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Translating the note [Solo]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru looked at the request board. He was an educated man, actually one of the more educated men in society. He had a great background and was raised form a rich family giving him the proper foundation he needed. Now he was staring at a quest that had requirements of being an intelligent individual. Hikaru smiled looking at the board and it seemed to caught his eyes. Usually most of the request revolved around combat or some physical task but rarely did they ever require him to be able to read. He pulled the request off and hurried over to the library curious as to what the request would have him do. Upon arriving to the library there was this women. She seemed quite young but she had an eye patch. Hikaru took note of that. Her expression was really tough to read only making Hikaru more curious as to what type of women this could be. He didn't want to ask any questions cause frankly he didn't like getting way too personal with clients and plus they didn't pay him to get in their business. Hikaru decided that he would begin with speaking about the mission to see what it was all about.

"Hi, i'm Hikaru Nakamura, of the Rune Knights. My Rank is Lieutenant, How can I be of service to you ma'm?"

Hikaru said sounding respectful, collected, and most of all intelligent.  the women gestured for Hikaru to follow her and he did as the two walk into the library the women gave Hikaru a note. The note seemed to be weird. The language on there wasn't normal language. It wasn't the common one. Hikaru stared at the paper for a bit in curiosity as to what was being shown to him. Finally the women would speak.

"This is another language, Valan Runic language to be exact. I can't translate it at the moment so was hoping you can if that's no problem."

The women said to Hikaru. Hikaru nodded and decided it would be in his best interest to do so. It didn't seem overly difficult and seemed like it was a task that could take anywhere from an hour at max to half an hour. He nodded and Hikaru spoke with confidence yet quietness since he was still in a library which was suppose to be a quiet area.

"That should be no problem. I'll have it done in no time."

Hikaru said. Upon finishing speaking he grabbed the book and began to approach the library row. First of all he would need to find the proper location of where the book would be located. He found the nearest directory and spent a few minutes before he found the language catalog. He marked down which section he could find that and began to approach the section. Upon arriving to the sectino of the library he could see each row was perfectly alphabetized. Hikaru searched for the letter V which came toward the very end. He began to walk down the row searching for the word "Valan." Upon finding the word Valan, he searched for Runic  to see if he coudl find the language. Within a minute of finding the first word, Hikaru found the second word and then the entire book. He took the book off the shelf and held it in his hand. Hikaru approached the closest open table to begin to decipher the language. The table he sat on had a smooth wooden desk, and the book that he placed down was a beautiful leather book but very large. it was a dictionary so nothing less was expected. Before Hikaru could even begin translating he would take a brief moment to skim through some of the words and trying to figure out how the book worked.

After deciphering the book, Hikaru would scan the dictionary going word by word to see if the word's match. It wasn't hard at first because the beginning of each section had the letter the word started with, so he cross referenced the letters to help decipher the words. Hikaru began ot decipher the words and they began to appear weird as if he was reading off of someone's cook list or shopping list. Hikaru would compose of each list on a white sheet of computer paper as he continued to read each word and match it to it's meaning. The words that had appeared were all things you could expect to find in a common grocery store. Hikaru grunted in a bit of anger, all that hard work was basically just to find out that someone really wanted Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves for dinner. He clenched his fist and decided that there was no way that could be it. The note seemed so old as if it was important so Hikaru figured that the second time might be the best try. After doing it for a second time that was when hikaru finally realized that no matter how many times he did it, the results would bare the same unless he was doing it wrong.

After double checking Hikaru figured he had done his job right. Hikaru would leave the note and the grocery list on the counter as he would have to go now collect the jewels he didn't feel right for earning. Nonetheless the women did waste some of his time so he figured that payment was only fair. However that was minimal work and was pointless. Maybe he had learned a thing or two though, Hikaru felt somewhat smarter knowing now some of the basic letters in the beautiful language known as Valan Runic language. Even though the mission had turned out to be nothing but a bust, it taught Hikaru a valuable lesson. Not all missions had a true purpose, and not all would be successful. He couldn't help but smile as he walked out picking the sack of Jewels the women had left for him. Maybe she would redecipher the message to double check his work, because at first glance it didn't really seem like a grocery list.

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