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A Bond like Brother and Sister part II

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#1Miyu Kento 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:16 pm

Miyu Kento
Still sleeping peacefully on Atlas's back she tended to let soft quite like snores slip from her lips while dreaming peacefully about delicouses pastieries and sweets they were about to eat. Another smile appeared on the porcelian like face.Then a small sleepish giggle came out. Before finding the store where the chocolate seller owned she opened her eyes while rubbing only one of her eyes looking around. "where are we? " she asked in a small voice. She looked to atlas than a blush appeared on her face. She no realised of what she said when she was in her childstreak.

#2Atlas Prime 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:41 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas continued to follow the stand with Miyu on his back. She had seemed to fallen asleep so he was carrying her on his back. People would look at them a little funny wondering why a fully grown man was a carrying a fully grown woman on his back. He figured if they were kids it might seem normal, but with them being basically adults it could seem a little old. Atlas more shrugged them off.

Atlas finally saw the cart stop in front of a candy store. This seemed to be the time when Miyu also woke up. She seemed to ask the question of where were they. "Well you said you wanted some chocolate so we had to follow the cart to here. Still want to get some," he asked her, making sure she wanted to before he would try to enter the store.

#3Miyu Kento 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Wed Dec 07, 2016 6:07 am

Miyu Kento
She tried to remember but through the personality swing from the smell of sweets it was really hard to trace ones steps. The Smell of fresh chocolate revived her childlike sense while she hastly nodded. "yes i want chocolate! lets get chocolate!" she said loudly with excitement while letting some giggles slip out of her mouth.

While entering the shop she tapped on his shoulder wanting to get down to see the chocolates. her Hands leaned on the Glas there was a huge sortiment of various types of chocolates and other delicous sweets. She felt herself sink deeper in her childlike paradise. Then something caught her attention as she brough her face closer to the windows. There you could see a chocolate cake with some icing and suiting design made by various candies. She looked to atlas pointing to the cake signaling what she would like. At that moment the Passiere asked "What would you two like to eat"

#4Atlas Prime 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:11 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed at first something changed about Miyu for a moment before going back to how she was acting. Atlas was still very confused but she did reassure him that she did want some chocolate. Atlas sighed a little while entering the shop. When he got in there his nose was filled with the scent of sweets. It had been a while since he actually had been in a shop like this. Miyu tapped his shoulder letting him know she wanted to get down. Atlas waited until they were in the front of the line before letting her down to look at the products they offered. Atlas looked at her and she literally looked like a kid in a candy shop. He eyes seemed to light up as she scanned everything in the window that they could see. When the Passiere asked what they would like Miyu pointed to a certain one. Atlas wasn't sure why she didn't just ask for it, but told him they would take the one Miyu pointed at. Atlas wasn't sure if Miyu had any jewels on her so he decided to just pay for it. When they got the sweet Atlas would hand it to Miyu and guide her to a chair to sit down at.

#5Miyu Kento 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:24 pm

Miyu Kento
The delicous smell of chocolate past her nose once again making her pupils delighted for joy. With a small giggle she nodded as she kept her hold firm on his back. "Yes I want some chocolate!" . Yet again she was her childlike self. She can never say no to delicious pastieres or anything that has sugar in it. The Sellsman looked to the two with a little bit of confussion. He himself never seen a adult so excited of sweets in his life. He was more use to the small children ordering with such enthusiasm. When getting the chocolate she squeeked for joy following atlas to the table and also sitting down.

#6Atlas Prime 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Sun Dec 11, 2016 5:37 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas wasn't really hungry for sweets so he didn't bother to get himself something, but was just there to support Miyu. He hoped she remembered that he was taking her somewhere else after this encounter with the sweet shop. Atlas would wait for Miyu to start eating before asking her anything. "So, how is it? he asked her. He hoped she would enjoy it as much as her excitement seemed to show that she might. "So, sorry to ask, but why were you out in the forest out there and looking all injuried?" Atlas asked her noticing that she was still wearing her tatters kimono. Atlas had to wonder why she was out there.

#7Miyu Kento 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Wed Dec 14, 2016 3:26 pm

Miyu Kento
She digged in and let her tounge savour the sweet taste of the milk chocolate before chewing. She showed him a face of pure joy and enlightment mostly similar to a happy toddler. She perked up by her question and the smile turned to a more saddy expression sinking the brows and her looking down at the table. "I was looking for something ... and i tripped and fell in the forrest. I kind of go lost and it also rained so I was out there for days ...I was just tired and hungry ..." she gave him the good old puppy look after she told him everything. "Please don't take me back to the hospital ... I don't like places where doctors are ... they make me lonely and sad..." saying it as if she was a child.

