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Free Time [Open]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Free Time [Open] Empty Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:16 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin took his time getting ready in his last days in the Holy city To think am just a few days away from getting back to the guild and everyone. he thought as he put on his belt and walked out the Inn and made his way to the one place that he has yet to go to the stadium. While he watched some of the matches he found himself getting really bored "Man this fight is really lacking flare and Drame like in my comics." he said as he walked out the stadium. Shin walked down the main streets of Crocus he made notes of places that he needs to come back and visit when he gets the chance I gotta get a match in the stadium next time, he thought as he looked ack at it.

#2Arinna Wattson 

Free Time [Open] Empty Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:52 pm

Arinna Wattson
Arinna had yet again found herself in the busy main streets of Crocus. A hot cup of coffee nestled in between her two palms, steam rising from the cup, as she alternated taking deep breathes of the aromatic steam, and sipping it's bitterness. Her hands trembled some, though not as much as they normally did... That would likely change with the introduction of this particular cup of coffee, and its glorious caffeination.

Whatever spell her time in Crocus had put her under, it somehow made it impossible for the young woman to navigate the city efficiently. Despite the large landmarks that helped her find her way around, Ari found herself constantly backtracking. One such landmark was the large Colosseum, that shadowed over the other buildings along the horizon-- one in which Ari shouldn't be seeing right now, as she walked down the street. Grey eyes fluttered from building to building, face to face, unsure of where she went wrong.  

Deciding quickly, the woman made a decision to turn herself around, and head back in the opposite direction. The shift of momentum happened too quickly, as her slender frame accidentally collided into a burly man, causing Ari to become painted with her hot coffee, but to be strewn across the ground. She winced at both injuries, as well as the burly man's booming deep voice, that quickly hurled jagged insults from a loose tongue, towards the woman, as he pulled her to her feet by the collar of her hoodie.

Perhaps it was the expressionless gaze that she stared at the man with, or the fact that she refused to respond to someone acting so childlike, but the man, who had a good 5 inches and 100 pounds on the girl, became more enraged, his face turning red, as he shook the poor girl in front of him, grasping tighter at the neck of her jacket. It wasn't until his face was only a few inches from her own, that the girl finally spoke. "It was an accident, and completely unintentional." her words fell upon deaf ears, though, as the man's screaming persisted.

Grey eyes scanned the faces nearby, hoping that her clumsiness had drawn too much of a crowd, but if it did, seeking refuge in some stranger's glance that it wasn't in fact completely her fault.

#3Sylvester Hercules 

Free Time [Open] Empty Sat Dec 31, 2016 2:43 pm

Sylvester Hercules
Sylvester had just finished doing some work, and was taking some time to relax. He was heading to the Crocus Gardens, his premier destination for R&R (aside from his hotel room, of course.) The days in Crocus had been a bit tough, but he was making some good money. Most of his work came from the same employer, but that didn't trouble him; at least he was accomplishing what he originally set out to do- that was to get some cash.

As he walked through crowds of people lining the streets, he passed by the grand Colosseum, where citizens gathered to watch wizards duel with each other. Sylvester had never found the time to visit the area himself. As he passed it by, he was alerted to a harsh noise; above the general chatter, he heard a man shouting vulgarities at someone. He followed the sound to get a better glimpse of the situation at hand.

The person who was shouting was a very large, burly man. He held a smaller, skinnier girl by the collar and was hurling insults her way. This girl had green hair and was wearing a familiar-looking hoodie. Nearby, on the ground, was an empty cup; trailing from it was a brown liquid (Syl assumed it was coffee.) If his assumption was correct, this was likely his friend Ari from Fairy Tail; he hadn't seen her around since they had met in the Crocus Gardens a few nights ago.

Hey... Ari, is that you? What did you do?

If she didn't hear him, he would move slightly closer, within proximity of the man. He didn't want to cause any more of a commotion than was already going on. He decided he would speak to this man (although he was also much taller and beefier than Sylvester was.) With a lump in his throat, he formed words.

Excuse me, sir... those are some pretty rude words. I'm sure this girl didn't do anything that would warrant this aggression. Would you mind letting her go?

#4Shin Sekai 

Free Time [Open] Empty Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:19 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin made his way through the sea of people that seemed to be rushing somewhere as if a famus mage was in town or something, He stopped and looked around to see if any shops had something good for sale when he noticed a donut shop "Yes I would like two...thank you" he walked out and saw that even more people were gathering so he packed his snack he headed back to inn. I guess if everyone is going it must be interesting he thought as he turned around and followed them until he saw the what they were gathering about. He saw a fair large man that towered over Shin talking to a women with two other people around her protecting her "Hey what seems to be the problem here?" he asked getting into the middle of an every heated argument which made the man even more pissed "Are you okay ma'ma he didn't hurt you right?" he asked her as "Excuse me ummm Green hair what was going n before I got here?" he added as he heard the man yell some rather vulgar words.

