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A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas]

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#1Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:35 pm

Rowan Vincent
A subtle aura rolled across Rowan's skin leaving the blonde with a barely white glow about him. The moon was rising just behind him, illuminating both the mage and the city of Orchidia. The greenery that enveloped the streets and buildings of the town shimmered in the moonlight. Rowan thought it was quite an impressive sight to behold. He had heard about the real beauty of Orchidia at night, and how so few got to see it because of how rough certain parts of town became as the sun dipped beneath the horizon and the moon began its slow ascent into the night sky. It was wonderful to experience it himself, and he felt as though he would remember the night for a while.

The Lamia Scale mage sat on a bench atop a terraced roof looking over the street below. It was only the middle of the week, and very few of the other citizenry of Orchidia found themselves out so late. Rowan considered that a boon. He much preferred the quiet nature of the side streets after dark. The main street was always boisterous no matter the day, but here in the darkened alleyways out of sight Rowan could find some measure of peace during the darkened hours. His face was suddenly illuminated as he struck a match to light up his cigarette. A few breaths later and he was feeling quite at home within his own mind. Smoke billowed from his lips, and curled into the night sky creating a new haze just above the green covered landscape of Orchidia. As his mind drifted off, Rowan wondered what might happen tonight. Life always did have a way of surprising him.

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#2Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2016 6:49 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas looked out in the night sky as he was taking a walk. He didn't know why, since it was pretty late out, but the air felt nice against his skin, not to warm, not to light, so he decided to take a walk to experience it. Atlas had a black short sleeve shirt on with some long black jeans on. He never really noticed but for some reason he had a goth type approach to his outfits, but he really just liked the color black and thought it made him look better.

Atlas left his house and started to walk the streets. He noticed how empty the streets became at night. Sure there were a couple people out, trying to be up to no good, but they made sure to stay away from mages from Lamia Scale. Lamia Scale being a light guild would cause then to stop the other mages from stealing or whatever act they might be up to.

While Atlas was walking around he noticed a small light go off nearby and upon closer look he noticed it was one of his guildmates, Rowan. Atlas had to wonder what he was doing out so late so he approached him to ask. "Hey, what are you up to," he asked taking a seat on the bench Rowan occupied.

#3Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:02 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan took a few more drags of his cigarette before he pressed it into the bench. He took the remains and placed them into his inner pocket. It may dirty up his jacket, but he was not the kind of man to throw away his garbage as he pleased. And considering the fact that half the city was greenery he wasn't too keen on setting Orchidia ablaze that night. As he finished disposing of his cigarette Rowan took sudden notice of a man sitting down next to him on the terrace. Upon closer inspection, Rowan realized that it was a fellow guild member that he had met a few days ago in the hall. From what Rowan remembered his name was Atlas.

"Good to see you again, Atlas."
Rowan offered in reply. "I don't suppose I am up to much tonight. I've been enjoying the peace and quiet for a while, but now that you're here I find myself a bit more energized that I was previously."

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#4Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:29 pm

Atlas Prime
When Atlas sat down Rowan started to speak to him. He said he was more enjoying the peace and quite of the night but since Atlas arrived he was a little more energized. Atlas had to wonder what that meant. "Yeah, that's why I'm out tonight. The air is pretty cool out tonight, so I thought I would enjoy it," he said to the man. Atlas then had to wonder what he meant by saying he was a bit more energized. "Also a bit more energized, like to do what? You feeling like doing something active now," he wondering. Atlas, who liked to train was almost always down to train to get stronger himself.

#5Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:59 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan clapped his hands together for emphasis. "Well that is the question isn't it, Atlas? I find my spirit renewed with determination and vigor, but I do not quite understand what I should utilize it for. There's always the obvious, but I doubt anyone is awake to fill me in on the details of a quest or two at this hour." Tapping his foot on the ground and straightening his tie, Rowan found himself seemingly glowing with anticipation for an event he had yet to even realize fully. "What to do?"

Suddenly, and with a snap of his fingers, Rowan stood up from his seat. A beaming smile was upon his face now, and his hair seemed to grow as vibrant as his mood. He turned to Atlas. "I believe I have an idea. Forgive me for the abrupt nature of this remark, Atlas, but I would like for you to duel me." He then gave a shake of his head. "No, I don't think that's the appropriate verbiage for the request, I'm not too keen on losing an appendage that I still have use for. Rather, I would like for you to spar with me if you have the time. I've been sorely lacking in practice these past few weeks, and goodness knows I could use a tune up to keep my body in top condition."

