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Not What I Expected | Translate The Note | Quest

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#1Miyu Kazuyo 

Not What I Expected | Translate The Note | Quest Empty Thu Jan 05, 2017 5:22 am

Miyu Kazuyo
Ah, Crocus. The city where you won't know if the people there are good, or bad. Miyu is living there temporarily, she would leave once her type of weather comes out. She would appreciate it if the people outside would silence their footsteps and shut their mouths. Miyu doesn't like noise, neither people.

Miyu would go to where there are less people, and less noise. And that is, her type of place, the Library. The winter outside has been cold less, probably because December has ended. She would close her coat, not revealing her chest to reduce the winter's chill. Going outside and locking the door made the clicking sound, which Miyu finds it satisfying for some reason. She, then, headed her way to the library to treat her ears.

Nobody was in the library, well, excluding the librarian of course. Miyu doesn't know if she should be happy, or feel weird since the library was usually filled with 5 or more people. But now, there's only one, and that is the librarian. Miyu didn't bother greeting the librarian as she was greeted, Miyu didn't want to speak. She nodded her head quick, then walked away to find some books to read, or finish in that day.

That library was filled with lots of books, catching up to Miyu's interests. Books and Journals old mages wrote, fantasies and fiction novels scattered in the shelves cleanly, Miyu did not know what she would read. And how big that library was! Miyu was not lazy to read the description of each book she passed by. Until she reached the historical maps, and dictionaries. There catched the eye of Miyu, to a girl similar than her.

The girl wont smile, wont greet, wont show any expression; just like Miyu. Her right eye is covered with an eye patch; just like Miyu. And probably like the girl, Miyu wouldn't like having a chat. She thought that the girl would ignore her, but no. The girl spoke. "Would you be interested..." she said. "Would you be interested in helping me out...?" She added, looking up since Miyu was 4 inches taller than the girl.

Miyu was silent. And just like that, the girl is not showing any expressions. She was waiting for the girl to continue talking. "As you can see, I am Luciel. You would probably know Merlin, right?" The girl said, raising a brow. Who the heck is Merlin? Miyu asked herself, for she does not go out, and does not know anyone. Miyu wouldn't like Luciel to see her as one of the 'outdated' people, so Miyu nodded.

"You are probably a traveler. Perhaps, a mage." Luciel said as she walked around Miyu, gazing her outfit. Miyu realized that the girl was actually far from her, the looks are just similar, but the personalities aren't. "I found a runic page. It was old, and I do not understand it." The Luciel said. Miyu's mood lit up slowly. She could help quite a bit. Miyu can read Greek letters, and some Latin letters too. But the runic page she saw did not meet up with Miyu's expectations, for she cannot understand it as well.

Miyu took the paper, the old runic page, and gave off a gloomy aura. "The dictionaries might help." Luciel said, leaving the note to Miyu. Luciel walked away, and Miyu's left eye twitched. She was starting to feel annoyed, violated, and disrespected. But who knows? Miyu liked learning anyways. It might be a good way for Miyu to learn something once in a while.

Until she looked up, discovering hundreds- no, thousands of dictionaries and translations. Miyu thought that she would never finish what she was going to do. One by one, she looked at the dictionaries. Greek, Latin, Italian, English, Arabic. None of these seems to match up with the runic page she was given. Miyu was feeling something she never felt for a while, laziness. Miyu felt lazy, and she knows that's a bad sign, so she tried taking hope and some inspirations from some other books around to keep her from stopping what she was supposed to do.

Miyu used the ladder as she was trying to get a book from a high shelf that she could not reach, not even her tall height could. Then she passed by books, opened and read one by one. None of them matches. Miyu probably opened a hundred books already, and probably a thousand pages just for that runic page she was given. Until finally, a dictionary to fill her hope back to it's fullest.

Valan Runic? What's that? Miyu asked. Her thoughts mixing up slowly as she could not understand what the Valan Runic language is. She was reading and translating that page on her own, and almost fell down on her ladder. Until she could understand one word. Hare Meat. And another, Cabbage. Miyu was a bit irritated to read cabbage, it seemed useless. Miyu thought that they were probably ingredients for a witch's potion, but she never gave up as she was closer to finishing.

She wrote down what the words are beside, to make Luciel understand as well. Then reads another word. Potatoes. Miyu felt cringe. First was the cabbage, and now the potatoes. What could the last hidden word mean? Ox Hooves. Miyu was done. The words were all about food. More than that, it was just an old grocery list. Miyu felt annoyed than ever, but did not show it. She kept it in so she would not ruin someone else's mood today.

She took the book and placed the runic page inside. And a note saying: I was happy to help. I translated the page for you. From, Miyu Kazuyo. Closing the book, she opened the library door to finally leave. Just in time when Luciel, and another person named Merlin was outside. Luciel took the book and the page inside, and finally reading it. But unlike Miyu, Luciel was actually very curious, and did not find the old grocery list useless. By that, Miyu got her reward and can finally leave.

Word Count: 1071/1000

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