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Let's Get Physical (Areissa and Raphael)

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Let's Get Physical (Areissa and Raphael) Empty Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:23 am

It was another day of mission taking with Areissa for Raphael. It had almost become some sort of ritual the two shared; spending part of the day working together and getting a nice reward. It was a generally enjoyable time, and while there wasn't too much personal interaction, it was apparent they were getting to know each other a bit more.

The mission that the two had in store for them today was another of Armin's, this time they were being put in charge of some young kid's training. They were knights in training, and Armin was too sick to teach them that day. Raphael questioned the ethics behind raising child warriors in this day and age, but shrugged the issue aside. It wasn't his problem, the kids could deal with that themselves when they got older.

Moral quandaries aside, it seemed like it was a pretty straight forward and easy mission. He continued on his way towards the garden the training was being held at, and once he reached the entrance he waited just outside it for Areissa to arrive. Looking around the area, he would to his best to scope her out, and when he finally found here, he waved to her and began to try and catch her attention.

"Hey! Areissa, over here!"

When that matter was settled, and the time for the mission was upon them, they entered into the garden. After a little bit of searching, they were able to find the children, who were messing around with each other over near some training equipment. Raphael couldn't help but smile; they looked pretty into their training, they almost reminded him of himself. With this in mind, he approached with Areissa in tow, ready to take on the challenge of teaching.


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Yawning softly she would walk along aside the side walk close to the buildings. She was suppose to go meet Raphael at the park to do another quest. This time it was to train some kids. She wasn't so huge on training the kids as it kind of opened a different her when it came to actual fighting. Why would she want to reveal her weird ass self in that way in front of Raphael? Honestly she first wanted to get something to eat so she walked to some fruit stand to get something. She wasn't quite sure on what to get, but she was going to get something. While Areissa started to walk she would feel and hear her stomach growl. 'Grrrr' it would make a somewhat small commotion to her own thoughts. 'You should've at at the inn dumbass.' spoke the darker voice within her thoughts. She would look to the left to then see a fruit stand. Slowly she would walk there and grabbed one, paid for it and then jogged to the park. She wondered on how this will all play out. Her heart was happy that they were going to spend more time together even if it was for missions. Each time she felt closer to him by doing this, even if there wasn't much talking between the two.

Slowly she would stop with her jogging and started to walk slowly. She'd pant quietly as she then saw Raphael waving, calling out to her. With a cheerful grin she waved back. ''Hai Raphael!~'' Areissa yelled out happily and walked the rest of the way there. As soon as she was face to face with him she would then look at the kids and then him. ''Ready to train them then?'' she questioned, bit her apple and then stretched. She'd nom that apple and then sighed looking at the kids. They seemed to have fun with this...unlike she did in the past.


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It seemed as though Areissa had caught sight of him, that was good. As the two made their way over, and their greetings were exchanged, Areissa asked if he was ready. Raphael smiled gleefully, and gave a thumbs up.

"Of course I'm ready, let's get to it!"

And so the two of them made their way over to the kids, and once they were close enough, Raphael whistled at them, catching their attention. When all five of the kids were facing him, Raphael began to adress the prospective warriors.

"All right! So I'm sure you guys know, but Armin can't make it today, so the both of us are going to be supervising you today! I'm Raphael and this is Areissa, and we're going to help you stay fit!"

With that, Raphael clapped his hands, and began to jog in place.

"To start with, let's go for a run around the park. Follow me!"

And with that he began to run off, hopefully with the kids following behind him.


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Her eyes would brighten as the little kids would look at them both as if they were their stars. Simply Areissa blinked in confusement as to why. Were they really pumped and curious on how they were going to train all of them? She would have a small smile though as she saw Raphael all pumped too, quite funny for that fact and cute. Simply a giggle escaped her soft glossed pink lips as they all went for a run. 'Guess I should join in. Good thing I wore jogging pants.' she thought and took a deep breather. After the kids started to run and followed Raphael, she'd run up that was first slow, but went faster and even ran besides the kids. Her eyes would watch them to make sure that they were behaving as they were running. They'd look at her and in return she would give a sweet smile. ''Doing good.~'' she spoke assuring to them that they were doing alright.


