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Welcoming Committee[Luna]

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#1Luna Nightshade 

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Luna Nightshade
Luna rose from bed bright and early, just after the sun had risen in the sky. As she climbed out of her warm and soft bed, she felt a bit of a chill in the air of her apartment. So, she immediately headed to her bathroom for a nice hot shower.

After getting out of the shower, she dried her hair and got dressed. Wearing a pale blue sweater, beige knee length skirt with thick black stockings and a pair of black loafers.

Now that Luna was ready, she grabbed her purse and headed out, locking the door behind her. The morning air was rather chilly. Even with her sweater and stockings she felt a tad bit cold.

Luna eventually reached the front gates of town, to see her client, Dacol waiting for her to arrive. She quickly ran up to him, to introduce herself.

"Hello Dacol, I'm Luna Nightshade from Lamia Scale, here to help you." Dacol smiled at Luna when she introduced herself.

"Fantastic! Pleasure to meet you Miss Luna, I'm Dacol Lubex, I expect great things from you!" Luna smiled back. "I'll make sure I don't let you down!" She said smiling confidently. After their exchange of words, Dacol handed Luna the stack of flyers to hand out and they got to work.

It didn't take long for the first traveler to show up. Dacol went right up to them, welcomed them to town and then offered to show them around, in which they accepted. "Alright Miss Luna, I'm counting on you while I show this man around our town, I should be back in a little while. Pass out as many of those flyers as you can until I return. Good luck!" Luna nodded then Dacol left with the visitor.

Soon after the two took off, another visitor showed up and Luna got to work. She calmly approached the visitor and attempted to hand them a flyer. "Hi, welcome to Orchidia, please take this flyer, it includes a map of our town along with a list of places to see and places to avoid." The person took the flyer, thanked Luna then went on there way.

Luna was glad they took the flyer. It made this job easier. The next visitor to come into view was a young man, he looked to be around Luna's age. Just like with the first traveler, she approached him calmly and tried to give him a flyer, with the same thing she told the first person. Only difference was this guy seemed annoyed by Luna trying to give him a flyer, but, in the end he took it and walked away without a word of thanks. This irked Luna slightly but she decided to ignore it and keep doing what she was doing.

It was awhile before the next traveler showed up. When they did, Luna repeated the process, however this traveler was a bit more rude than the last one. They gave Luna a look of annoyance when she tried to give the woman a flyer. "Why do I need such a thing?" She asked in a rather rude and annoyed tone. Luna kept her cool and simply responded saying, "This flyer has a lot of helpful information about our town, like a map and a list of places to see and places to avoid. It'll help you get around Orchidia conveniently." The woman simply sighed and took the flyer then walked off.

The next one came shortly after, and took one from Luna after seeing how the woman had treated her, giving Luna his sympathy for the woman's rude behavior. Luna thanked them.

The fifth traveler showed up another 10 minutes later. Like before, Luna handed them a flyer, and right after they thanked her and walked off, Dacol showed up. "Hey there Miss Luna, how are things going over here? Are you passing out the flyers to everyone who shows up?"

"Yes I am, although some are more reluctant than others to take them.." Dacol laughed when Luna said that. "Haha, yeah, some folks tend to find these little flyers annoying but, just don't let it get to you." Luna nodded. For the next 15 minutes, Dacol stayed with Luna. When the next traveler showed up, Dacol left Luna to fend for herself once more.

Luna continued to pass out flyers to all who came through the gates, all while smiling, many travelers were receptive to her warm and welcoming attitude while others were less receptive and tried to complain to her. Some took the flyers looked at them and handed them back to Luna saying "no thanks".

Eventually, Dacol returned once more, stayed with Luna until another traveler appeared then left to show them around. As the day went on, more and more travelers appeared, Luna had passed out quite a few of the flyers already by the time it hit mid afternoon.

When Dacol came back for the third time, he handed Luna a new smaller stack of flyers. Then, he left to show yet another traveler around town.

Right after Dacol left, another traveler showed up, this time, it was a young couple. Luna went up to them and tried to hand them a flyer."Hello, Welcome to Orchidia. Here's a flyer, it has a map of town along with a list of places to go and places to avoid." They gladly accepted the flyer from Luna. "I hope you enjoy your time in Orchidia."

By sunset, Luna had handed out the majority of the flyers she had been given. Dacol came back right after the sun finished setting. "Hey there Miss Luna, how did everything go?" He asked her with anticipation. Luna showed Dacol the thin stack of left over flyers, only about 10 were left, if that. "Wow! Great job! I knew I could count on you!" Luna felt accomplished for doing a good job and being praised for her hard work. "I'm just glad so many people took the flyers. At least this way people who come to visit Orchidia will hopefully have an enjoyable time." Dacol smiled at Luna. "I'm sure they will. Thanks to you helping out. Here's your reward for all the help you gave me today." Dacol handed Luna her reward and she took it. Luna thanked Dacol for the opportunity and took her leave.

Quest Complete!

Total WC: 1074

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