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A Bond like brother and sister

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#1Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:14 pm

Miyu Kento
How her luck made her face once again another obstacle. It was predictable getting lost in the forest. It was silent and no person to be seen. They only thing breaking the silence was her grumbling stomach, well understandable walking through this place for days not finding a way out. Suddenly she stopped as she felt a stinging pain in her chest while dropping to the floor. "Why now?!" She said while fighting the pain almost to exhaustion. She heard though in the clearing something. Ws it Footsteps? but was it from an alley or a enemy. This wasn't though the time for questions she had to take the risk. Gathering the rest of her strength she had enough to let out a scream of help while fallin completly on the ground from exhaustion.

#2Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:44 pm

Atlas Prime
Atlas looked at the time and noticed that it was a good time to go running outside. He like to run in the forest because the ground was uneven which helped him improve to a better extent. Atlas soon gathered everything he need and started out for a run. Today he would be wearing a black short sleeve t-shirt and some black running shorts. This made it easier for him to move in. Atlas jogged through the forest for a little while then stopped to take a break. While he was doing that he thought he heard a voice off in the distance. Curious as to who that could be he started to walk that way when a scream shouted out from that direction. Atlas started to run to that spot ignoring whatever exhaustion he could of build up in the run. When Atlas got to the spot where the voice came from he saw a girl on the floor. It looked like she fainted. Atlas wasn't sure if she was injured or anything and knew it wasn't a good thing to try to move her without knowing. For now Atlas would see if he could wake her up. "Hello, he would say. Are you okay?" he asked. Thinking about it he knew that she wasn't but it seemed like a common question to ask for something like that.

#3Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:10 am

Miyu Kento
It was too late for her to give him an answer. Sleeping out of consciousness her breaths were deep irregular breaths. She looked ghastly pale and small purple marks under her eyes shows signs of a sleep deficiency. Her cheeks were faintly caved in and he heard Miyu's stomach which loudly grumbled yearning for some food. Miyu's long violet kimono was ripped and dirty on its end indicating of her traveling in some nasty weather. His voice she heard only but was still to weak to answer. She needed help and fast.

#4Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:10 am

Atlas Prime
"Crap," was all Atlas could say seeing that she didn't respond and she seemed to be getting worse. He knew he shouldn't move her for fear of bigger injury, but if she did get injured he could see if a healing mage could heal her. Atlas decided it was time to act and picked her up in his arms. "I'll try to get you help as fast as I can," he said and started to run back to town. He need to find hospital is seemed and he knew where one was. He was glad that he did train quite a bit because his body was in good condition to run. He soon broke the tree lines and was back in the town. Lucky for both of them the hospital didn't seem that far away.

Atlas soon reached the hospital with Miyu still in his arms. He rushed through the door. "Hey, I'm not sure whats wrong with her but it seems she needs help. I found her out in the forest in this condition," he said. The person at the front called over a nurse who came with a stretcher for her. Atlas placed her on it and watched as they took her back to check on her.

#5Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:50 pm

Miyu Kento
The warmth of his body brought her to a more calm state as she was before. The symptoms she had were still strong and showing. She retrained a little strength to whisper something to him. "alone .... so scared" while appearing in the hospital the nurse checked her up and nodded. "she looks exhausted and she didn't eat. The doctor will see her soon" The stretcher was brought into one of the rooms as a doctor checked on her. The hours flew by while the nurses informed Atlas she was in a stable state but still unconscious he was allowed to see her.

Hearing voices her eyes start to twitch before she open her eyes. Her eyes had to adjust while the sight sharpened. " where am I?" she asked with a soft somber tone. She tried to sit up but still felt dizzy due to the exhaustion. She tipped over almost of the bed. She closed her eyes preparing herself for the pain falling onto the hard floor

#6Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:00 am

Atlas Prime
Atlas was glad when they said the doctor would see her soon. It was true that he didn't know her but since he found her he felt like he should stick around to make sure she was okay. After a while they said that she was still unconscious but that he could see her if he wanted. Atlas decided to take them up on that offer.

