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Thousand Foot Song [Open to one]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Thousand Foot Song [Open to one] Empty Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:21 pm

Lee Nakamura
The lights were neon and blue upon the stage. People sat at their tables or at the bar looking at the next gig being played. Her therapist told her to have something of her own such as a hobby. A long forgotten one was her music. Hans had taught her the gutair and bass a while ago as a christmas present giving her some new skills. She picked her old electric gutair that was black and white much like her life to start playing it. It all came naturally to her as she continued to write songs and perform covers. It was her first gig ever and she was kinda nervous. Hans and Concord were in the table together not fighting. Hans did not show his kitsune ears or tails after what had happened. The bright lights emerged on her as she squint her eyes. Everyone noticed her mark and odd eyes, some started talking others didn't seem to care wanting to see what talent she bestowed. A bit nervous hearing her heart pound almost coming out of her chest. A few moments were slow as she just stared into all the eyes looking before her. Finally, she leaned towards the mic. "I will be performing a cover by Thousand Foot Krunch called Be Somebody" she said into the mic.

Song being performed:

Getting everything setup, she wore her black jeans, black boots, a blue jean jacket with a gray shirt with a medical red cross sign on it with her diamond crested fox ring showing her pride of being engaged to Hans. She took a deep breath. With one strum, she started playing tuning everything out. The whole world and everything. The negative thoughts. The fights with Kon. The torture of loss. The actions of rejection. Everything seemed to fall into place. Performing the song, the thoughts of Hans being there for her as for Concord, whom she had recently met, doing the things he had done. Despite everything, she thanked both of they had done. LeeAnn could only think happy thoughts. It was a true outlet. Hans smiled proud of her on how far she had come.

The final strum of the strings came strong them slowly faded into small vibrations becoming still. She looked up to see the crowd clapping and giving whistles of approval. She bowed a few times with a smile then walked off stage with Concord smiled with glee and Hans hugging her. "You guys liked it, that much?" she asked, acting a bit modest. The kitsune smiled as Concord gave a wide smile. Hans wore a black vest with a red silver tie, white button up shirt, his engagment ring, and black slacks. He stood at 6'5" taller than anyone in the whole building. It wasnt hard to pick him in the crowd sometimes. As for Concord, he stood around 6'2" with black hair with glasses. He wore a basic black t-shirt with blue jeans and clean spotless sneakers. They both hugged LeeAnn. After all what had happened, they both agreed to set aside their differences for her. It was hard for them both, but it was for the best. She smiled with watery eyes. "You kidding? That was amazing! I never knew you have such talent. Your articulation with your hand as you strummed it and the focus of your mind just letting the words speak for themselves really was vibrant" he said. He lost her in the really long technical talk. A small nod with a smile as Hans was super happy. Music was one thing they both shared. "Babe, you were awesome. You were an angel, a musical red head angel. You better at singing than I am. I love you so much" he said. He embraced her tightly with a huge smile on his face. His white hair smelled like cookies yet again. He had been eating parties again. Slowly, he grabbed her chin gently kissing her romantically and let go. "It was a gift to the both of you. I really don't want to buy anything, but decided a small song would do. Thank you guys" she smiled. The walked out from backstage to grab a few drinks. Both males were ecstatic at her singing. Hans carried the guitar case on his back as they sat down at a empty table. Concord walked to the bar to order them drinks. He made sure Hans got the milkshake non-alcoholic and them two typical beers. Hans drank his whole shake and looked at LeeAnn to see if she was done with hers. The red head gave him a dirty look as she moved her drink away from her fiance.

