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Train with me (Quest|Selena)

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#1Atlas Prime 

Train with me (Quest|Selena) Empty Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:18 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was excited today. He was going to do a request to get away from his boredom. He did one with Miyu a while ago, but it seemed she became busy with something so he hasn't really seen her as often. Atlas decided today to take on an easier request to help kill some time basically. He had already picked one out and was ready to go get it done. He left the guild hall to go to where the request was. He knew the details of it, which was to basically help someone train a little, which might help himself train some more as well, which always worked for him. Atlas wanted to get stronger and he knew the only real way to do that was to train up his body. He knew there was going to be a tournament coming up and he wanted to be in tip top shape for it, so that he would, hopefully, not lose in the first round. His best outcome would be to win the whole thing, but he knew a lot of strong people were probably going to be there. The fights seemed to be based off of no magic, so it would be a physical fight of who was stronger when going against others.

Atlas left the guild hall and looked around noticing it was a clear sky day today. This would pair well with his normal outfit of a black short sleeve shirt and some semi brown pants. Atlas would start to jog towards the spot he was supposed to meet the client to get started with the request. When he would arrive he would notice her and introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Atlas from Lamia Scale. I guess I'll be helping you out with your training," he said with a smile.

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#2Selena Maelstrom 

Train with me (Quest|Selena) Empty Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:38 am

Selena Maelstrom
It was a crisp morning in Orchida. Selena had literally only just arrived into the place before being greeted by presumably on of it's residents. The person was a girl, not too much younger than Selena. She had grey hair down her back with a fringe. Selena was not sure why she was greeted so suddenly as it seemed that this girl was preparing to train. She was wearing the usual training gear a girl would, except she did not keep her hair back in a ponytail, which would help. Although the girl only said "Hi, i'm Seheda" She did not say anything else which kind of confused Selena. She just stood there with her hand behind her back. was she waiting for a response? "Hello? Can I help you?" Selena asked a little hesitantly. The girl smiled back a little too big which really weirded out Selena. Selena now realized that the girl's grey eyes were transfixed on her shoulder, the one bearing her Rune Knight/ Magic council logo. "I'm really sorry for starring, but you're a Rune Knight aren't you?" She asked a little too eagerly. Selena looked puzzled. She would of thought it was obvious. "Oh no this is to trick people like you." Selena said jokingly, however the girl did not take it as a joke. She looked horrified and a little sad. "Kid, relax I'm joking. It's illegal to have a mark like this unless you are an official. What can I do for ya?" Selena then asked. She tried to act a little nicer towards the girl as she seemed to have some issues, what of Selena could not say. "Yes actually. I-If you wouldn't mind, could you help be my sparring partner." The girl said very timidly. Selena looked shocked. Was this girl training for that competition later on too? "I-It's just that I'm trying to get into this academy and.." The girl said suddenly, trailing off as quickly as she started. "Oh sure, I can help. First things first." She said, reaching into her pocket. Selena then pulled out a hair bobbin. "Use this to tie up your hair, It'll make things a lot eater." Selena said as she handed the girl her hair keeping tool. The girl smiled and fixed her hair immediately, She tied it tight and high up to keep out of the way. "Great thanks. Now follow me so I can show you where I train!" The girl said, now seemingly having more confidence.

The girl brought Selena to the edge of town where a forest dominated the area. As the reached the place Selena went behind a big oak tree to change into more comfortable clothes. Since she had only arrived in town she had the majority of her clothes with her and so Selena decided to change into her regular Rune Knight attire. But as she changed she heard the sound of a male introducing himself. Selena came out fully dressed to see who was this was. She gave a puzzled look to Sehed. "I'm really sorry I completely forgot I asked Atlus here to help me train too. He's a local resident and I thought he could really help me. Sorry Selena!" She said bowing. "No trouble at all we can both help. Atlus was it? My name is Selena Maelstrom, Nice to meet you." Selena said walking over to Atlus and outstretching a hand.

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Train with me (Quest|Selena) BLlZQ5m

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The emblem in your inventory starts to glow as the number two appears on it. It seems like that the tournament will begin in two days. It's time finish what you were doing around here because on Monday the emblem will teleport you straight to Baska Town.

#4Atlas Prime 

Train with me (Quest|Selena) Empty Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:27 am

Atlas Prime
Atlas was quite shocked when he arrived. He saw his client who he was supposed to meet and somehow he saw another girl come out from behind a tree too. Atlas was really confused as to what was going on. His client bowed to the other person saying how she was sorry that she did ask Atlas to help her too. The new person seemed to have shrugged it off introducing herself as Selena Maelstrom and saying they could both help her out. "Yeah, sure I guess its okay," Atlas said shaking the other persons hand. He didn't know how the mix up happened, but he guessed it would be alright, as long as the request was completed. "Well, what do you have in mind for our training?" he asked indicating towards Sehada. When  he asked her she seemed a little flustered as first but responded to his question. "Well I've always been a little clumsy and a little slow so I thought some running might help me get better. I know I could do it by myself normally, but I though it would be good to have someone pace me," she said. Atlas would smile at her. "Sounds good, well you both ready?" he asked them. When it would seem both of them were Atlas would start to run. He would make sure he slowed himself down so that he didn't out run Seheda and Selena. "So why do you want to get into the academy?" Atlas would ask Sehada. "Well I want to get stronger and I know they would help me out a lot to do so," she seemed to have responded. Atlas thought for a moment before saying something towards Selena. "And what do you do?" he asked Selena. He thought about making a joke but thought it might not be best since he didn't really know her.

