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Traveling [Crocus - Orchidia]

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Traveling [Crocus - Orchidia] Empty Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:27 pm

Yawning softly as she laid in some random hotel room. She was laying down on her side, staring out of the window. The sun was blazing through the window although it was covered partially by snow. Her golden brown eyes would see that the snow was slowly melting. Her soft luscious glossed lips departed as she yawned once more. Slowly she would curl up and wonder on where to go. Truly she hasn't gotten any input on anywhere while she was here. Perhaps she'd just go to the next area in which was in her book.

She would roll to the left as she would reach out for the book made from ancient skin. Her fingers could feel the soothing feel of whatever skin it was from. Simply it would open as she flipped through the pages. Her eyes looked at every key word to see some random area and there it showed Orchidia. What was there? Was it new compared to what she was use to? She wasn't so sure, but if the book said so then she should go there. She would make a small smile, closed the book and threw the book into her bag that was opened. ''I should go then...'' she spoke to herself coldly and looked at the door.

Slowly she would roll off the bed and got on her feet. She felt alone, she felt like she had to go though as maybe she'll find her destiny or fate else where. Softly she would sigh as she'd grab her bags and leave. As her feet walked out she would feel as if she was far away from where she first was. Her mind went completely off as she would non-stop moving towards her destination. Finally as the time went on by, she would be at Orchidia...an unknown place to her that was in her book.


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