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A Simple Errand | Quest

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#1Gin Alexander Cromwell 

A Simple Errand | Quest Empty Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:25 pm

Gin Alexander Cromwell
The job sounded simple enough that it does not require any use of magic. It was beneficial for Gin seeing as he lacked any funds to supply himself with basic gear. This left him with a few support spells making him quite vulnerable aside from some basic technique regarding hand-to-hand combat. Still, he would not trust his life with his own fighting ability. Gin overall is a very mature man, having grown up with a healthy diet in conjunction with an athletic life style. Preparing himself to become a Rune Knight gives him a tall stature with broad shoulders and a toned figure. His skin takes on a warm complexion evenly covering his entire body and eyes a yellow amber.

Gin standard outfit consists of a very basic collection of clothing. He wears a pair of heavy black boots which cover both feet securely and firm. Running down his legs are a pair of slightly baggy black pants. His leggings take on a simple design with two leather strips at the waist used to tighten and loosen the garments. This is further reinforced by a heavy leather, brass-studded sash which wraps around his waist twice, fastened securely to his body.

His torso is covered with a long sleeve black shirt following similar design as his pants; the upper portion of his shirt at the mid-chest region laced with leather strips to adjust the security of the shirt. Over his shirt is a short tabard which covers the shirt's bland appearance with the Rune Knight's emblem and colors. Mainly cobalt blue the tabard runs down just above his knees. The edges are trimmed with black except for the shoulders and sides, which take on a pure white color. A black hooded cloak is met with this outfit tied around his neck using leather lace.

Always around his neck Gin also wears a rosary made from mahogany beads with the slightly charred blackened cross in front. His dark brown hair takes on a messy style, Gin not being too obsessed with his hair, though keeping it somewhat neat and professional. Alas, he stood just outside the local library in Crocus. It was the largest and most well-stocked compared to the other small businesses, which was probably their overall best shot at taking care of this quest. He was designated to work with another Page who went by the name Yaxley Nightroad. For now Gin would stand near the library entrance keeping an eye out for his arrival. It would not be hard for Yaxley to pick Gin out in a crowd, but for Gin it was a different challenge.

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