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To New Beginnings [Crocus -> Oak]

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#1Odin † 

To New Beginnings [Crocus -> Oak] Empty Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:06 am

Odin †

It was around about that time again. Whatever Odin had been doing in Crocus was now finished, even if he hadn't been the one to make the decision, and it was time for him to move on to the next place in which to cause mayhem. The decision to leave the holy capital of Fiore had been made by Lucifer: the demon who's mind and body were both trapped within Odin. he had decided that they needed to keep moving, especially after the little disturbance that had been caused by Odin and the man who both Odin and Lucifer only knew as the host of what looked like a being that called itself the Phoenix, a Take Over user much like the Grimoire heart mage, but not of the demon forms. His version was more than likely the Beast Take Over magic which Odin had read about, a version which granted different powers than the demon, with the demon being naturally the stronger version. They had both fought, Odin and the host and then Lucifer and the Phoenix, with the host having the advantage before transforming, and Lucifer winning the overall battle after they had both transformed. Their battle had certainly drawn the attention of the general populace, especially those in the tavern they had fought in, but also of the Rune Knights who had been close to closing in on the two as Lucifer had left, something he had to thank his guildmate Nastasya for the next time he saw her, as she would have taken care of the Rune Knight threat as she knew Lucifer's battle loving tendencies, also the fact he would have gladly fought the Rune Knights, despite the rules of the guild clearly stating not to cause any disturbances that aren't guild related. Grimoire Heart was an enigma, a secretive guild for the most part, and it intended on staying that way, which meant Odin was not allowed to go around acting like a Phantom Lord mage and causing destruction without a care in the world. Grimoire Heart were cold and calculating, Phantom Lord were the barbarians, and Odin was a mixture of both.

Despite that, and despite it being Lucifer's decision to leave, Odin was in agreement with his resident demonic partner. Crocus was no longer somewhere they had to be, it was time to move on. At the end of the day, Odin was a dark mage, and he needed some work to do to get stronger. He had heard that the nearby town of Oak, home to the barbaric Phantom Lord Guild, was the place to be for dark mage requests, which meant it was where Odin could both get money and, without a doubt, see some of his comrades in the guild. Where there was money or work, many seemed to flock to the one place, which meant there would no doubt be a large number of Grimoire Heart mages present, not that it was a large guild to begin with.

Having packed up all his things, which was very little, almost nothing except for the money he had kept stored in his room in a little nearby inn from where he had fought the Phoenix. He had rented the room and paid for a few days in advance, and simply asked not to be disturbed while he was there. He had only used the room to sleep and store items, but the only items he had stored in his room had been a small pouch of jewels he had won in some gambling games that he was planning on using in the future to get some nice equipment. But beyond that, there was little Odin owned, so packing and leaving had taken less than a few minutes from him entering the inn to him leaving, thanking the innkeep out of normality more than anything. Odin was definitely a unique looking man, so he might as well act like everyone else to try and limit the amount of people who remember his face. With olive green hair, occasionally a white streak going through the front of it, dark eyes and a red cloak to hide his figure underneath, he was an easy man to remember, which was not good for a Grimoire Heart mage. Although, underneath his cloak was his miscoloured skin and the metal plates he he bolted to his shoulder a long time ago, as punishment and as his savior from a infection he had contracted, giving his chest the more green tinge to it which would cause people to run in fear at the first sight. The cloak stood out in a crowd, but not as much as Odin himself would if he didn't wear it. Without the cloak, he was almost as obvious to find as Lucifer, and the demon Prince of Darkness had horns and wings, not to mention the tendency to set everything ablaze in his wake.

After having packed up all his belongings and sorted things out with the innkeep, Odin had begun the long journey to Oak town, a journey that took him through other towns, and even as far as the Warth Woodsea and the Sieghart Mountains, as well as avoiding the gazes of all the Rune Knights in the towns. Luckily for Odin, none of the towns in his travels housed a guild, and so within time he made it to Oak Town a few days after having set off, making good time.


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