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Translate The Note (Raphael, Areissa)

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"Good morning! Time for another productive day of missions, yeah Areissa?"

Raphael greeted Areissa in front of the library, ready to get a start on the mission they had ahead of them. It seemed pretty straight-forward, just a matter of translating some sort of note for a woman named Luciel. He was pretty excited to get to work today, he had spent some time the previous day recovering, his day had been busy; after all, he had fought with one of the members of the Cabal. Fienna had been a pretty tough opponent, and the cuts from her sword still ached. Thus, he was happy that today's mission was pretty simple; translating a note didn't involve much physical effort. Most of his wounds weren't apparent, but there were some wrappings spread about on his face in order to help cover up some of the cuts. It was a tad excessive, but it made him seem a lot more impressive. He did his best not to draw attention to it, because he knew he didn't have to. After whatever conversation the two had, they would then enter the library, and get to work.


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Yawning softly she would walk towards the library. She was to meet up with Raphael to translate some note. She wondered herself honestly on what the note may be about. Could it be some prophecy? A legend upon reality that could change something, oh wait...that's the same thing almost. Her eyes of multi-colored looked upon the note as she walked slowly forward. She was soon to run into him as he seemed to already be there. Something was different about him though. What was it? Her eyes looked from toe to head as she started from the bottom unlike most people.

Areissa would get to his face as there were some wrappings. After she walked to where they were face to face (four feet away), she'd put her hand on his cheek, caressing the area. ''What happened here, Raphael? Get into a fight?'' she asked somewhat worried, but softly as always. She had a small smile as he seemed to be the type to get into some heroic fight or at least a fight to prove someone wrong. She would stand up and walk into the library with him and looked around. The area was rather big, but so was Crocus..everything about it.''Well, I guess we should get looking.'' she'd speak and then giggle as she then wandered off to find clues.


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"A fight? I guess you could call it that..."

Raphael put a hand in front of his face, brushing his hair backwards dramatically. Being vague about this sort of thing was the best strategy for creating interest with the least amount of words. Refusing to elaborate further, he walked into the large library of Crocus with Areissa, ready to work to translate the note. He figured it wasn't going to be too hard, he had his fair share of translating things, and the fact there would probably be some sort of dictionary to take advantage of, this would be a piece of cake.

However, when he took in the sheer amount of books that flooded the building, Raphael realized that this was going to be harder than he thought. Even consulting with a librarian would take forever. Areissa said some words about getting right to searching. Raphael nodded his head, and began to walk immediately to where the librarian might be. It didn't take long to find the librarian's desk, it was located in a pretty central area of the library. Around it was a line of about five people, who seemed to be waiting for some assistance. Raphael joined the line, waiting patiently for his chance to speak to the librarian. It took quite a while, but after about 10 minutes of waiting, the people in front of him were able to find the information they needed. When Raphael finally got up to the front, he wasted no time in asking his question.

"Hello; any books on Valan Runes? Any dictionaries? I need to translate a bit of text."


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Her eyes watched Raphael as he would go in some line to talk to the librarian. She didn't want to waste time however as she already knew about books. Areissa knew how to look up things and even knew where to locate such book. The real question was rather they had it or not. She never heard such a thing as she remembered what the client of theirs said. Her hair would swift left and right as she walked up the stairs in her black heels as she was wearing long thigh socks. Today she was wearing half-pants and a jean jacket over some pink shirt.

Each step would make a click-clack sound as she would walk around for about five minutes. She mumbled to herself in some words that not even she understood as they were mumble-jumble things. She saw the sign that had literature and books of history. She kind of guessed that maybe it'd be in some old time language or something bizarre if anything. Soon she would find a runic book. ''Mmm? Could it be?'' she wondered as she had the paper of the words in her hand. With her other hand she grabbed the book and walked towards Raphael. As soon as she got there he would be in front of the woman and stood beside him. Slowly she turned 90 degrees towards him as she would sweetly smile. ''I...I think I found the book.~'' she spoke softly and harmonic. So was finally hoping that she had helped as she felt pretty useless in the past quests.


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"Well, I don't remember exactly where our book on Valan runes is, I can remember what it looked like. But where could it be..."

