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Another Trip, Another Try.(Travel to Orchdia)

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Another Trip, Another Try.(Travel to Orchdia) Empty Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:28 am

It was time to move on, more places meant more thing to do. he enjoyed his time with Areissa and the conversation that followed even if it wasn't long it was a good conversation. He at least met some one new and talked to some one for a short amount of time. Even if Waylon did not mention a lot.

Even if it was a conversation of minds, light and darkness, good and evil in mind sets. It was all about thoughts and how people thought of everything. Waylon was different he knew he was different in most ways.

This trip Waylon was more prepared this time. He had spent a night time alone but found an inn to rest after he had that evening with Areissa.

He had found a place to rest and prepared for his next trip he knew he was going to be longer simply because he did not know when he would stop next but he was ready this time for the trip, So he got ready to do so.

Before he left for his next trip, He stopped at a few stores, to at least pack up a few things before he left.

He had enough for a few fires, cooking some food and a sleeping bag. With how Waylon was, he at least took time to write a letter to his mother and or father whomever would end up reading it.  It was a very simple letter.

A letter about how he was doing and was safe that he was continuing his travels safety, He knows he doesn't often get replies because he was not in one spot but. He at least knew his mother would be happy to hear he was safe. His mother was worried about all of her kids, his brother and sister disappearing did not help the situation.



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