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The Next Step [Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
"I could remember that one sweet voice asking for guidance from someone who she thought was a great power. All I could of given was the same repeated advice. One step at a time. Only thing you can do in struggles. I don't think she meant to fall apart the way she did, but its like when steam engine runs out of coal. It stops. She ran out of coal, will, to live. No one would refill her will not with a simple shovel until someone did. It was little, but enough to  make her last until a gust of wind knocked her over. Now I must play the game again, only this girl writes her own rules"

The clues lied neatly on the kitchen table arranged in a array of notes and everything. There was colored coordinated sticky notes with ideas and theories about what it could all mean. There was a hand written letter to LeeAnn specifically. The paper was yellowed, but readable. It said:

Dear LeeAnn,

I know within time something will happen to me. Very soon. At the date this is written you are only thriteen and learning magic at this point. I dont know if you will ever get to read this, but I hope you are doing well. I maybe dead or far gone. Listen, there is something I must tell you. Very serious.

My years of studying the supernatural and learning about some illusions that have taken place in my life have lead me to something drastic. Something that was after one of my realitives and now myself and perhaps you. I have left clues only you must get and your brother to understand. Nakamuras are the only ones who can understand this after all. There are items to help you along the way I thought that might be handy. They are scattered throughout Fiore. Please, you must continue my search. I know you too well, you will not give up a fight. Whatever this thing must be, end it. Its nothing humane.

Always know, I love you.

Sincerely and best regards,

She had reread the letter multiple times. Though, her diary remained untouched. LeeAnn didn't want to examine it yet. She felt uneasy reading it just yet though there was something else on the table. It was a clear ball about the size of a baseball. A blood red fog sustained inside of it regardless and hadn't changed. She scratched her head to figure it out. A secret still remained hidden that she had found later one after her meeting with Selena. It was a crystal of some symbol. She didn't know what it really meant. Hans was busy looking at it. He chewed on it hoping to break the seal. The redhead had scolded him to not chew on rocks otherwise may lead borken teeth.

Hours later, it was early in the morning. She had stayed up all night trying to figure it out. Snoring on the table covering her notes with drooling, the blue crystal lied next to her hand. Another loud snore came from her. The crystal began to glow when she muttered "Order". A strong wind emerged from the crystal emitting cerulan light particles into the air. Slowly, it formed into a figure. A light casted through the room. The particles formed into a tall, slender young man with black hair and glasses. He wore a white cape, pants, and fancy coat much like Hans. Only he had not animal features and no hat. His eyes looked at the crystal as he stretched. It was quite cramped in that shard of junk. Quietly, he noticed Leeann sleeping. He was very confused. Carefully, he saw the girl's notes nad picked one of them up. It had dates and lists of events that happened. The paper he had picked up was a timeline. Then he picked up another the name Elizabeth Nakamura. His eyes lit up. "Lizzy" he whispered. The small ruckus he caused made LeeAnn squint here eyes. She noticed someone else was in the room and was trying to be quiet. Hans was never carefully like this guy. Slowly, she opened her eyes to the man with her notes and papers. His eyes looked up at her in response as if he was suprised and kinda panicked. Quickly, seeing this intruder, she sprung to action and held out her small dagger at his nose. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my house? Wrong place to be buddy!" she growled. He held up his hands defense showing he wanted no trouble. The redhead stood place for a few moments. "Ma'am, I can explain all of this" he said a little nervous. She wanted to hear his pathetic excuse in result she put away her dagger. "Very well. Explain, I want to hear this" she said.

The man pushed his glasses up to the correct position. It flashed with the morning sunlight blinding the redhead since she was at the right angle. Delicately, he lifted the blue shard that glistened much like his glasses. The seal that was on it was gone. His index finger pointed to where it was. "Your intelligent enough to distinguish what's missing. Aren't you?" he said. LeeAnn nodded now understanding.

"Alright, please tell me more" she asked. The man nodded readying to tell a novel worth of information. He adjusted his coat and cape. "I was sealed into a crystal what...eight years ago? Yes, eight years ago by Lizzy...I mean Elizabeth Nakamura. You summoned me by using the word "Order". It's relevant to my name which is Concord, the bringer of peace. Who must you be I ask" he replied, giving a straight forward answer. It seemed logical her mother would do something strange like that. Spirits or just human she would do crazy things like that. Logical to her, it made more sense that Hans himself. She seemed to believe him. "You knew my mother? I am her only daughter, LeeAnn Nakamura. Pleased to meet you Concord" she greeted. Concord bowed a little in respect. Her questioned did go understand on if he knew her mother. He had to restate it to her again to confirm. Adjusting his glasses again, he looked at her right into her eyes. Though, he wondered why they were like that in the first place. "Yes, I did. In fact, she created me through her magic. Your mother was had a talent for spirits. Summoning them, but for some reason her subconscious mind create me for sanity purposes years ago when she was only a teenager. She came from a family that was...interesting, but fallen now. In fact, apart of her mind is inside me. The part of her that's level headed and a thinker. If it weren't for me your mother would of lost it, though" he explained. LeeAnn couldn't believe it. All spirits were once human including Hans at one point, but guess there was something new for everybody. Concord sat down in the chair next to her. He knew more about her mother than she did. There was so many questions she wanted to ask.

