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All In A Day's Work [Waylon:Mission]

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All In A Day's Work [Waylon:Mission] Empty Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:20 pm

Yawning softly she would be laying on the soft yet wet grass. Her eyes would be closed, relaxing. Her bangs of her brown beautiful hair would tickle her forehead. Slowly she would turn away and simply open her lioness eyes to look forward at the people of the streets. She was to meet up with Waylon to meet up with someone else for a mission. She hasn't done one in such a long time, but the best way to actually start was to do a lowly one and with her best friend. Truly Arisa hasn't met up with Waylon in such a long time that she almost forgot what he looked like.

'I should get up... Shouldn't I?' she would think calmly yet cold. Her eyes would corner to look up at the sky as her hands would press against the grass. The grass would stick in the middle of her fingers as she would press up. ''Nnn..'' she would make a simple sound, escaping her soft lips. She was wearing a red kimono-like top and black dress pants. Her shoes were made of wood as they were sandals with a flower in the middle. Gladly it was warm here, no snow or anything besides the sun. 'Wonder if Waylon will be there when I get there.' she wondered yet another thing.

Slowly she would walk towards the coffee shop to meet with Dex. Her arms would dangle against her side as her hair tickled alongside her neck. She wouldn't really pay attention to the stares that she would get randomly. As a serpent her eyes would slant and stare forward to then see Dex. He seemed to be quite fine as his day went so why the hell was she here?



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It was wonderful time.  A good time indeed full of simple things. friends, new places and working. Sure working with your best friend was not ideal but it was pretty nice considering how simple minded Waylon as a person about everything.

He was slightly behind but that was Waylon, he had relaxed or slept too long and was most likely a bit late now but Waylon had to hope that the job giver was nice and about it.

It was to meet up at a coffee shop, good Waylon liked coffee and it was a easy and relaxing place to be for such things as jobs and such to be given. No one felt awkward when hanging out a job in a coffee shop. So what had they to lose?

He had his normal outfit dark blue jeans, a dark blue t-shirt covered up by his white jacket and blue scarf, it was all how he normally wore it he did not change much.

Walking around the coffee shop Waylon was either looking for Arisa or the person to give them the job. Either way Waylon had a smile on his face.


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All In A Day's Work [Waylon:Mission] Empty Mon Jan 09, 2017 4:45 pm

Arisa was getting closer to the person that she took the request from. Sadly Waylon wasn't there yet and therefore should she wait? She wasn't quite sure as she would lower her gaze to look at the ground as if she was some down-to-earth type. Her medium hair would tickle alongside her neck and bangs be in front of her eyes. The golden brown lioness would then tilt her eyes up to look forward and center. Her arms would wrap around herself as they went against her chest. Finally her head would then look up to see that she was in front of him.

Soon not that far from her she would see Waylon. A smile that was well hidden would appear on her face. An arm would slide out to wave at him. ''HEY WAYLON! OVER HERE!'' she'd yell and then went back to having her arms crossed against her chest to then turn around to look at Dex. ''I see you're both here...maybe.'' he'd say suspiciously. He would put his cup back down and looked at the two. ''Mmmm.'' he would say and then walked around. ''Mmmm......Alright. You're the two.'' he'd say snappy-like. ''Follow.'' he would say.

As instructed she would follow and hopefully Waylon would follow as well. ''You see here, I shall inspect and you shall watch. Both of you.'' he would say as he would walk further to where then there were some pictures of people in this room. ''I examined them and found these as my clues.'' he would then say. The pictures were random people as the clues were a toothpick and a paper with nothing on it. There were other things, but what the hell was he thinking? It seemed fake, but was she really going to smash this dudes imagination? He seemed like a child. Her eyes would corner to look at Waylon and chuckled. ''Alright.'' she would say simply. ''Would you guys like to become my assistants?'' he would question. ''Sure.'' she would say. Honestly Arisa remembered when her dreams and stuff were smashed into pieces...the outcome of it is still a mystery itself, but she would never tell anyone.



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Waylon seemed happy as ever, delighted. at least he did not change much nor did the friend he was here for. "Hi Arisa!" Waylon was not as loud mostly because he never was the type to be able to yell that loudly something that not really was worried about at at least he was able to be heard if and when he did actually yell so it was all that matter to Waylon for the moment.

He would catch up to his friend and stand next to her smiling lightly to himself. "Job are so much better when taken with at least one other person." Or so Waylon thought then again Waylon did not work jobs normally so this is always something nice to do with some one.

