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Train with me [Mission]

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Train with me [Mission] Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:47 am

Stretching a little as she was walking towards the forest outskirts. She was somewhat excited for this as it was within the natures hold. Leafs that were long before dead would crunch on every step she would take. As it was winter there would be no flowers growing upon every step she would take. Her eyes of lioness color would look forward. Her brown medium hair would tickle her shoulder blades as the wind was soft once more. It was cold as in the air as it was gently to the touch. Swiftly she would bring up her right hand to brush her right bangs to the side behind her hair. Slowly walking more she would go into the forests darkness part.

Arisa would look around for the woman that she was supposed to meet. What did she want with her? The further she went into the forest outskirts the more she became curious on where this chick was. Softly her lips would part as she would sigh. ‘Where the hell is she? What’s with me always not knowing where they are?’ she thought as she would then see some woman just lean against the tree. She had shallow bangs, grey-like hair and saddened eyes. Her side-bangs were rather long though. It was an interesting type of haircut. Just like her though she had a rather calm expression that could only wear a simple smile. Her head turned to look towards Arisa as she would then push herself up. ‘’Glad you could make it.’’ She would say calmly as she let her arms dangle and tilted her head a little.

Somewhat this would remind her of when she would train with Waylon. It was after her mother disappeared and they became lonely teens. Technically she wasn’t an orphan though and never would she classify herself as one. She could singularly count herself as a childless mother as that was the type of person she was. She had her own family and therefore never alone – always had some type of family.

She would simply smile back at the woman who then stood ten feet away from her and bowed her head. ‘’My name is Seheda. I would like your assistance.’’ She would start with her introductions. Arisa would look at her, following movement which was none for now. ‘’I… I called you for assistance because I have a little insecurity. I have been rejected three times already…’’ she would speak once more and looked up at the sky with the small space the dead trees would still leave. ‘’My dream… I have dreams… as my dream is to succeed in my career. My failure will not drown me. It shall not make me roll in despair as my determination is on my side!’’ she would say and looks at her in the calmest facial expression ever. Most would think she would have somewhat an excited look to her, but not her. ‘’I want to improve myself with someone beside me. To train with me with a similar level as me - such as yourself.’’ She would say calmly and bowed her head once more towards Arisa. ‘’Please assist me in such training.’’ Seheda would then ask nicely.
‘’Urm, alright. Sure! I don’t mind.’’ Arisa would say as she would kind of have an unsure smile. That chick sure talked a lot, but there was sure a good reason for it.

Arisa wasn’t that huge in big talkers as she loved things or people in this case that were simple – to the point. Her eyes would look at the girl and wondered when they were going to start. Her lioness brown-gold eyes would look towards the lady who then started to stretch. ‘Okay I guess we do this first.’ She thought as she would bend down to touch the dead grass, stretching her spine. Next after getting back up she would then stretch by touching her toe and back up, touching the other toe. After that exercise they would then stretch her arms and legs. ‘’Are we ready?!’’ she would cheer then with a calm facial expression – once again thinking she would be more excited. Slowly she would start walking face paced so she did as well. She made sure that Arisa was right there or at least close by as Seheda started to jog. Slowly the two would pace up in a rather slow manner.  ‘’You know… being a top mercenary has always been a dream…’’ she would slowly drift off with words as she jogged. Arisa would sigh, taking a breather as she would then look up at the sky. The wind felt nice against her face as she jogged on through this forest of Orchidia. ‘’I honestly hope I succeed this time. If I do maybe I’ll try to find you and the drinks will be on me.’’ Seheda would say and chuckle softly. Her voice was still calm as ever as they would continue to jog on through the obstacle.

She wasn’t quite sure on how to respond to Seheda with her words about wanting to exceed so badly. All she really felt like being capable of is supporting and doing what she’s already doing. ‘What do I exactly say to her?’ she wondered as her lioness eyes would corner to look at the woman. She looked calm as ever, no sight of excitement or anything. Truly the only thing that really changed was the tone of voice by a tiny bit, other than that it was her choice of words.

‘’Well, I’ll be around hoping the best.’’ Arisa would say calmly back as she would jog. Soon not that long she would then see Seheda trip over a log and face plants into some dirt. ‘Poor thing, yet funny.’ Her mind would think on its own as if it was the other voice in her head. Softly Arisa sighed and walked to Seheda helping her up. She saw Seheda’s face somewhat embarrassed as the girl looked away. ‘’Yea…urm…Ending the exercise. I’m sure that’s good enough.’’ She would say and nervous checked while handing over the reward. ‘’H-here you go…’’ she would say and gave up the reward. Arisa would nod and waved goodbye as Seheda left and so would Arisa.



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