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#5Selena Maelstrom 

Train with me (Quest|Selena) Empty Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:12 pm

Selena Maelstrom
As Selena shook his hand she realized just how confused he was. Although Atlus had a domewhat stern face he still looked rather confused about the events that had hallened. As Selena shook his hand she could not help but notice his guild mark on his hand. "Oh Lamia Scale? Nice guild. Suppose that makes sense since Seheda said you were local. Do you know an Assama? Met her while in Crocus she's a member too." Selena spoke not realising she was rambking a little. Selena let go of Atlus' hand and said "I myself am a Rune Knight as you can see from my tattoo." Selena said pointing to her shoulder. "Not a high ranking offical mind you bht dont underestimate me." Selena then silently cringed at her words. They were so cliché and made her out to me some aie headed woman who was gonna go get that world. Although after she said it Selena noticed her client Seheda slrt of perk up. Prehaps she thought that since Selena thought similarly to her she was going to be like her in some regard. Selena then shot her a smile. Of course Selena could have been wrong but it was what she chose to believe.

Atlus then asked what she had in mind for training. Selena turned to face her as she thought for moment herself. Seheda theb said running. Selena was a lkttle confused because running wasnt the best way to train but what ever floated her clients boat. However she did give a good reason as to why she wanted to run. She needed someone else to help keep pace. Atlus said it sounded good before Selena could interject however and began to get read to run. Maybe we should choose where we are starting and where we are finishing first?" Selena asked. She was surprised that Atlus did not think of this. "Great Idea. Omay so from here..." Seheda said making a line i the ground with her shoe, then taking her place behind it. "To that willlw with the two branching bits." She finished. The Willow was right across from them and was eash tk distinguish as about half way up it breached out insdifference directions while still being joined at the base. Selena and Atlus then took their places. "Go!" Seheda signaled and the three of them ran. Selena was Atlus were tied leaving but he then slowed down to let Seheda win. Selena wasn't sure what his angle was. Maybe to lighten the two girls spirits. Aglus then asked Seheda why she wanted to join the academy. A fairly obvious answer but Seheda answered anyway. After answering Seheda fell to the base if the tree woth exhaustion. "You two are really good. Maybe i was weighed down by these? Here you tame them." She said and handed both a big wad of jewels. "These probably weighed you fown. Anyway thanks and bye." Selena said getting her things and walking away.
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Train with me (Quest|Selena) BLlZQ5m
#6Atlas Prime 

Train with me (Quest|Selena) Empty Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:38 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed the woman named Selena was from the Rune Knights. Atlas remembered meeting a member of the Rune Knights a while ago named Salem. He wondered how his quest for knowledge and a certain book was going. Selena noticed he was from Lamia Scale and asked if he knew an Assama. "Yeah, I haven't really talked with her much, but we have meet," he said, remembering his brief interactions with Assama and Rowan at the guild hall a while ago. Atlas was confused by what Selena was doing when they were going to run. It seemed she wanted to turn this intoa a race and not really training. But it seemed Seheda agreed with her. Atlas had to wonder if this was the reason she couldn't pass the test. She probably needed to build up some endurance and some foot work, but Atlas guessed it was okay if that's what she wanted. They started there run and seemed to finish it really quickly with Seheda out of breath it seemed. "Well I thought that it might of been better to just keep running instead of turning it into a race," Atlas said. Seheda thanked them both for there help rewarded Selena and Atlas for there help. Selena seemed to have accepted the jewels and left, but Atlas refused the jewels feeling like his job was not finished. "I want to accept these, but I feel like the job remains unfinished. You didn't get much experience," he said. "So lets try this again, but lets just run until you feel like you have improved and remember take your time," he said to her. "Oh thank you. I guess it would be better to have some more training," she said to him. Atlas prepared himself and they both seemed to have started to run. He was glad that she seemed to be doing pretty good on it and they kept going for a little while. She spoke of why she wanted to be a mercenary and how she really wanted to succeed this time. After a little while it seemed she tripped over a branch or something and fell to the ground. "Woah, are you okay," Atlas would ask her. "Yeah, but I think that is enough. I feel much better and much stronger now. Now will you take the reward?" she asked him. Atlas smiled at her and responded "Sure, I hope you pass this time, and if you need help again, let me know," he said taking his reward and then headed off to his home to shower.

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