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Raphael, as he rushed ahead, gradually slowed down to allow the kids to catch up to him. He began to jog now, with the children following behind, with Areissa alongside them. It was a pretty easy run for Raphael, but for the kids it was much harder, what with them being around 10 years younger. However,he had to admit that they were toughing through it pretty well, it was clear that they were in tip-top shape. As they ran they chatted between each other, bantering about things that Raphael honestly didn't care too much about. After a while though, the kids started getting a bit bored from all the running, and the chatter turned to disgruntled murmurs as they quietly voiced their distaste in the activity. Sensing it was probably a good time to stop, Raphael did just that, halting the jogging.

"Great job you guys! You did an amazing job of keeping up. Now, I think it's time for Areissa to take over for the next phase of your training, hopefully you guys aren't too worn out from our run!"

Surprisingly, the kids didn't look too winded. Raphael himself was pretty pooped from the whole thing, and while he wasn't about to double over, he was doing his best to keep his breathing in check. He was going to pass it off to Areissa so she could cover for him as he took some time to recover.


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Areissa would jog along side of the children that were to train to become stronger. Her eyes would then look forward to see Raphael slowing down as if he was tiring out. 'Already?' she thought and wondered. This running would make her remember on how many times she had to run from people. Not for all good reasons either, but not all bad reasons. She could remember the good times when her and Alisa would run along the coast of the ocean when she lived within the islands. She remembered when she was training with her father when her cousin wasn't there.

Now it was time for her to actually think of what to do for the kids here. She didn't really want to train them, but she had to. After Raphael slowed down and stopped completely, she would turn around to look at the kids. 'What do I do with them?' she wondered and sighed. ''Alright, how about we do some push ups and -'' she was about to say, but then a kid laughed. ''Yea right lady. I'm not going to do any push ups.'' one spoke. ''Me neither!'' another one spoke, making Areissa unsure on what to do. She wasn't really the type to be mean to the children, but the other her was. Although that was true, she couldn't let her have it.


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Raphael recovered from his run pretty quickly, in time enough to be pretty much fine as Areissa began to ask the kids to do some push-ups. When the kids didn't listen, Raphael tried to figure out what was wrong. Was it that they had no desire to do boring exercises anymore? Raphael could understand that in a way, but he was going to have none of the insolence that the kids were showing. They all seemed like pretty strong kids, and they were in military training, right? They could handle some roughing up. Pointing at the first kid to have spoken up, Raphael nailed the kid with a beam of light right in the middle of the forehead. It wasn't enough to deal any serious damage, but it certainly stung.

"You'll do some push-ups, just a few, and then we can do some more fun stuff. Have you guys sparred with each other before?"

At the prospect of being able to fight with each other, the kids lit up, and though they were still resistant to the idea of push-ups, they really didn't seem to have much of a choice. Once they were done with those, Raphael arranged some sparring, and both he and Areissa were able to relax for the rest of the training session. Once it was over, the kids went off to wherever it was they were supposed to go, thanking the two of them for their work. With the day's work finished, the both of them were able to go back to Armin and receive their reward for the mission. Once that was settled, it was time for Raphael and Areissa to split once more.

"Well, it was a busy day, but I think it went well. Always a pleasure, see you around Areissa!"

And with that, he headed off, ready to rest for the next day he had ahead of him.



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Let's Get Physical (Areissa and Raphael) QPGni1A

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Areissa would look at the kids in disbelief. She really didn't want her other side to get in control and whip these kids to death. She knew how she was, but happily Raphael knew nothing. What was this feeling? Why did she feel hurt from those she didn't know? Her mind kind of went back to when she was a little kid. There she stood straight upon the beach where her school was. Children laughed at her, made fun of her for her eyes and how she glowed randomly. Her eyes would water and wished herself away.

As she saw herself though she would finally see how she really looked. Her hair wasn't purple nor was she really that thin. How did she forget about all this? Did her memory block it till now? Slowly she shook her head as she listened to Raphael speak to the kids. She smiled softly, her left hand gripped her right wrist and brought it to her chest. Her eyes looked at Raphael and whispered the words of thanks. She felt weak and so far from his strength. Will it always be this way? She felt as if she had to become useful somehow.

After she was done thinking quite a lot she would notice that it was done. The kids would scatter off and they would meet with their client. After the reward was done too he would leave. She watched as Raphael would leave, making a small smile. Finally she would too turn away and walk towards her next destination. Her mind would think of that one flashback repetitively, feeling the wind upon her face and frowned.



Let's Get Physical (Areissa and Raphael) Kuri

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