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Translate the Note [Salem]

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Translate the Note [Salem] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:56 pm

Strolling threw the library Salem would proceed to go about his normal daily reading rituals to prepare himself for the task at hand. A task that was given to him earlier by Luciel, the adopted Daughter and apprentice of the Lady Merlin. Do to Oda and Merlin both working for the Magic Council for the past several years, they had come to know each other and even discuss their adoptive children amongst one another being that it was rare especially amongst members of the magic council to find adoptive parents like Oda and Merlin. But knowing the way that Salem thrived to learn and understand everything about Magic, made him the perfect recommendation to Luciel from her mother. As Luciel had found herself trying to decipher a note that she had discovered In ancient rune that was no longer used. But sadly with her being an Apprentice to the Lady Merlin she was always busy with other small projects not really leaving her anytime to actually decipher the note. Something in which she felt could possibly contain some valuable magical knowledge.

This being where her mothers recommendation of Salem would come into play, as Luciel would be in the Kitchen of Salem and Oda’s house first thing that morning. Having already been knocking on the door before Oda could even finish cooking he and Salem’s morning breakfast. As soon as Salem made his way down the dark brown stairs that let up to his room at the upper quarter of the house. He would be greeted by a sweet but bitter toned voice. One he would instantly recognize to not be that of his adoptive father Oda. Though Salem actually had no idea of who this voice would belong to, and would be shocked once his eyes viewed the figure that the voice originated from. This being none other then Luciel, someone Salem had only knew by name and brief sightings around the capital. After her greeted Luciel would wave for Salem to come and sit next to her at his own table, like he was a guest in his own house. This being something unsettling to Salem. But none the less he had come to learn to deal with it as Rank was a big thing in the capital and even though this girl was only a Apprentice she still out ranked him at this current moment in time.

Sitting down at his table located in the center of his kitchen Salem would proceed to hear out Luciel as he rubbed his eyes frantically trying to remove all of the eye buggers that had managed to build up in his sleep. “Well I take it that you already know who I am being not only the daughter but Apprentice of the Lady Merlin. So we shall cut this short for the better of both of us. As I am sure you have a busy day ahead of you being a Paige in the Rune Knights. I am here to ask of the assistance with something I discovered a little while back on a quest. It is a special note written in an Ancient rune language that is not longer in use and has been lost to society. And from my understanding you are a studier of all things magic especially magic history. So I am hoping that you may be able to decipher this note for me. I will gladly pay you for your services. Now be that you willing I am sure that it will be some books in the capital library that will assist you in this task. If you complete it just leave the deciphered note as well as your research as I will come to collect it from the library when I get a chance.” With that the Apprentice Mage Luciel would make here way leaving the residence of Oda and Salem allowing for them to finish their morning rituals.

Doing it in such an abrupt manor, that Salem always refused to assist her. But his love of magical knowledge trump all else. This being the reason that Salem now found himself inside of the Capital library Ancient magic section. Since the first thing that Salem was going to need to do was figure out what ancient rune language the note was actually wrote in. As he could not begin to decipher the note if he had not clue what language he was to be looking at. This would lead him to a section in the back of the rather enormous library that contained almost endless books. This would be where he would come across his very first clue. A book that contained a list of some of the more ancient rune languages that were on the verge of getting forgotten. In this book he would come to be able to discover what the rune language was written on the notes.

A ancient Rune language that went by the name of the Valan runic language. One knowing the language he was looking at, Salem would then proceed to start deciphering over the Runes so that the could being to understand what was all wrote on this note that had been discovered by the Apprentice Mage Luciel. As he was sure this was probably something that she got when shit accompanied Lady Merlin on one of her vast Quest. But none the less the only thing that mattered for Salem at this current moment, was for him to finish the deciphering. This being a process that would only take Zeda a matter of moments once he knew the language he was looking at. Which would sadly lead to disappointment for Salem. As he would come to realize that the note given to him was nothing more then a basic shopping list. Listening things like Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves. A grocery list that Salem was not to found off especially since he had spent a good portion of his morning working to decipher it. But that was the past and Salem needed to move forward. Proceeding to write down the translations, Salem would proceed to organize his work on the desk that he had been using in the library so that it could easily be gone threw by Luciel. Once finished Salem would make his exit to the practice field to do some of his mandatory Rune Knight Paige training.

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