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Heading Home [Travel]

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#1Rowan Vincent 

Heading Home [Travel] Empty Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:36 pm

Rowan Vincent
Rowan sneezed as the cooling breeze coming from the north gave him a slight chill. The weather had gotten significantly colder over the last few weeks, and with winter on the horizon the mage knew he would need to get out his winter clothes as soon as he returned to Orchidia. The road wasn't long, only a two day trip, but his feet had grown quite tired since he had awakened that morning after a quick nap halfway through his journey. Still, he was glad to be on the short road home. It hadn't been a terribly hard walk, but he was glad that he had taken it. Orchidia, though he had only spent some modest time in town to buy an apartment for later use, was now his home. He would come to know it as well as he had his home town and Crocus during his youth, and hopefully he would manage to cultivate quite a reputation for his work. Home was only a short ways away, and his approach would soon be at hand. The town was already in sight, and with a confident stride Rowan made his way home to search for his new path towards greater standing. His only thought went to his companion whom he had hoped would return home with him, but surely they would meet again soon.


Heading Home [Travel] KvtGhgg

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