I really should have just left this alone but I guess it something that can't be helped. Shin thought to himself as he rolled up his sleeves showing his guild mark "I really rather not deal with this on my time off." he said as trying to make it seem like he's a tough guy.

#5Arinna Wattson 

Free Time [Open] Empty Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:18 pm

Arinna Wattson
A familiar voice rang to Ari's ears, clear even through the obnoxious prattle of the man that the large burly man's insufferable rampage. Grey orbs scanned the crowd for the voice's owner: Sylvester Hercules-- who was nearing her proximity. She let her shoulders shrug up and fall back down to her side-- mostly because she hadn't the desire to explain. Still he neared closer to her and the man, attempting to coax him away from her.

Ari's grey eyes blinked at the man holding her captive again, this time, placing her own hand atop his on her collar. "It really was a mis--" She started, before aptly being cut off by a redheaded young man, charging into a situation that should have already reached its climax. He was well intentioned, as he attempted to guarantee her safety, his presence did little to help the situation, and so, she ignored the comment, for now. Instead, her gaze fluttered to the three men that now surrounded her: Sylvester, the newly introduced red haired man, and the burly guy, whose screaming reached new heights after the red head attempted to intimidate him.

She sighed, attempting yet again to speak, over the man's intimidating yell. "Sir, if you would..."

"What kind of whore are you, getting these two to fight your battles"

These words, for whatever reason stung enough to cause the woman, who was otherwise, taking the barrage of insults without strong regard, to act. "Listen buddy..." she hissed, allowing her nails to dig into the skin of the man's hand as it clutched against her hoodie. "If you actually want to do something more than puff air from your lungs into the sky... Then do it. Otherwise, you're just wasting your breath and my time."

Her voice became quiet, as she continued, so that only the three men closest to her could hear. "After all, if I make a claim that you physically and emotionally assaulted a poor teenage girl on the street... and I have two Fairy Tail mages as witnesses...." her voice cracked and wavered. It was feigned emotion that held no visual prowess, but was emotionally jarring to the ear. As quickly as the words had transformed, they transitioned back to their normal sweet demeanor, "Besides, with a crowd this large, and the awful words you've been spewing, I doubt anyone would question it."

Soon the sausage-like fingers loosened their grip and the red-faced man pushed his way away, through the crowd, that quickly started dispersing. Grey orbs found themselves reflected in twin pools of emerald. "I had it under control..." she stated plainly. "But thank you for the backup anyways." she stated, a genuine appreciativeness drenching her voice.

Her attention drifted towards the red haired man exclusively. "Did you really think flashing your guildmark would scare that guy off? I mean... us faries are known for our rowdiness, but we're not particularly intimidating..." the tone had an inkling of scolding, as it paired with the clicking of her tongue against the roof of her mouth.

She sighed, as she looked down at her coffee drenched clothes, the heat that raidiated off of her skin beneath them from the burn of the hot liquid. "I'm going to need another cup of coffee...."

#6Sylvester Hercules 

Free Time [Open] Empty Sun Jan 15, 2017 8:03 pm

Sylvester Hercules
"I had it under control... But thank you for the backup anyways."

Sylvester smiled at Ari, whose voice held an appreciative tone. He replied to her in a friendly tone.

No problem. Anything for a friend.

Then, he turned to face the guy who had rolled up his sleeve. He seemed to be trying to assert himself as a tough, no-nonsense kind of guy. Sylvester hadn't seen him around the guild very much, and so he wasn't too familiar with his presence. As he listened to Ari scold him, he nodded, waiting for her to finish before chiming in:

If anything, we should be viewed as the opposite of intimidating... we're in service to the community.

He decided to punctuate his words with a little jest, as well.

And besides... there was quite a size difference between the two of you. I'm not sure if rolling up your sleeves made you seem that imposing, anyhow.

He stuck his tongue out at the other Fairy Tail male, before giggling somewhat childishly, and turning to exit.

If all is fine, I guess that's my cue to go. Toodles.

Before leaving, he heard Ari made a remark about needing another coffee. He dug around in his pocket for a small amount of jewels, and gave them to his female friend.

Hopefully this is enough to get you a little more joe.

With that, he turned and left.


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