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#6Atlas Prime 

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Atlas Prime
Atlas was still confused with how Rowan was acting. Rowan seemed to want to use his energy, but he wasn't fully sure what he wanted to use it for it seemed. He thought about doing a quest but figured it was to late to really get anyone to really give him the information for them. Atlas sat there thinking of a good way to get energy out at this time of night when Rowan suddenly stood up with a snap of his fingers. He then posed the idea of a duel with Atlas. Atlas was quite curious as to his thinking, but thought it might be fun to give it a shot. "Well, its been a while since I've seen some action, so it doesn't sound like a bad idea," Atlas said. He knew they weren't very far from the guild hall, or if they wanted they could find a park nearby with some open space. "The question is where. The guild, a park, some random open lot?" he said, not sure what the best option would be.

#7Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Fri Dec 09, 2016 4:22 pm

Rowan Vincent
"Excellent." Rowan replied to Atlas' approval with a spring in his voice. He had been meaning to do some proper training in the areas of martial arts and spell casting, and no doubt Atlas would prove to be a worthy sparring partner. "As for the where," Rowan began. "Why not the park just up the street you came down?" He pointed past Atlas back up the street to where a few street lamps still illuminated a small park well away from any civilian housing. Rowan may be excited, but he drew the line of fun at causing property damage for innocent people. With a quick check of his belongings and a straightening of his tie and cuffs Rowan started ahead of Atlas. His polished, black shoes made no sound as he walked across the green carpet of grass the blanketed the alley.

As he entered the park Rowan looked back to make sure Atlas had followed behind him. "So then," He offered, "Do you have any rules for this little session? I tend to not hold back many blows when I spar, but if you're uncomfortable with that I can understand." He was referring to his spells as he spoke. Rowan may not have been an accomplished wizard, but he was always looking to enhance his skills, and that included sparring with live magic.

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#8Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Fri Dec 09, 2016 7:24 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed Rowan was really excited about doing a spar with Atlas. Atlas thought it would be a good idea to test Rowan out to see how strong he might be. When Atlas talked about a location Rowan suggested a park up the street. "Sounds cool," he said while standing up. It seemed Rowan started to walk ahead of him first. Atlas soon followed behind. When they arrived at the park Rowan asked him if he had any special rules for this fight. He said he was uncomfortable with holding back but if Atlas wanted him too he could. "Nah, lets see what each other got, lets go using all we got," Atlas said. With that he took a position that was 10m away from Rowan. "Well, whenever you are ready," Atlas said, waiting for Rowan to make a move.

#9Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:47 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan deftly reached into his pocket and withdrew a cigarette from his case. With a practiced hand he snatched up his lighter from another pocket and lit his cigarette with ease. Replacing his articles with little thought, Rowan took a drag before letting loose a cloud of smoke that drifted above his head. Atlas didn't seem to mind whether Rowan utilized all he had at his disposal, and that made the blonde man rather excited. He wasn't looking to hurt his guild mate, but her wouldn't hold back anything in this mock battle. As his mind shifted to the task at hand, Rowan's smile faded, and a more serious air came about him. Despite his normal, jovial tone he was much more concentrated in battle, though some might expect this because of his demeanor. Blowing out another cloud of smoke, Rowan closed his eyes for a moment to prepare himself. When his eyes opened again he stepped forward.

At the distance Atlas had put himself away from Rowan it would take him two seconds to reach him, but the blonde knew this would only put himself at a disadvantage. He cut himself short at five meters away from Atlas and brought his wrists together as he stopped. Thrusting his palms forward, a bluish mass of energy spewed forth and made a beeline for Atlas. In preparation for a counterattack, Rowan kept himself in a low stance to balance his weight and insure he was ready to move away from any spell or physical attack sent his way.

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A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#10Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:19 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was curious at to what Rowan could do. Atlas watched the man light a cigarette and take a few drags from it before beginning his attack. Rowan seemed to close the distance by half of the distance Atlas separated them with. When he got half way Rowan would seemed to bring his hands together and launch a blue ball at Atlas. Atlas decided that he could just defend against it to keep his energy ready for any real dodges he might have to do. Atlas brought his arm up in a shield like motion to absorb the attack with his magic. Once the attack was blocked Atlas would laugh a little. "That's interesting, we can both launch the same spell," Atlas would say to him while cupping his hands and releasing a ball similar to Rowans out at him.


