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Going Home [Travel]

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#1Assama Sinclair 

Going Home [Travel] Empty Thu Dec 01, 2016 11:59 am

Assama Sinclair
Assama was done with her little vacation in Crocus. It had been nice but she needed to get home. She needed to get to the guild. With a rise in dark mages, she had to make sure that her town was safe. So, she packed up her things and checked out of the inn. She was thankful that she packed light because she was going to be walking back to Orchidia. Besides, it wasn't that far away. It was about a day's long trip. With that in mind, Assama set off at the break of dawn so that she wouldn't miss a single part of the day once she got back to Orchidia. To the guild. To her home.

Words: 122/100

Going Home [Travel] Xw4RJjG

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