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Getting Physical [Quest/Solo]

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#1Selena Maelstrom 

Getting Physical [Quest/Solo] Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:46 am

Selena Maelstrom
It was early on a tuesday. It had been cold recently so Selena had been wrapped up in more layers of clothes and blankets that could even fit on her bed. A perfect cocoon of warmth, something Selena rarely experienced. It was the fact that being experimented on for a number of years in captivity that kept her passively cold to the touch. She still had some marks from the incident all those years ago, although now, in the modern day they were concealed fairly well just from healing alone and a bit of makeup here and there. This was one of the few morning Selena decided to lye in. Nothing to do since she was on sabbatical from the rune knights for quite a while now. She had a nice one at that. She met a lot of strong mages with strong magic, even some dragon slayer and other mages who seemed very friendly. Not to mention the abundance of other Rune knights who were on duty here. Selena even joined a tea with a few, some of the strongest mages she had met thus far even.

A soft smile formed on Selena’s face as she thought of all she met in her life, well more like in the last few months. The smile quickly turned upside down to a frown however as a familiar tapping on her window. “No.” It tapped again. “No.” The tapping chimed in again, only louder and faster. “DEAR LORD WHAT DO YOU WANT NOW!” Selena bellowed as she threw the many covers off her bed. The tapping ceased and the one tapping stood stiff shocked. The little tapper was a bird bearing the Magic council logo. It was primarily used to transfer letters personally from one knight to another. The little bird went and pulled its body back to go and tap the window one more time but Selena had already reacted. “Tap that one more time and you’ll be lucky to keep your damn beak!” She snarled as she opened the window. The little bird hopped hesitantly into the hotel room and wiggle the note free from around it’s leg before zooming out of the hotel room, not wanting to waste another second. Selena scoffed before sticking out her head to shout one last time. “NEXT TIME USE THE DAMN DOOR.” Which caused the crowded streets below to stop for a moment to look up at the crazy woman before returning to their rustle and bustle.

With an exasperated sigh Selena fell on the bed again, but no longer warm, and her frown still as big as ever. “What did that damn bird want me to get anyway?” She sighed as she reached over with her hand limply. He patted on the bed for a minute before she felt the smooth paper under her fingertips. Selena quickly scanned the note. “Ohh damn..” She said as she threw the note back on the bed, got dressed in her usual Rune Knight Attire and headed out the door. Today was going to be looooooooong.

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Getting Physical [Quest/Solo] BLlZQ5m
#2Selena Maelstrom 

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Selena Maelstrom
“Dear Miss Maelstrom. Unfortunately the head of the children knight training regime has fallen ill. I myself have looked him over very thoroughly and have advised bed rest for the foreseeable future (no more than a week so do not fret.) So it has fallen upon me to choose the person who shall be Armin’s substitute. And of course by the contents written thus far I have chosen you, Miss Maelstrom. Why you? Yes well looking over my files it seemed as though you were one of the few who have not taken a class, nor did you ever take a class, so I trust you will have no objections. Do not worry you will do fine, just give head to the park in the centre of town and give them a nice hard day of workouts so they may be as strong as the rest of us here! I trust you will do a good job and once finished please come find Armin and he will reward you (by then he should be over the worst of it.) Don't be never us and give them hell!
Kindest regards, xoxo Lady Merlin.

Selena kept reading that letter over and over again as she made her way to the park. At the as it was a nice day. Fairly mild and calm. Clear skies, perfect conditions. Yet Selena felt nervous. She had never taught kids before so this would be something of a new experience. As Selena walked up to the park the gentle chatter of preadolescent boys and girls caught her ears. “Right place at least.” She muttered to herself. As she turned the corner there were many young boys and girls (Although quite a few more boys) laying around the grass in some blue uniforms. As soon as they seen Selena the kids stopped chattering for a moment. Selena was not sure what to do so just stared back. Almost a minute passed without a word before the chatter began again. Composing herself Selena just tried to pretend that these were any other normal people who didn't need special treatment. Clearing her throat again for Silence Selena was about to speak, but only once she had gotten it. Luckily one girl near her stopped and pointed to the mark on Selena’s shoulder. Then almost like a small game of chinese whispers the whisper spread. It was soon dead silent not even the trees rustled.

“Hem. Hello everyone. My name is Selena Maelstrom and I shall be your trainer today as Sir Armin has come down with some sickness. Now if you'd a-” but Selena stopped as she heard sniggers coming from the back of the large group on the grass. “This woman is our instructor? I mean look at her she doesn't exactly look formidable. You sure you aren't meant to be at some fashion meeting or something tuts?” and with that last comment a loud chorus of raucous laughter erupted from the boys of the group. Selena however smiled softly and made her way to the boy. As she did all the other students moved to make way. Selena kept her soft smile but now everyone could tell it had malicious intent behind it. “heh, Now listen here you little punk.” Selena began in a somewhat snarl yet still managing to sound sweet. “Now I do not know what Sor Armin would do, But the next time you open that mouth of yours it will be filled with dirt faster than you can blink. Do you understand?” Selena asked with a glint in her eyes. The boy quickly nodded, tears welling up in his eyes. “Good. Now everyone get into Pairs. Boys and girls if you please and any excess boys can make a group. Today we are going to spar one another. A mixed chorus of delight and frustration broke out. As the boy who had spoken up went to find a partner Selena grabbed him by the collar. “Oh no, it seems we're one person short for you. But don't worry I'll be your sparring partner!” Selena said in her falsely sweet voice.

After the long day training with the kids, in which the last hour of the training Selena allowed them all to attack her, they all went home. Selena even felt like she could go on a little more. So once she had cleared away everything she went to Armin to get rewarded.

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Getting Physical [Quest/Solo] BLlZQ5m

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