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All In A Days Work [Salem]

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All In A Days Work [Salem] Empty Fri Dec 09, 2016 7:22 pm

Having been in the town of Orchidia for a few days Salem felt that it was best he do a quest or two so that he made a little extra money. Since being a Paige for the Magic Council did not pay as much as one would hope. Even though Salem was lucky to not only have a small inheritance from his deceased parents, but also the allowance from his adoptive father Oda. Regardless though Salem still needed to work for his own money which is why he mustered up his dislike of meeting new people to do the job that was at hand. As this Quest was to require of him to shadow a detective of some sort around the town of Orchidia for the day. So Salem was completely blind as to what was to become of today, but he could only hope that it would at lest be somewhat interesting as he was trying to use his free time to enjoy his first visit to the town of Orchidia.

Once completely preparing himself for the day at hand, Salem would proceed to make his way to the meeting point where he was suppose to meet the holder of this quest. A small coffee shop located on the streets of Orchidia. Something Salem kind of found a little cliché as a detective chilling in a coffee shop just seemed like a scene out of a move to Salem. Locating the shop Salem would enter spotting the man that he was here to meet almost instantly due to him kind of standing out. Having that almost detective look about him, that just screamed weird to Salem honestly. Salem would proceed to approach the man who was sitting at a table sipping away on what seem to be a very hot cup of coffee.

Greeting the man Salem would try to keep it simple and to the point. “I am Salem Pendragon the one who responded to the quest you posted about shadowing you today.” Finishing his statement Salem would proceed to stand looking down at the man who he could tell was pretty tall possibly even taller then the giant that was Salem Pendragon. He himself stood around six feet and four inches making him tower over most people. But this detective seemed to stand even taller then Salem himself. Once the man Salem would come to dub Detective Dex whose real name would be Dex Miller. Finished his inspection of Salem as he first did not feel Salem was the actual taker of his Quest due to some weird feelings or what not.

The two would proceed to chill at the shop as Detective Dex finished drinking his coffee and discussed a few things with Salem, that where of no utter importance honestly. Upon finishing his coffee Detective Dex would instruct Salem to follow him as the two would proceed to run around town cross examining random pedestrians about what Salem could only come to assume was some random Murder case that the Detective may of possibly made up himself. The two would even go daring links to get the smallest of clues, but Salem figured that it be best if he just went along with the Detective, as he was only getting paid to be a shadow, not a voice of reason. So Salem would proceed to follow Detective Dex with all of his crazy plans.

The Detective would be so crazy that he would even take the time to scrub a bathroom down completely looking for evidence. Something that Salem was completely against but still went along with it trying to be a good detective assistant. Not trying to burst the bubble of this what seemed to be a move like reenactment or some sort. Not a hundred percent sure Salem would just proceed to along with everything that Dex threw at him. Even helping him with some of the strange questions that he would proceed to ask some of his what seemed to be his make believe suspects. All in all Salem was kind of found of what was going on with the quest with Detective Dex. As not only was it some completely utterly hilarious, it also allowed for him to see the streets of Orchida as the two wandered around during whatever came next in their case.

To the point that the two would even come to take a slight lunch break at a hotdog stand that Salem had found when he first came to Orchidia. They had wonderful hotdogs and he figured that it best he got something to eat not knowing how much longer this crazy journey with Detective Dex was going to go. While eating the two would even got to have a brief discussion. “Well Salem you have become a very good detective Assistant today, and I assure you that we will solve this murder before the day is up. As we are hot on the trail of the suspect and I assure you we will get them if my name aint Dex Miller the best detective in the land”. This bringing a little chuckle to the likes of Salem as he was honestly finding Detective X hysterical, and a great comic relief.

Soon the day would come to and end for Salem and Detective Dex, with Dex paying Salem his reward for shadowing him for the day before proceeding on about his life Salem could only hope to assume. As he was not sure if this was all an act of some sort or if Detective Dex really believed everything that had just happened today on their little quest. All in in all Salem figured it was a nice way for him to go about seeing the town of Orchidia on this fine day. As it was vastly different then his home the capital town Crocus. But luckily Salem was getting a chance to go about seeing the town and now he even had some more jewels to go and check out a few of the magic shops that he had spotted while running all around the town with Detective Dex.


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