didn’t feel like getting up from his nap. Much less deal with a job. But a little extra cash never hurt anybody. Plus he wanted to build a reputation in this place, since it seemed like he would be staying here for a while. As for the job, the information was pretty vague overall. Just show up out the Forest Outskirts in Orchidia. The only other thing that was mentioned was a name. Seheda Linas. As Rym grew closer to the forest he started calling out for Seheda. "Seheda." Rym paused waiting for a response. "Seheda!" Rym kept walk and tripped over something in his path. He looked down to find a girl lying down. ”Ow,” the girl muttered. She looked up at Rym, ”Saying sorry is usually what would usually come next in this situation.”
"Sorry? Why are you sleeping in the middle of the road?"
”Why aren’t you watching where you’re going?”
"Touche. But while we’re here, do you know of someone name Seheda?" The girl got up and brushed herself off and held out her hand. ”That would be me! Seheda Linas, nice to meet you.”

Rym shook her hand. "So...what am I doing here?" Seheda got up off the ground and started stretching. ”Well,” Seheda started between stretches, ” from your reaction when you saw me, you have no idea who I am.” Seamlessly she switched to another stretch, ”I’m quite famous around here.” Rym’s eyes widened, "Really? What did you do? Slay a dragon? Save the city?" Rym raised his eyebrow, "Slept around?"
While he spoke Seheda switched from stretch to stretch without missing a beat. ”Nothing like that. I’ve just applied to the local combat academy...”
"What’s so special about that?"
”...and been rejected three times.”
”Never said I was a good kind of famous. Anyway, a failure like that-”
"Many failures," Rym interjected
Seheda glared at Rym, ”Failing that many times doesn’t the best things for a girl’s self-confidence so I decided to hire a mage of my equal strength to run a training regimen with me. That’s why you’re here.”

"I’m the other mage? How exactly did you want to train? Use some spells?"
Seheda shook her head, ”Nah. wouldn’t want you to use any unnecessary magic.”
Rym and Seheda got up and walked towards the forest. ”We’re going to be running this trail.” Seheda motions behind her to a dingy trail filled with uneven ground. Rym stares at the ground with uncertainty. "That can’t be safe."
”Oh it’s not. Extremely dangerous to run on.” Seheda smiles at Rym, ”That’s what makes it fun.”

Rym and Seheda lined up at the edge of the track. ”You sure you want to start already Rym? I stretched. You didn’t.”
"Believe me Seheda, I got this."
Seheda shrugged, ”Alright, let’s see what you’re made of. On your mark! Get set! Go!” Taken aback by the sudden start Rym hesitated a bit before starting to run. But it wasn’t all lost because only a few feet in front of Seheda was a big patch of dirt. While Rym noticed the patch, it was too late for him to warn Seheda. Evidently she ate dust. Rym ran over to Seheda to make sure she’s okay. Before he can reach her she stands up and brushes herself off. ”I’m fine, let’s keep going.” Without any hesitations Seheda gets up from the ground and starts running. "Jeez, you don’t quit do you?" Rym said as he started running. He sped up a bit to catch up to Seheda. When he finally reached her he tried to start a conversation. "Why are you doing all of this?" She gives him a look that makes him feel stupid. "Sorry, I should’ve worded that better. I know why you’re doing the training but why do you want to go to the academy so badly?"

Seheda stopped at sat on a nearby log, ”If you can’t tell,” she gestures towards herself, ”I’m not exactly like most girls. I didn’t have what everyone considered ‘normal goals’ or whatever. I don’t know what it is but ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a mercenary. I’ve always loved combat. I don’t find it grueling or annoying when I get beat. I find it fun and consider it practice. I think violence is awesome. So I felt like being a mercenary was the only way I could really fulfill my dreams.” Seheda looks down at the ground, ”But apparently I’m not good enough. At least according to the combat academy. I’ve tried three times, and the more I tried the more effort I put into it.” Rym takes a seat next to Seheda. "You’re definitely good enough. I mean," He gestured around himself, "You set up all of this, and I had a hard time keeping up with you. You’ve been ahead of me this entire time. I doubt you’re not good enough for that academy. If they don’t accept you, I’ll start my own academy and you’ll be my first student." Rym took a second to think about what he said, "Actually I won’t do that. I realize that academies cost a lot of money. Money I don’t have. But I would if I had the money." Seheda chuckled, ”The gesture is sweet but I wouldn’t expect you to build a whole school just for me.” She stood up, Alright, enough small talk, let’s get moving shall we?” Seheda got up off the log and again started off in a full sprint.

"Hey wait up!" Rym ran after Seheda but lagged back a bit. He knew that she would beat him but he wanted it to be surefire. After a few more minutes, Seheda’s full on sprint slowed down to a slightly speedy walk. Then Rym spotted it. Just like the patch of dirt at the start of the trail there was small log sitting in the middle of the road. Also like the patch of dirt Rym was too late to warn her. Seheda, for the second time today, promptly face planted on the ground. But, instead of getting up and brushing herself off, she just started laughing. Rym joined in with her laughter and helped her up.
"All mercenaries beware! Here comes Seheda Linas!" They joked around a little more and parted ways.

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