Following Arisa while trying not to seem like a lost dog unsure of their path ahead Waylon was taking this job only because he was asked too by his close friends, because she had not seen his close friend in a long period of time.

When it came to what they would be doing it was an assiassant job Waylon then wondered what this kind of job meant for him to do. But had a he could easily get the experiance of doing the job form doing.

"I will give it a shot." Waylon said aloud and head over join Arisa, hopefully she was ready"I have no know what you wish for but I will do it." Waylon said he was unsure if Arisa was ready or what he could actually do the, but it was worth trying it right away.

He smiled and said "I am ready whenever you are Arisa." Like old times he was how he was when they hung out normally. the days of then were gone, But it did not mater to Waylon, he wanted to work and be with his closest friend.

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She would follow through with this guy who acted like some detective. It was all find and dandy as he wasn't really dangerous. She would continue on to follow as they would leave the little room to go out in the open. Her right hand went up to part ways of her bangs that were in her face. Simply her ears would listen to Waylon speak some as she would also listen to Dex. Was this guy serious though? She had to wonder how some people would really think of this guy. Some jester of some sort that would be hanged within moments?

Her lioness eyes would pierce towards the man who acted like another Sherlock Holmes. It didn't matter to her though if she would become a good detective or not as this was just for fun... or even a small amusement to pass the day. Either way she would get to spend time with her friend Waylon - like the old days. Her arms would cross against her chest while her medium brown hair would bounce upon each step. Her head turned around to look around. He started to speak randomly about how this person did that or how he figured out this - it was a lame comedy, but she found it funny. Sadly because of this Dex being so serious about it, it made it more funnier, but she couldn't laugh. Arisa didn't want to hurt this guys feelings. Soon her and Waylon would have a small break of drinking water. She would order some fruit while the other ordered whatever they wanted.

His hands would flail around as if he was some producer as he explained some past experiences. He spoke of how he supposedly figured out some huge jewel thief - never hearing about it before and will most likely forget about it. No matter how dumb this was, she had to endure it and act as if she cared. Soon he would then nod. ''Yep! You guys will be great at detecting.'' he would say gladly and gave a thumbs up. ''Glad to have ya on my side.'' he would lastly say as he slid the reward to them both. ''Cya later.'' he would say and then leave them both alone. After that happened her and Waylon would just hang out the rest of the day. '




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He seemed clueless really. Like each time Waylon just seemed to get a slight understand of whatever was going on. His mind was acting rather stupidly again this way. Actually paying close attention one moment but not the next.

Maybe this was Waylon's mind not taking the situation seriously right away either. Roaming around and see how the stage was being set up? What is even this? Was this suppose to be funny because he really was not getting it right away, Maybe Waylon needed to see it all in action for it make sense. Because so far Waylon was not understanding.

Between Dex doing his job and seeing everything unfold currently Waylon was not sure this even seemed that it would be even entertaining at all. Waylon's mind started questioning on what exactly was going on around and based on this movie situation.

The main guy seemed to be a jerk and for a funny movie the jokes did not seem to be catch right now, Was it a movie for kids? But Waylon wouldn't speak up his thoughts about it because he was more here to do a job with Arisa not tell some one they are bad at something.

On the fruit break, Waylon was on a chair he could find and sit down. slowly sipping away at glass of water. Waylon would just quietly mention something about how this was not anything good could have been the fact the Waylon doesn't see a lot of movies or behind the chair it was different over all for what had to be done for it.

He started wondering when this around end mostly because Waylon really did not feel like he was much use on the sit here but doing nothing or just taking up space but he wouldn't mention it aloud because that would just make people feel annoyied with him which he himself often felt like he could easily.

Staring at the person in the chair whom everyone was listening ,wonder. But also wanted to know when this would be over after.

Maybe he could sneek his way out of this? not really Waylon was bad at that. Maybe wait a bit while longer. but it was bored waiting wonder how.

When Waylon heard it was good for him to go all he thought was "Finally." He got up and streatched out because he had been sitting for a bit. It was wanting to talk to sat stuff to his close friend and such but that did not matter either there was time for that now. "Thank you kind sir for having me as you assitants. It was helpful" He then got up from the chair.

Getting up and moving on Waylon would wonder how the movie would go once it was out, he figured it would not be long, Waylon wanted something to nibble on.

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