"Really? Explains her love for the supernatural. She did love spirits and everything. So about this fallen family, what is it and why did my mother hide about it" she asked. Concord knew Elizabeth hated talking about her side of the family for plenty of reasons one being the ritual they did when someone died and the dark deals they did behind the family's back. She knew and saw the signs. He thought delicately how to place it. It was a while since he thought about it, but it was a dusty topic. "Your mother never spoke of her family ever. She never like it. It was because of the things they have done that she disliked. There were many questions about it too. Like if her family was all an illusion or some dream. She claimed they were all illusions and her real surname was Glenshaw, but there is no in the world with that last name and if they did there would be no records. I have checked. Something or someone tampered with her mind from what I think. This family is not as well known now, but your mother's surname was Sokolov" he replied.

LeeAnn froze.

She stood completely still. Memories flashed as well as thoughts play a small movie. Now that she collected her thought, she was now related to Konstantin and Aleksander Sokolov. The two very people on her team. LeeAnn managed to wrap her head around the subject. "That means I am related to Konstantin and Aleksander Sokolov. This changes everything" she said. Concord never came to question where her mother was until now. He look around the kitchen. It was cozy with some dirty dishes in the sink, but nothing too much and a fridge with a small cupboard full of canned goods. He noticed she was a semi-organized person from how she kept up with this yet a moderate presences of chaos. "Tell me, LeeAnn. Where is your mother anyways? Like did anything happen to her" he asked. The redhead's eyes darken as he seemed to back off the subject real quickly yet he was curious. It was a odd feeling. He deiced to act upon the curiosity. Eight years of being sealed in a crystal, you don't get much interaction with people. It was like a long sleep for him.

There was no sort of answer from LeeAnn as she sat there quiet. Automatically, it was decided something did happen to her and he was going to find out. Concord gave her an assuring stare showing he wanted to know. "LeeAnn I want to know...and will say it again. What happened to her" he asked once more. The crimson hair woman took a deep sigh with her chest heaving up and then down at her hands. "She...was kidnapped" she explained. Concord knew this was probably a bit too much for her to talk about so he left it alone. That's all he wanted to know. He got up and decided to make some tea. He snooped around for any tea packets, but couldn't find any so he sat back down. It was silent. "I'm sorry for asking. I was just wondering. Being sealed in a crystal for eight years would leave you to have a lot to catch up on. I do remember you when you were little. The bright red hair of yours gives it away upon first glance" he mentioned. Her eyes blinked a few times becoming aware of how familiar he now was. This was one of her teachers her mother "hired" that taught her tactics and methods of battle from different styles to popular strategies. Her head risen realizing who he was as she had a face of awe. "You were one of my other teachers growing up! The really strict one! Wow you were such a jerk" she said bluntly. His eyes turned sharp at the comment seeing she hasn't changed at all. He pushed his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.

"I see you haven't changed one bit yourself. To answer your question, she sealed me away in the crystal you have right there. Reasons unknown. Your mother has always been secretive" he said. LeeAnn took a good look at the crystal as it was blue simple clean cut shard. It looked carefully crafted for a specific purpose and seemed to be cut by human hands clearly. By whom? She couldnt tell. Concord leaned forward looking at her. "Between you and me, did you know that there is a kitsune in your house"he whispered. His eyes were diverted to the tall, male kitsune in the room. Hans stood there innocently eating a bowl full of what looked like rocks. Both raised an eyebrow, but LeeAnn shrugged as if it was nothing. At least he wasn't blowing up buildings, that was the bright side. She forgot he was foreign to his acts. It just hit her.

Spirt of Order. Spirit of Chaos. In one room. Oh boy.  "Why is he eating a bowl full of rocks? Wouldn't you break your teeth doing that" he questioned. Hans smiled and offered him some. His hand pushed the bowl away from him and towards back to Hans. "What's wrong? Are they not good enough for you" asked Hans. Irritated, Concord growled a little finding him annoying. "I just don't eat rocks like some idiots do. Why is an incompetitant thing like you doing here" he asked. Hans grew a little offended. It was then both of them started to go at it with a small rivalry.

LeeAnn grabbed a bag of popcorn and sat down to watch the feud happen. She put on 3-D glasses she found on the table and watched it. "This is better the paperview. Screw Lacrima television, this stuff is better" she smiled, eating a handful of popcorn. Meanwhile, Hans and Concord were going at it like two dogs over a scrap of meat. Both of them were clawing each other with words that hurt the most. "If I am correct, the only saying goes the bigger they are the harder they fall" said Concord. Hans hissed as his tails puffed up.

"That's if you can hit a moving target. I hold more power in a flick of my fingers than you do in your whole body" he said. Concord smiled as he and Hans when forehead to forehead fuming. "Try me buddy! i bet you have no idea how to control it" he retorted. Finally Leeann slammed their heads together really hard hearing a loud:


Afterward, they both fell to the ground holding their heads. She was the spirit of balance to keep choas and order from ripping each other's throats out. "Both of you knock it off, Concord stop it! You too Hans! So...now that I found out I am a Sokolov and my mom left me you. What next" she asked. Concord got up with a large bump on his head adjust his glasses as if nothing hand happened between them as so did Hans. "Very well. I think analyzing the data would be best. I will help you on your journey after all, you are her daughter and I have nothing else better to do" he said. Hans's grew a little jealous as he puffed out his chest to show he was still in the room. Leeann noticed him, but ignored him. "I would agree. Come on, both of you, lets get started" she said.


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