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Orchida Welcoming Committee (Request|Miyu)

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#1Atlas Prime 

Orchida Welcoming Committee (Request|Miyu) Empty Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:36 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was super excited today. Today was the day he would do his first request with Miyu. He knew that they both should start helping out around the guild and since she still didn't seem used to a lot of people it would make sense that it might only be them two doing it. Atlas knew he would meet her out front of the guild when they were both ready. He believed they mentioned going there at about noon. Atlas looked at the time and noticed he had about and hour before they would meet. He hoped it wouldn't be to late to start the request but he thought he noticed the one they were doing saying to meet at 1 pm. Atlas knew he had quite a bit of time, but he was still pretty excited that he found himself ready to go even though he had a bunch of time. He knew they would be starting off small on the requests to help Miyu get used to them and hopefully help to get her stronger over time. Atlas was quite a bit stronger then her right now, but he hoped to help her with that. Atlas found some stuff to do before noticing the time that was 10 minutes until they were supposed to meet. It would not take Atlas long to get to to the guild so he would take off and wait for Miyu out front of the guild hall.

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#2Miyu Kento 

Orchida Welcoming Committee (Request|Miyu) Empty Wed Jan 04, 2017 5:29 pm

Miyu Kento
Grow up it a place where Mannerism and Aristicat Skills where a Tatic of survival she also arrived earlier then the agreed time. She tilted her head looking at him giving him that same doll like expression before questioning him. "Why are you here earlier then me? Did I misunderstand the appoitment?" Feeling all flusterted as usual she tried to backtrack time of past events and conversations with him to calm her conciousness down that she was not loosing her important traits of being a Lady.
She wore another Kimono that was revealing her legs in the front while it still keeps that princes like train. Her Long hair was in a Fancy updo and she wore small healed boots making it comfortable to walk while she can keep her elegance in her Attire.
She herself was more nervous than excited. After all it was her first mission. She figideted with her fingers before really leaving the Guild. Many thoughts asside in her Head. Would it be difficult, will she make a fool out of herself and the Guild. Is there a Punishment awaiting her if it is not forfilled. Her eyes filled with dread has her Minds imagines the Worst Case Scenarios. She tried to shrug it off and self talk to herself that everything would go as planned.

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#3Atlas Prime 

Orchida Welcoming Committee (Request|Miyu) Empty Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:09 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad when Miyu showed up soon after he did. She did seem confused though asking why he was their earlier than her and if they got the times mixed up. Atlas was a little confused about this but still responded. "I just wanted to make sure everything went well today, so I made sure I got here on time so not to worry you," Atlas said hopefully calming her down a little. "Well it seems like for now we can head to the entrance of the city. That's where we are meeting our client," Atlas said reminding Miyu just incase she wasn't sure and also going over what they needed to do. "Well you ready?" he asked her making sure she was before heading to the city entrance.

While they walked there Atlas noticed how nice it was out today. "Man, good thing the weather is good today, heard we will be outside on this one. Would of stunk if it was cold or raining," he said to her while they walked. They would soon then reach the entrance to the city where a man with black hair would approach them. "Are you two the ones that will be helping me today?" he asked handing Atlas and Miyu a stack of flier. "Just try to hand these out to the people as they come by," he said. Atlas was about to ask him a question when it seems the mans attention was grab. A lady came by and seemed to have wanted some help. "Well it looks like I'll be right back. It shouldn't be to hard for you guys to get done, so just hang in there," he said leaving them to fend for themselves on the request of handing the flyers out to people entering the town. "Well it shouldn't be to hard to do this, so lets get it done," he said smiling towards Miyu.

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#4Miyu Kento 

Orchida Welcoming Committee (Request|Miyu) Empty Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:53 am

Miyu Kento
His words put her to ease as he informed her that she was still on time. She nodded while he metioned meeting the Client. Under the Sleeve of her Kimono was a small bag where she placed to the job notice in to reinform herself about the upcoming task and be well prepared what is instore for them today.
Insecure and nervous as she was she streched her hand to atlas having a firm grip on his shirt slightly extending the Fabric. She stood close to his side but still was distant enough to give the young Mage himself so space. Her Face looked flushed as her doll like complection gave off a more flustered facial expression. Her Fingertips felt cold like a corpse though her face felt asi f it was burning up.
It took them a couple of minutes before getting to the store. It was there where the man suppositly the store owner greting them. She kept her distant a littlebit hiding behind Atlas. As a welcoming hello from her side she gave him a polite courtsey. By his quetioned she just answered him with a nod. As The stacks were passed out she heard to the Store owners instructions. Looking to the Stacks of Flyers she looked up to Atlas. His smile put her more to ease as the flusterted scared facial expression slowly swifts to a determined look. Of course it woudln't be Hard passing out the flyers to the people. Her Face turned left and ride looking at both sides of the Street. It was still empty and not alot of people where outside but it to its surprise it was just noon. Miyu crossed over her Limits distanting herself from Atlas while passing over to the other side of the street. At this pace the Flyers would be passed widely because both sides of the big street would pass out the same amounth of flyers making it easier to spread out the information of this shop.
It wasn't hard for Miyu at all to spark up a crowd of men. With her innocent beautiful looks , her grace and elegance she would be quite popular under the men here. Without questioning they took the flyers but gave a different problem trying to ask her out on a date or when she would have free time. Feeling uneasy and nervous she looked over to Atlas#s direction. She looked like a small fawn trapped in theclutches of a pack of wolves. She herself was was again stuck in the role as a damsel in distress hoping for Atlas to come to her rescue.