He soon arrived in the room. The nurse told him that he could take a seat if he would like and wait for her to wake up. Atlas looked at her and noticed she looked better. "Glad I made it in time," he said. It seemed from his voice she woke up. She mumbled asking where she was but it seemed since she try to get up so fast she started to fall over. Atlas reached out and caught her putting he back on the bed. "Woah, glad to see you are awake. Try not to get up so fast, he said. He thought it would be good to let the nurse know that she was awake. "I'll be right back. Going to get the nurse," he said. Heading out the room, but before fully leaving he turned to her. "I'm Atlas by the way," he said to her.

#7Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:46 am

Miyu Kento
She opened her eyes puzzled not feeling the hard hit of the floor. She looked in his eyes showing her doll-like face. She gazed into his eyes as he talked to her. She nodded and didn't make a fuss of him being so close or putting her back on the bed. He was then bad to the door. Observing the room again she lost herself in her thoughts. She was in the hospital and how she knows from the exhaustion and hunger that her body went to shut down mode. She let her eyebrows sink and bit slightly on her lower lip showing a guilty and sad facial expression. That changed as he introduced himself before shortly disappearing. Trying to through a smile on her face she also introduced herself answering in a soft mellow tone. "Miyu , my name is Miyu"

A nurse appeared a couple minutes later doing a short check up also bringing her something to eat. She took small bites of the food listening to the nurse and following her instructions. Of course, she got a small lecture of why she pushed herself though Miyu didn't answer she just listened. She felt caught in a flashback from the past where she was ill having nothing but a bed and four walls. The memories of loneliness which were planted in her brain started to give her small sting to her heart. The nurse also left informing the young stranger who helped her that she can go but should not be left unintended also she needed some to eat and later a good sleep.

She faintly heard footsteps but did not give herself the intention to see who came in. Tears slightly rolled down her face while her hands gripped onto her kimono making the fabric to wrinkle. Her silky hair hid her doll-like face also hiding the tears. Only the small wet drops on her fabric and the silent sobbing gave it away. She was afraid of her past requiring.

#8Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:20 am

Atlas Prime
Atlas left the room hearing a slight small voice say her name was Miyu. Atlas found a nurse and told them that she was awake and that her name is Miyu so they can talk to her easier. Atlas followed them back into the room. Atlas watched as the nurse started checking her and gave her a lecture about pushing herself. She then gave her some food to eat. Atlas was glad that she was looking better. Atlas just sat there waiting for her to want to speak. After though a little while she seemed to start crying. Atlas wasn't fully sure what to do, but he would try to comfort her anyway. "Hey, whats the matter?" he asked her. If she was crying about this experience then he knew it was a dumb question, but it might help her open up. "I know we don't really know each other but if you want to talk I am hear and ready to listen. If not that is okay," he said to her. He wanted to make sure she was okay.

#9Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:14 am

Miyu Kento
She just wiped her tears while giving him a faint smile trying to hide her guilt. "Oh its nothing." letting the small lie slip through her lips. "I just after to be more catious while walking without a map." says i in a somber and stern ton. She slowly got out of bed. Her legs were still shakey and she still was inbalance. She leaned onto Atlas. A small blush brushed along her cheeks feeling her body close to him. She leaned back with a mature facial expression and straight posture. "I do thank you for helping me. " She kept herself again distant though inside she is eager to find kompanionship.

#10Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:49 am

Atlas Prime
Atlas could tell that there was something wrong even when she said it was nothing. Atlas had seen hardship growing up and knew it himself. It was a pride thing he knew not wanting to show weakness to others. He also knew that she could be hurt from something. That could be the reason she was trying not to open up. She mentioned that she would have to be more cautious when walking without a map. To Atlas it seemed like a lot more than that. She then tried to stand. He body seemed to be to weak because she lost her balance and Atlas reached out to catch her again. "Woah woah waoh, you are not strong enough to stand it seems. Take it easy," he said to her, but she seemed to try and fix herself standing up straight. She then thanked him for helping her. "I think anyone would try to help someone if they seem then in a condition that needs it," he said. Atlas wasn't sure if she was going to try and leave or not. So he tried to gently guide her back to the bed. "Please, just take it easy right now," he would say. If she didn't move from her spot and instead try to leave, he would make sure he would put himself in between the door and herself. He knew she needed rest and if she left she would not get it. "You might not like me for it, but I'll stand her and block you from leaving if I have to. You don't look well enough to leave yet," he would say. He wasn't trying to be mean. He was just trying to help her.

