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Orchidia Bound [Travel]

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#1Zancrow Windcaller 

Orchidia Bound [Travel] Empty Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:24 pm

Zancrow Windcaller
There was not much else to do within the city of Crocus aside from more sight-seeing. However, the older male felt that there was enough sight-seeing that he had done in his time staying, and was more or less ready to depart to greener pastures. Orchidia was not too far off from Crocus, but it did lead into a brief, yet dense forested area. Nothing would go wrong, as was the plan. Zancrow would remember that his family was slaughtered on the same road, and even though he could not smell their blood, the spot where they all died was burned into his head.

"No more time for lollygagging, time to head off."



Orchidia Bound [Travel] DY5S4A7

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