#11Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:53 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan took another puff of his cigarette as he watched Atlas effortlessly block his focus blast technique. He had expected nothing less, Lamia Scale didn't accept people who weren't up to snuff when it came to fighting. Centering himself again Rowan dropped himself into a full split as Atlas tossed back his own variation of an energy ball attack. "It is quite similar, isn't it?" He called over to Atlas in response to the man's own point. Propping himself up with one hand he returned to his standing position. Drawing out a long breath, and exhaling a mass of smoke, the blonde quickly drew his foot around in a near perfect semicircle around his body. A fiery white aura surrounded his feet, and with a slight twitch he jolted towards Atlas. Raising his foot along the way, Rowan aimed a flying roundhouse right towards Atlas' head. "Aggressiveness is a nature I like to observe."

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A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#12Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:00 pm

Atlas Prime
Oh, Atlas was surprised when Rowan seemed to dodge his attack. He guessed since the attack wasn't that big that it would be easier to dodge. Atlas decided to wait for Rowans next move. Rowan seemed to do a weird spin then dash at Atlas with a white aura around him. It seemed he planned to kick Atlas with his attack. Atlas was prepared for his attack. It would almost take Atlas the whole second that Rowan would dash at him to cast his next spell which would bring up a wall in front of him, less than a meter away. Rowans attack would destroy the wall and with him being this close would allow Atlas to strike back with a spell of his own. When the wall would break Atlas would slam his foot down onto the ground sending a shock wave that, with his current momentum, would most likely hit Rowan. Atlas would then try to clear a distance of 5m if he could. "Nice, lets keep this going," he said.


#13Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Wed Dec 14, 2016 6:03 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan felt his chest heave as the shock of Atlas' attack spread through his body. It wasn't a very strong spell, but it did cause the blonde some discomfort to say the least. His momentum from his own Flowing Water technique had put him in a very disadvantageous situation for a moment, but that only meant Rowan would have to work hard to recover from the setback. It was a shame that he was fighting with a handicap, but he wasn't about to tell Atlas that. In combat, there was never a time to complain, only a time to show strength and skill.

Rowan noticed that Atlas was trying to make some distance between them after his counter attack. From this the well dressed man conjured up that Atlas was not outfitted for close range combat like he was, but he would need to test this theory head on as he normally did. Keeping his body moving forward, Rowan pressed his attack through to Atlas, he would not allow his opponent to escape so easily. Following through, Rowan aimed a palm strike at Atlas' face with his right hand. At the same time, he snapped his fingers in his left hand, surrounding his left hand with a blazing aura similar to his legs before. With a simultaneous swing he aimed his left palm towards Atlas' ribs, hoping to inflict the same amount of damage he had been dealt, and more. Very few people realized, but Rowan was much stronger than he looked. His fists were actually more powerful than any spell he could cast, but he banked on Atlas being unable to tell this. Even if the attacks did not work, Rowan would have to stay on the aggressive.

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A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#14Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:57 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas seemed glad that his attack hit but the problem was that it didn't really seem to daze Rowan at all like Atlas had hoped for. Man, this guys pretty tough, Atlas would think. Sadly he wasn't using super strong spells that would compare to his rank. While Atlas tried to back up Rowan would case after him and attempt to deal a punch towards Atlas's head. Atlas would duck under this and bring his arm forward in a shield like motion to block the attack that was coming towards him from Rowans other attack. Atlas would then do a spin trying to connect his leg with Rowans body in an attempt to deal some damage.


#15Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:55 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan swore in his mind as his attacks were proven to be futile again. He was at a severe disadvantage without his backup, and Atlas was taking full advantage of that fact. His right arm was useless now because of the dodge, but his left arm could still prove useful The energy from his force palm had vanished, but it was more of a softening tool when compared to his own power. Contorting his arm back towards his body as soon as his attack was nullified, Rowan attempted a straight counter with a jab right into Atlas' oncoming leg. It would depend on whose strength was greater, but Rowan didn't worry too much about that fact. Switching tactics quickly, Rowan charged into Atlas with a full force lariat, hoping the jab to his leg had offset his balance enough. With his right arm he would try to pin Atlas to the ground where he might be able to finish the fight quickly given how Atlas' spells seemed to work. Rowan was skilled in close combat, but if he gave Atlas time to recover and draw some distance between them, he might be in real trouble. He let out a puff of smoke, this fight was not what he expected.