As Raphael spoke with the librarian, it seemed as though Areissa was off doing her own thing in searching for the book. He didn't pay her much mind, and continued his chat with the librarian about Valan runes, and what books would have it. However, when Areissa called out to him, waving a book around, he turned to face her, seeing what the commotion was. There was no way that she could have found the book so quickly... Yet, as the librarian looked at Areissa, her eyes lit up.

"Ah yes, that is the one! You have a good eye!"

Raphael was astonished at how quickly the book had been found, but he figured that it was a lot more convenient this well. He gave a smile and a thumbs up to Areissa, stepping away from the librarian's desk.

"Nice work! Now, let's get to translating that note!"

He walked over to the nearest table and plopped himself down in a chair, resting his hands on the arms. He waited for Areissa, ready to get to work cracking the code. He guessed it wouldn't take too long, probably just 20 minutes or so. With the whole dictionary at their disposal this was going to be child's play.


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She would wait for Raphael to respond to the fat that she finally did something. Areissa felt somewhat accomplished at the fact that she did something even if it was simple. Her eyes looked at him, looking at his rather bright smile. It warmed her up every time he smiled. She would follow him to whatever table he decided to sit at and sat next to him. Slowly she would set down the book and opened it in the middle, between them. Her eyes would look at it, put down the note by the book so they could both see it.

Her right elbow would rest on the table, cheek against her hand as she look at him and then back at the book. ''So what do you think it is?'' she questioned him as they would most likely start flipping through the pages. She could feel the warmness of his soul, his aura. The felt so safe and something else. She wasn't quite sure what this something else was, it was quite strange to her.


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This feeling felt so nice, but she knew that it wouldn't last forever...Nothing ever does, does it? Her eyes looked through the book, her hands would flip through the pages as she never missed a word. What did this really mean? It could mean anything and honestly curiosity drove her mad. Her eyes would look at the words, the book and then cornered her eyes to look at Raphael. He was really cute, he was nice and always pumped up to do stuff. It made her smile on how he seemed so optimistic. No matter how pessimistic she felt about life, about herself...it would make her smile and filled with hope when it came to him. Every moment with him made her want to keep going. It was silly sure since they only knew each other for so long, but it felt like fate maybe...

Her eyes would look back at the book and saw the words that matched the language. ''Huh?'' she wondered and giggled. She would lean back against her chair and turned towards Raphael. She'd flip through the pages as if she was really into this and then her head dropped. ''Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves...'' she mumbled cutely and pout-like. It was really weird that this was some food list. Could be it for a spell perhaps? Sadly it wasn't that exciting as it really was a grocery list. Her body lifted up as she turned towards Raphael and sighed. ''It's a Grocery list...'' she spoke softly and made a smile, giggling sweetly. ''So I guess we just leave what we found out at the desk.'' she would then say and pressed her hands against the table to get up. She would slowly get out of the chair and wait for Raphael. After that she would grab the book, the note and walked to the desk quietly. ''It's kinda funny that it was all for food.'' she would say to make conversation. She wasn't really huge on the quietness even if this was a library, not between them...As they went to the desk to drop off what they found they would then leave the library to do whatever for the rest of the day.



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Raphael, once Areissa had sat herself down next to him, began to flip through the book, comparing the words on the page with the words in the dictionary. As the time went on, the two seemed to be making quick work out of the note. This job was much easier than all the others, it was just sitting down and reading something; practically! However, as they red on, it seemed as though this ancient manuscript wasn't making too much sense. In fact, it seemed like this piece of paper wasn't some long lost research document, or a tale of old about a hero who had never been heard of before: no, this was something much more mundane, and in a sense, much more ridiculous. As the ancient language began to fall into place, Raphael wondered if this mission was actually just supposed to be some trick pulled on them by the witch who had hired them.

''Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves..."

Areissa read the words out loud, though Raphael had already read them. Hearing them verbally made this whole quest seem even more absurd to him. They had been sent on a quest to translate an ancient grocery list! What sort of thing was this? Could he really accept payment for this sort of service? He couldn't help but start chuckling, especially when Areissa stated as much. He rose up from his chair (perhaps a little too quickly, he was still sore) and began to make his way to the door of the library.

"Well, I guess it was just a grocery list. Easiest mission we've done so far! Let's head on back to the witch, and let's collect some jewels for our labor; with all the hard work we've put in, surely we've earned it, yeah?"

And so they did, exiting the library together, meeting the witch, and collecting their individual prizes.



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