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Train With Me [Salem]

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Salem wasn’t really to found of being sent to North Fiore even though Orchida was the lower part of North Fiore and was not as harsh to the ways of magic as its upper parts. But this still caused an uneasy feeling into the stomach of Salem as he proceeded to the town to commence on some Paige duties as well as get in a little free time away from the capital. And the only good part of the trip was that Orchidia hosted a guild meaning that it could not all be against Magic so Salem was sure that he had a chance of running into some magic shops of sorts. This being a big goal of his as he had already been in all of the magic shops in the capital and needed to find some new things to add to his collection and a knew town that could possibly hold several different magic shops could be a big help to Salem.

But Salem figured it would be a nice chance for him to look around and see the land of the town, as it was a place that he had never been and he was sure that it could possibly hold some great wonders. This being a reason that Salem had decided that he was going to check out the forest of Orchidia. A forest that was sad to resemble a jungle both two things Salem never had a chance to really witness before to this extent spending most of his time as a child either at boarding school, or at the capital around the castle. Additionally Salem also tended to have himself locked into a book about magic of some sort in his goals to learn everything about magic that was possible. Thus rendering his shot at really have any interaction with nature not that high. Which is why now he figured that it be best for him to live a little and gain a knew experience by venturing into the outskirts of this Orchida forest of a jungle as you could call it.

Entering the Forest Salem could come to see why it was compared to that of a jungle, though he had never really seen either of the two. He had been told about them as well as seen pictures and read off them in stories. But now none of that mattered as he was not getting to see it for his own eye sight. And it was something that Salem could come to call beautiful. In a sense as it was something that was remarkable and possibly hard to completely describe in words at least words to the knowledge of Salem. But he would continue to glance at the vast beauty of what he saw of the forest that he had now took stance in.

His gaze would soon come to be interrupted as a figure would start to make way towards Salem at a gradual speed with great precision as well as showing that Salem’s point of ground was the complete destination of this figure. A figure that Salem would come to know as Seheda Linas. Who would proceed to introduce and explain her situation as to what was going on with her. Leading to the conclusion that she wanted to train with Salem in the forest. Him being a Rune Knight Paige also added to the girls excitement of finding a new training partner. As she felt that Salem could show some of the training procedures that he had to undergo as test to the Magic council. The two would proceed to dash threw the forest and go about avoiding various obstacles.

During this time Salem would come to learn much about the strange girl Seheda Linas, as she would proceed to tell him all about how she was a mercenary and that it meant nothing more then the world to her. Sadly though she had failed her test for the combat academy for the last three times. Something that touched the heart of Salem a little as he could see how dedicated she was about this from the tone of her voice as she poured out everything it was to her dreams. All the while the two of them would be proceeding to still be running along the strange obstacle coarse of a forest. Almost to the point of exhaustion the two would proceed threw it. Salem had come to even become fond of this form of training. It not being something that he normally did for training.

Salem even come to consider putting this on his future training plans, seeing how it could become useful in some ways especially with what was to come with the possible soon to near Apprentice test of the Rune Knights Salem was hoping to have a chance at passing in very near future. As he completely hoped to swiftly move up in the ranks of the Rune Knights to make his adoptive and deceased father proud of him. Plus the higher up in the Magic Council Salem could get the better it was for the knowledge of magic Salem could have at his fingertips. This being the main goal of Salem as he had big plans for himself and the Magic Council was key to it. This being the other reason that he was now a member of the Magic Council Rune Knights. This being his goal just as Seheda had a goal of being a mercenary.

Soon Seheda would come victim to a log, as she would come to fail to notice it in her path causing her to trip over it and roll into a tree. Causing for Salem to come to a halt and needing for him to go and check on Seheda. Luck would have it should would come to be ok just having sprained her ankle slightly as well as bumping her head. The two would then proceed to joke about her face plant before Seheda ended the training session sending Salem on his way.

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