#11Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:23 pm

Miyu Kento
She only shook her head and laid her Hand on his should while gazing into his eyes with a sad look. *I will rest I promise but not here. I dislike hospitals ... I would rather sleep at home or nap in the forrest* Shespoke to him with a suttle tone. *you can aqquatiance me if I am not at all a burden to you. I dislike that as well* She presented him another faint smile while trying to pass hoping he would let her go. More suiting for her element it wads the best place to be in a more open like space.

Here radiant elegance dissapeared as the smell of chocolate tickeled her nose. The beautiful mysterious stranger now was like a full grown child showing him a slightly pouty facial expression. "I am old enough and strong to get out of here ... i was just .. not used to the sudden stand ..." She tried squeezing herself while two childlike tears cam. "I smell chocolate let me get the chocolate! please!" whining and complaining of the tall man boarding the open way with his body.

#12Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Sun Dec 04, 2016 11:42 pm

Atlas Prime
Miyu said that she would rest somewhere but not here. She said that she didn't like hospitals. Atlas could agree on that subject. They were a good place for healing up and stuff but he didn't really care for them other than that. He sat there thinking for a moment. "Fine. I know a place where you can rest though. Its a little noisy at times but its pretty open and you can get stuff to eat there as well," he said thinking about the guild hall. Atlas looked at her and noticed something different. He smelt some chocolate in the air and her face seemed to change a lot. He wasn't sure what it was until she started crying saying how she wanted to go get the chocolate. Atlas was really confused by this. "Fine," he sighed, "but I will be watching you the whole way for now, until I'm certain you are better," he said moving out of the doorway to let her go though.

#13Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:05 am

Miyu Kento
She gave out a smile while giving out a heartwarming laugh. "Yeah..I can get some chocolate!" she almost fell foward though could lean agains't the wall. She looked up to him with her beautiful doll like eyes imitating a expression a puppy would do seeking love from its owner. "I can't walk really well yet I am still hungry ... and tired from 3 days trying to train ... and less sleep ... would you give me a piggyback ride? pretty please?!" Her eyes sparkeled like a 3yr old while the word piggy back ride slipped through the lips.

#14Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:09 am

Atlas Prime
Atlas was confused. It seemed she still wasn't really well enough to walk but she wanted to move around basically. She seemed to get really excited to get some chocolate. Atlas wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not, but decided to give in. The girl seemed to already had a hard time. He decided that it could be good to let her take it a little easy and have something she wanted. "Fine, but after that we are going to a place where you can rest, got it," he said to her, turning around so she can jump on him. Once she was on he would go to where they chocolate was.

#15Miyu Kento 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:04 am

Miyu Kento
Smiling again she leaned her slender body on his back. She first layed her arms over his should crossing it over for a secure hold before lifting her legs for him to grab onto. Laying her head on his right should her curly long hair caressed his skin. A cute laugh slipped though her doll like lips. "Yes lets get chocolate!" saying in a loud voice. She looked to him and smiled. " You are nice ... like a big brother ... I never had a big brother it must be great!" she blurted out with her childlike behavior.

It was a small chocolate stand not so far just mearly before the Entrance of the hospital. For them to get to the man would be to late for he was getting ready to bring the small stand back to his shop at the market place. Which was not so far from there. She stayed on his back as the smell of chocolate hang in her nose. She was awfully silent for when he would turn to see her , he would see her resting face which looked peaceful and happy.

tbc: Market streets

#16Atlas Prime 

A Bond like brother and sister Empty Mon Dec 05, 2016 1:36 am

Atlas Prime
Miyu had gotten on Atlas's back and he again noticed she was pretty light. He wondered why that was. When she spoke she sounded like she was a small child and Atlas had to wonder what the drastic change was. Was it when she was not feeling well that she would start to revert to a child like phase. She did talk about chocolate a lot so he wondered if it had to do something with that. She mentioned how nice Atlas was and said he was like a big brother. Atlas wondered himself why he was helping her so much even though he didn't know her at all.

Atlas left the hospital and noticed there was a stand there but it started to leave. He tried to get to it, but the he couldn't make it with the crowd in front of him. "Well guess we will just have to follow them," he said. It seemed though that Miyu had fallen asleep. He figured this would be in interesting trip.


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