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#16Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:24 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed Rowan was able to counter quickly from Atlas sudden attack and his attack seemed to stop his leg while Atlas seemed to take a little bit of damage. Crap, how strong is he, Atlas thought. Rowan would try to then throw himself at Atlas, but Atlas would push off his other leg to throw himself out of the way. This would most likely cause both of them to become off balance. Atlas would quickly try to maintain his own balance again. If Rowan had gone straight with his attack this would most likely put them about 1m away from each other. "Man, you are good," Atlas would say smiling.

#17Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:56 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan planted his foot hard as Atlas backed off just enough to create a bit of distance between the two. His counter had been successful, but Atlas had managed to trip up him as well in his last move. Taking a combination of a sigh and a drag of his cigarette, he exhaled a large cloud of smoke up into the air. Retrieving the offending substance from his mouth he crushed the cigarette in his hand, and left nothing but ash. "You are aptly proficient yourself, Atlas. I would expect nothing less from a member of our shared guild. Smaller men than you have crumbled before my fists, and although your defeat upon my knuckles may not come today, I assure you I will not be put out from trying." Scattering the dry ashes to the wind, Rowan cleared his throat. "Shall we continue?"

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#18Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:25 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas was happy to hear the reply from the man. Atlas wasn't sure fully how strong the man was, but it seemed he was a little physically stronger than Atlas. Atlas knew this would be a problem. Sadly he didn't have a lot up his arsenal right now so he felt like he was at a disadvantage. He figured Rowan was an up close fighter and Atlas really only had one spell to deal with that, but it sadly didn't do a whole lot of damage. It could add up over time, but how long would that last him. Atlas could feel a little sting coming from his leg, but it wasn't enough to actually hinder him. Rowan soon asked if Atlas was ready, which it seemed Atlas was. "Sure, lets do this,: he said cupping his hand to fire a ball of energy at Rowan who was possibly 1m away.


#19Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Sun Dec 18, 2016 6:53 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan gave a sniff of his nose as Atlas prepared his spell in his usual timely manner. The gentleman opted to try a different tactic this time around. Placing his own hands in the same position he fired off his own focus blast right towards Atlas with a slight pivot to the left as he shot his own towards Rowan. Using the distraction, Rowan moved further to the left and stomped his right foot against the ground, surrounding his body with an aura of energy. He was on Atlas quickly, his body becoming a living missile as he charged his opponent head on. The rushing bull technique was a difficult one to utilize, but even if it didn't work, Rowan would be able to be on top of Atlas and regain the advantage of close quarters fighting in which he could put Atlas down.

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A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg
#20Atlas Prime 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:48 pm

Atlas Prime
As Atlas fired his blast Rowan seemed to move a little and fire off another blast towards Atlas while he kept running. Atlas used his shield for that while watching Rowan. When Rowan seemed to active his spell to charge in Atlas quickly dashed away from his spot. He aimed for a spot that Rowan would have to completely turn around to try and go after him. Atlas had to wonder how much was left in both of there tanks from this exchange so far. Atlas, who was B-rank still had a lot of mana since he was using low ranked spells and wondered how well Rowan was doing himself.


#21Rowan Vincent 

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] Empty Wed Dec 21, 2016 9:14 am

Rowan Vincent
Rowan fully expected the reaction from Atlas. No one in their right mind would allow themselves to be hit by a simple dash attack like that, but he hadn't used his rushing bull in order to simply hit his opponent. Atlas had seemingly hoped that by forcing Rowan to turn around he would have the advantage, but the gentleman was determined to make that his mistake. Using his own momentum, the blonde dug his right foot into the ground while lifting up his left. Spinning around in almost a full circle with a solid pivot, Rowan shot a low flying kick right towards Atlas. Unfortunately, his body was starting to get tired from all the energy he had sacrificed to keep the fight going. He was without his normal aid, and no doubt Atlas was able to capitalize on that because of his more copious amounts of energy. Still, Rowan would simply have to fight on, and he most certainly not let on that he was feeling tired. His body would not give out easily, and he would perform at his best for as long as he could.

A Moonlit Meeting [Atlas] KvtGhgg

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