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Crocus-->Oak(Foot Travel)

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Crocus-->Oak(Foot Travel) Empty Sun Dec 04, 2016 2:06 pm

Caius took a look at his notebook and added the last check mark to his list. He was done with everything that he had to do at Era and was awaiting the next order from his guild. The members of Grimoire Heart he had met in the city were very productive and helped eliminate some targets and provide valuable information to get their goals finished. Caius was sitting on the edge of his hotel balcony. He did it at the top of the hour every night. If any news came a courier would arrive. Looking up, a bat carrying a letter would fly down to him and drop off a letter. Caius read the letter and saw it was from the guild. He had to go to Oak town for his next mission. After he finished reading it, the message would disintegrate into pieces so nobody else could. He didn’t have much to carry so he jumped off the edge of the balcony and used the wind magic to ease his landing.

Once he landed he put his hands in his pocket and decided he would walk the whole way. Teleporters were not cheap and the Crocus did not have train. It was quite a hike so he would start heading out now. Caius passed a few guards as he headed out as he spit off to the side in disgust. It made him sick they roamed so carefree here. Sometimes he wished he was in a different guild just so he could attack them in public. No matter. THey would get what was coming to them in time. Caius would reach the gate and start to walk down the path until he reached the next area of the town so he could help complete everything the guild needed him to do in Oak.

Caius had been walking for quite a while now and had reached Nanquq town outskirts. It was all cold outside and Caius decided to set up a camp so he could sleep and be warm from the cold winter snow. He used his wind magic and would sliced trees down and split them into large and small pieces and toss them in the middle of the ground. He got some rocks and some flint and kept on hitting them and sparked up a fire so he used it to light the logs and that made fire which helped give him heat to warm his body and keep him from freezing from the cold. After the fire was started it was time to find something to eat to fill himself up before he fell asleep. Caius would go into the woods and found a pretty giant polar bear. He would use his wind magic and it would smack into the polar bear and then Caius would use his magic to lift it up and bring it back to camp. He would ski the bear and then cook it's meat so that way he had more warmth from the fur and then he could cook the food on the fire. He ate his fill and then would cuddle up in the bear fur and sleep.

The next day it was back to travelling to Oakk. He only had a little more before he reached the final destination. There was just a few more towns he would have to pass through to be finished. He was at the mountains now and would walk up the path to get around it and head to the next obstacle which would be the forest. After a few hours of going through the entire mountain he reached the forest and then would go and navigate through all the trees. There wasn't many paths so if you didn't stay on the path you would fall off the path and get lost in the woods and then you would have a hard time because of all the animals that were in the forest and that would cause you a lot of issues and you could lose your life because the wildlife was crazy. Caius however did not have any issue and was able to navigate the forest. If any animal attacked him he would destroy it.

Caius reached the final stretch and passed through Baska town and would look at the shops to see if anything was of use. Nothing too powerful was there so he decided just to continue. His guild members were waiting for him and he had to get there fast to start the mission. IF they got behind then that would cause issues for the guild. As a high ranking member he had to set an example for the others to show that the job had to be complete no matter what. He finally reached the gates in Oak town when the sun set. It was a town that was dangerous because it had a dark guild phantom lord but they were both dark guilds so they were mostly on good terms. Still they were unpredictable and had to be kept an eye on in case they tried anything. Caius found the hotel in Oak and would spend his money to get the best suite available at the top of the building. Caius then would take the elevator up and head into his room. He would walk over to his balcony and then would start to ponder on which of the missions he should take on first.


Hi I'm Caius

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