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#5Atlas Prime 

Orchida Welcoming Committee (Request|Miyu) Empty Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:54 pm

Atlas Prime
As they walked towards the place Atlas felt a slight tug on his shirt but it seemed it was Miyu trying to stick closer together to him to not get lost. Atlas would hope that she would try to come out of her shell a little more with this request. Atlas didn't know he super well but knew that she was a shy person at times and clung to those that she knew, which for he knew was mainly him. He didn't have a problem with it though. When they got to where the gate was it seemed Miyu hid herself behind him from the man there but she seemed to process the information well. When they started and Dacol walked away from them to show someone around Miyu seemed to resolve herself to try and help out away from Atlas hoping to get more people. Atlas was glad she was trying to be stronger for herself. He smiled at her and handed out some more fliers. They didn't see many people but Atlas noticed something he knew he needed to fix. A small crowd of guys seemed to be surrounding Miyu and Atlas knew she might not handle that well. He moved his way through the streets to where she was. "Hey Miyu, are you okay," he asked her. The guys would turn around and look at him. "Why don't you guys please leave her alone. Were trying to help somebody out and shes kind of nervous as is, you really are not helping," Atlas said trying his best to solve the problem nicely. It seemed most of the guys took the hint that they should leave and when some left all the others followed. "Well you sure are popular. Are you going to be okay over here now or want to go back over there with me?" he asked her. When Atlas looked back he saw Dacol back from showing someone around. If Miyu decided to stay there he would walk back and talk to Dacol by himself and make sure to keep an eye on her. If she went with he would make sure they both got across the street safely and talk to Dacol then. Really before he could even talk to him though Dacol would find another person who needed help and he would start to show them around. Atlas gave a smile to Miyu from that and continued to hand out fliers. Dacol came back and forth several other times before informing then that it was enough and he thanked them for there efforts on helping him out. "It was no problem, its what we are here for," Atlas said. He would talk to Miyu or approach her and talk to her if she was away from him. "Well, looks like we are good to go. Good job on your first request," he said to her. "I guess I can reward you with something sweet this time," he said, hoping it would make her happy while walking towards a sweet shop for her.

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#6Miyu Kento 

Orchida Welcoming Committee (Request|Miyu) Empty Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:41 pm

Miyu Kento
She felt extremely overwhelmed from the crowd. They were completely a nuisance to her and a hinderance of her job. As the feeling of dread was possesing her conciousness she saw her ray of hope in the distance now soon at her side. As always Atlas did tend to rescure her out of sticky situations more to see it as if he was a knight of shining amour or that protective older silbling. She jumped close to him as he asked her if she was ok. The Flower maiden burried her Face like a child into his Shirt hiding behind him.

The Guys were displeased by her reaction and gave her the distance she needed. They had numerous assumptions of him being her brother or of them being a couple. The Crowd slowly decreased slowly while the slightly whispered conversations gotten even quieter of them taking off slowly in the distance. Miyu could slowly distance herself from him allowing herself to take a big sigh of relief. She did assume the worst. Of course it wasn#t the first time such an aqquarance had happened. She depend though on certain spells to catch there attention to flee but for the responsibilty in her hand there wasn't really a place to run off to though for this current situation at least. Miyu was more than pleased to have him here on her side. His little joke on the side brought her to relax alittle more but gave him that guilty puppy I look. "I do apologize for such nuisances." He also gave her the Option to stay in the distance of go back to his sport and carry on the job there. It would be quite obvious what her answered would be which though switched. She stayed there while giving him that strong determined look in her eye. "I want to stay here and try again. I don#t wish to be a burden to you...." He set of ack to the Store owner to strike up the small conversation. Of what she did not know she was focused back to her task handing out the Flyers. She looked over to Atlas which gave her that relaxing protective smile. She shown him of course her full radiation of joy and innocence while returning that smile.

The Day was slowly taking there end and she swiftly headed back to Atlas side again having a firm grip on the fabric ot the shirt slightly streching it. It comforted her this closeness and she did not want this to part. Darol gave his thanks and his farewell to her and Atlas which she of course politly returned. Atlas and her were alone as he himself comforted her with praise. She felt flustered to it but did not blush. By the word though of her reward her eyes start to sparkle like a child taking of first. That did not make her just happy it really mad her day even more furfilling.

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