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A simple travel I [Crocus -> Magnolia]

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A simple travel I [Crocus -> Magnolia] Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:41 pm

Arisa would slowly grip her book within her hands as she was getting ready to leave. She had to pass Era from here and then to a place called Magnolia. She heard there were things to do there so it felt that the time was now to leave. Her eyes of lioness brown would look forward as a smile upon her lips appeared. Slowly her hands and arms lifted up the book to open it to the page she was on. 'Alright mother... what more do you have for me?' she would think as the book made out of human skin would flip pages.

She'd walk passed some animals and some nature of other kinds and then would hit Era. As she did do this traveling Arisa would read her book to herself. So far it was only about her mother meeting some guy who was fascinated about the cat ears she supposedly had. Was that natural? Shaking her head slowly she would then look up to see some area that looked rather new. Was this it? It looked rather peaceful and very nice. The weather here was nicer than it was in Crocus. ''Well... I guess I'll start here.'' she would say to herself as she continued on into Magnolia.



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