Meanwhile, a young man who had watched the spectacular performance done by LeeAnn. He smiled standing in the corner with neon yellow eyes and electric blue hair. The song was fitting for life. Slowly, his black, yellow and blue boots made small noises as he emerged from behind her. "I thought that red hair look familiar" he smiled. This caused LeeAnn, Hans, and Concord to turn around to see young man with long blue hair. He wore a neon yellow, white, and neon blue jacket with a brain on the side of sleeve. Hans and Concord looked to be extremely protective that a random guy would walk up to her like that. Concord could see that they probably knew each other way back when. Usually, the redhead would freak or act cold, but she had innocent big eyes like a little kid. It made Hans want to hug her and cuddle her to death. The big eyes fluttered with confusion until they brightened to a firework state."ZANDER" she cried. She got up and hugged him tighter than she had ever given anyone before. Zander was caught by surprised as he nearly fell over from the sudden leap. He caught his balance and embraced his best friend. They knew each other when they were kids. Their mother's were good friends and they often played with each other. Childhood friends they were. When they went to school together, he would protect her. Though, it became too much for her so her parents pulled out of school. They were left alone, but he would often visit her until she disappeared. "LeeAnn. What I am so glad you are alright you stupid idiot. Where the fuck did you go? And why is your face all messed up? Terrible fire accident or something?And who are these guys? Lee we have a lot to catch up on" he said. Zander looked to be missing a lot of manners,but meant well according to her's and Concord's observations. He adjusted his glasses with a blighting flash blinding Zander. Things were about to get serious between them. He got up very formal-like and held out his hand as LeeAnn was still hugging him so happy. "Hello I am Concord, LeeAnn's friend and roommate, this guy here with the mileshake is her faince , Hans. We're...very close to LeeAnn. Who might you be?" he asked protectively. Hans grew suspicious of Concord now seeing he had feelings towards this fiance now. Fire raged inside his heart wanting LeeAnn to be his and no one else's , but he let LeeAnn choose her battles. He was not going to control who she hung out with. It did not feel right. Zander raised an eyebrow totally question why so formal. He couldn't move to hsake Concord's hand. "Kinda imobilized at the moment. I am her childhood best friend, Zander Ravenclaw. Pretty sure you heard of the name before perhaps through status...of...nobles...Lee let me...go...ack" he said. LeeAnn was hugging him tightly. He could barely breathe until Concord had to pry her away from him to let him get some air. Eventually, she did, just not right away...sadly.

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#2Aleksandr Sokolov 

Thousand Foot Song [Open to one] Empty Thu Dec 08, 2016 4:43 am

Aleksandr Sokolov

Aleksandr woke up, he was bored today and hadn't used his talents and embraced his hobby in a long time, which was singing and playing the guitar. He did have his guitar at the inn, he called his guitar Chained Sorcerer which had burst out of his mind when he got the guitar, he really loved this guitar because he had so many memories with it, he played with it whenever he did play a gig, he never let go of this guitar. Also his hair had grown to his shoulders, meaning he had to get them cut in a few days. His guitar was a Red and Black Fender Stratocaster which had a strap so he could hang it on his shoulders, it also came with a cover bag which it was covered in right now, lying on the corner of his inn room covered in the black cover bag, before touching it however, he had to take a shower of course or he would be stinky.

He entered the bathroom, brushed his teeth and before that the usual stuff. He dressed in the famous dragon suit like Jimmy Page and wore a pendant. He then grabbed his guitar and hanged it on his shoulders behind his head and set out, his hair was left free by him and were looking luscious from the looks of it. He walked to the bar which he had asked to play a gig at, he walked inside and the drummer and keyboard player were waiting for him, he entered there from backstage and then went up the stage after the manager nodded, he unzipped his jacket and the upper part of his chest was visible, he also unzipped his guitar and took it out, he had British-Russian accent but the British one was dominant in his case and then wore the portable, high quality and high end with great sound quality, he said to the crowd "I'll be playing my cover of Kashmir by Led Zeppelin." as he plugged in his guitar and turned the volume up and as his guitar was tuned to 'DADGAD' he began the into riff and then after it went into the main chords of the song and began moving around the stage singing the song while playing his guitar both with equal perfection as also the guys playing with him and as the first verse ended the bridge kicked in and as the song reached towards the second verse, he stared at the crowd like Jimmy Page, his stare was creepy and mysterious, as the song reached its end he almost became possessed or so it might have looked like, with the song ending. The crowd erupted into huge applause and cheer along with some whistles telling him that he played well, he would then say "Thank you for your time, I loved playing for you guys!" as got off-stage and went backstage, keeping his guitar aside and sitting on the bar stool and ordered some Vodka, as the bartender passed it to him, it was a shot as he drank it and it felt good. He didn't notice Lee who was there with Hans and Concord and minded his own business.

#3Aleksandr Sokolov 

Thousand Foot Song [Open to one] Empty Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:32 pm

Aleksandr Sokolov
Getting up from the chair, he chained his jacket and took a show of Vodka before putting his guitar back in the cover bag and exiting the bar from backstage, he walked back to his apartment and went upstairs, where he kept the guitar carefully on the guitar stand and went inside the bathroom to take a shower, he came out and changed into his pajamas after drying himself off and put the blanket over him, trying to take a nap. Unfortunately for him, sleep had long gone behind him and he sighed, getting up from the bed and sat at the edge of the bed, sighing once more.


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