#8Atlas Prime 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:50 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas wasn't sure how he fully liked her story of just losing something out there and ended up staying for days. She even now tried to convince he to not take her back to the hospital. "I'll only take you back to the hospital if you seem like you need it. Guess you are fine right now. By the way, what were you looking for out there?" he asked her, meaning the forest. He had to wonder what was so important to get lost out there for days looking for something. He also had to wonder if he should try to help her with it, though he wasn't sure how good he could be at finding something.

#9Miyu Kento 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:12 pm

Miyu Kento
Happily she ate the cake till there was no crumb left on her plate. She could give then Atlas her full attention and answer his question. She still had a Piece of folded paper hidden in her Pocket. Taking it out she of her pocket and unfolding it she Shows him a drawing. The drawing shown a Flower which was hardly seen and very rare. It looked very beautiful . She smiles while holding the drawing now Close to her. "My Mothers favourite flower ... I felt lonely and if I would have found it ... I would feel like my mother is Close to me..."

She closed her eyes while remembering her mothers voice calming her down and her gentle caress which would make her loneliness dissapear when visiting her. One of the few People she loved which brought her strength with the unconditoining love they could give a child. Also memories of her Father drilled into her head of him making her smile with his Magic making her a small Little Show. He was there for her even when that witch made her life a living hell he would have the power to make her smile. Being Long gone from him and the tragic end of her mother she had no one. The Lonliness was eating her A life dragging her closer to dispare. It was only nessisary.

She tilted her head slightly while giving the Brown haired Boy a wondering gaze. "Why do you worry so much about me .. I myself am just a stranger to you .." His actions had no bad intent and he was no sleezy womanizer. It confused her of meeting such a sincere soul like him. A true knight in shining armour or a guardian Angel of the earth. She closed her eyes while giving him that frail and elegant smile. "I still thank you for your kindness ... I wish i could repay you .."

#10Atlas Prime 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:47 pm

Atlas Prime
Miyu seemed to finish her treat before answering Atlas. It seemed she took out a paper from her pocket and showed him a flower saying it was her mothers favorite. With the way she talked Atlas had to figure something happened to her mother and she might not be around anymore. Atlas though wasn't sure if he should ask. Miyu then hit him with the question as to why he was helping her out. Atlas thought about it for a second. "I am not fully sure myself yet. I just felt the need. I want to protect others and not see them hurt and I guess you now fall under my field of not wanting to get hurt," he said with a smile. Miyu then thanked him for his kindness. "Its no problem. Since it looks like you are finished and its getting late, I now get to take you somewhere like we promised, alright. Do you need me to help you?" he asked her, hoping she went along with no problems.

#11Miyu Kento 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:12 pm

Miyu Kento
She listened to him while she went in closer to him. She looked him deep into his eyes while giving him a sad Impression. She shook her Head as he told her it was time to leave. " I don't want to go yet ... we are not going to the Hospital are we?" She asked concerned as she stood up. If it was to confirm she was already prepared for fleeing. It was rather not a good Chance of running away. Her was stronger taller and faster than her. She was still too weak to run. Her thoughts raise as the thought of going to the Hospital made her stomach turn.

#12Atlas Prime 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:37 pm

Atlas Prime
It seemed Miyu was still concerned about being the hospital that she asked about it with a sad expression"No, since it seems they said you were well enough to leave, unless you start getting sick again, its somewhere different, just trust me on this," he said, still knowing he was a stranger to her, but hoped that she would. It seemed she got up too which made him happy he she seemed to be alright with going. Atlas still had to wonder if she would need help walking or not. "Well do you need some help walking, or do you think you can manage now?" he asked her wondering if she still wanted his help. After it would be decided he would try to take off for Lamia Scale.

#13Miyu Kento 

A Bond like Brother and Sister part II Empty Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:42 pm

Miyu Kento
She looked at is Hand with a stern look on her Facel. The thoughts raced through her mind of what her next move will be. Catiously she streched out her hand gabbing his. Her firm grip was still gentle and weak. She gave him once more  a faint smile while answering him in her gentle soothing voice. "Yes I will come." She waited for him paitenly for him to stand up. Her curiousity got the best off her while tilting her head asking. "where are we off too Atlas?" Her eyes widened slightlty with excitment and happiness. She felt she found a good friend.

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