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Let's Get Physical [Mission]

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Let's Get Physical [Mission] Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:34 pm

Arisa would walk slowly into Crocus as she stayed at some housing next to the forests. She wasn’t here that long and she already made some random friends that were completely strangers. All she honestly said was that she was a scrub/new to the Rune Knights. They talked to her about what they do and what they have done in the past. It was interesting at the least, but she still questioned about the ones she has met already. A small smile went across her lips as she thought about her cousin Kon. He seemed somewhat fruity and pretty nice.

It was nice to know nice and kind people which would then remind her of the time she has had some time with an old friend, Nas. She wasn’t that old and neither did she knew her super well, but Nas seemed good in her own true opinion. Today though she was to go train some kids that this other guy was supposed to do. Why wasn’t he going to do it again? She tried to think of the reason, but it really had a big blank spot in the middle where the memory was. She would yawn softly and stretch as she wondered how the kids are.

How would they act? She knew that if they were too bad that Ana would just appear and take action. Truly though Arisa didn’t want any trouble even though the kids would most likely ask for it if they misbehaved. The wind would caress her face as only her face due to the simple armor she wore. Where did she get this type of thing? It was simply from her manor that costed a nice fortune. She wore it proudly even with no knowledge of where it really came from nor who wore it last.

As she was almost there she would then remember that Armin couldn’t do it because something about falling ill. Falling ill makes one not being able to move? What the hell did the kid get into? Did he get beaten the crap out of and was forced to eat something bad or what? Honestly the different possibilities could be listed within some type of novel, but she would be too lazy to do that. Her facial expression was calm as she walked slowly through the area and wondered if she was truly ready for this? Did she have it in her?

‘God I should get in more sleep.’ She thought to herself as she yawned once more, covering her soft lips with her right covered hand. She’d walk in a normal pace as she somewhat left early. The kids would most likely not be there waiting anytime soon as she probably had at least ten or so minutes extra. Her lioness brown eyes would pierce towards the training park that was well beautiful – even during the winter times. She couldn’t see the kids yet as she walked closer, but then she looked over to the right with all the seating’s seeing them.


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Let's Get Physical [Mission] Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 12:57 pm

Her eyes looked at the children who were all in some warm get-up yet light enough to exercise. They looked at her with somewhat wide eyes as they ran towards her – stopping within ten feet. Slowly they would take a breather and looked up at her. ‘’Are you our new trainer for today?’’ one of the kids asked. ‘’You’re pretty!’’ another would say as she would make a nervous smile within her thoughts yet a calm facial expression from outside of the box.  There were all kinds of kids with different expressions, appearance and outfits as a part of her felt young again.

True she wasn’t that old or anything, but she felt old by soul. As Arisa looked at them she felt like as if she was a kid with them about to play some games. It was time to train though –that much was true, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun with it. ‘’Alright you guys. I’m your trainer of the day. Name is Arisa and if you have any serious questions then please ask.’’ She would say in a serious calm tone, standing straight to hold a serious impression to the children. They would struggle as they would instantly try to stand up straight as well. Honestly it made Arisa giggle a little as it was silly.

‘’Well! We should first do stretches, jog and then push-ups. It will be difficult, but to be ready for protecting you must be prepared by all means necessary.’’ She would say calmly yet soft. Her hands would be behind her back, holding her own hands together as they rested on the tailbone. They’d nod as they would get into place.

Separated within arm’s length the children would then stretch down to stretch the spinal cord. After that they would then go to the left – go to the right and then twisted slowly left and right. After that it was for the legs and arms as they’d stretch them so by pulls and legging out.

Not so long after that they would then start to go forward. ‘’Good!~ Keep on going.’’ Arisa would say as she would jog alongside them. Her eyes looked at all of them to keep track. The children getting in trouble would be harsher for them than for her as Ana wasn’t very kind. Her heart was beating rather fast though and after a couple hours they would then stop, get into place and did some push-ups.

‘’One! Two! Three –‘’ she would keep on counting and then one child started to lean over to push over the kid. ‘’HEY!’’ she yelled in a rather strickly motherly way. The child who pushed would stop as Arisa walked towards him. Leaning down in front she would give a motherly-like eye stare as they were warm, but her smile was wicked with a smirk. ‘’You know what happens to children who misbehave as they protect?’’ she questioned rather darkly. ‘’W-what?..’’ he stuttered rather nervous. ‘’They die or get wounded enough to where you’d want to. You must take it seriously as during training and protecting there is no willy dallying.’’ She would lastly speak while getting up. Arisa would turn away as she would lift her hand up. ‘’Alright. Clean up and you may go.’’ She would say as the child nodded with the rest. Soon they would clean up and leave, dismissing themselves. With that in mind she would start to walk towards where Armin was being ill at to visit. ‘’Alright it’s done.’’ She spoke softly opening the door with her hand to see him in bed. ‘’Thanks Arisa. Here.’’ He would say and slowly hands her the reward. Finally after that she would leave.  

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