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Lets Get Physical [Salem]

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Lets Get Physical [Salem] Empty Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:14 am

Salem quickly moved to his next destination as he feared the he was about to be late. This not being something that the young Paige wanted to happen when he was performing another favor for another one of his fellow Rune Knights. A seated knight by the name of Armin, the very same Knight that he had just recently helped find his sword that had gotten taken by a dog at the Garden. Though Salem only managed to get that job do to the fact that Armin had come to see Oda and was not going to be able to do find it on his own due to him having other task to accomplish. Which was why he entrusted Salem with the job of finding it. A job that Salem had managed to accomplish very well though what could be expected of a task that was so simple and easy. But non the less Armin was commending Salem on his efforts that helped him in completing his job for Armin. And so for this reason Armin was looking to employ Salem once again for his services. Though this time it would not be do to him misplacing his sword, or any item for that matter. As sadly Armin has managed to become sick and was scheduled to teach a small class of soon to be future Rune Knights.

And knowing that Salem was Paige he figured that with his absence from the class this week he could at least send Salem in to train the boys physical abilities. Due to Salem being a Paige that meant that he himself had already started to undergo the brute physical training that it took for one to become a rune knight. And so he better then anyone would be able to condition the boys and help them grasp what they would soon have to withstand if they had any hopes of ever being future Rune Knights. This being something that Salem would gladly agree to, as not only was Armin offering to pay him for his services today, but Salem also knew that this could help him as a Paige maybe even possible earning him a few brownie points that would help speed the process of him becoming a Squire. The next level amongst the path of become a true Rune Knight and warrior of the magic council.

Reaching the park that Armin had told Salem to go for the class, Salem would instantly spot the group of five boys that he could easily tell where the ones aspiring to be Rune Knights. This being just by the way that the each and every single one of the boys cared themselves. Approaching the small group of five boys Salem would Introduce himself as well as explaining everything that was going on with Armin and why he was temping in for him this week. Once all the boys were finished introducing themselves and telling Salem the reason that they each wanted to become Rune Knights. Salem would proceed to have the boys take off doing suicides in the park. Now do to he fact that they were on a plain flat field with no actual lines to indicate where the boys where to touch and return to the baseline. Salem would make magic markers for the boys to know. Proceeding to spread 3 of these marks out placing them each twenty meters away from each other with the first one being twenty-five meters away from the bass line.

The five boys would be required to run to the first orb then back to the bass line then proceed back to second orb. Which they would then proceed to go back to the base line before going to the third orb and returning making on suicide. This making one Suicide a two hundred and seventy meter run which was not the easiest of run especially when Salem was most likely going to have the boys run these until each and every single one of them threw up the complete insides of their stomachs at least several times. As it was the same method of training that he received on his first day training as a Paige Rune Knight. So he figured that it be best he prepare the boys for the very same drill that set in their hopefully near future.

Once each and every one of the boys had completely vomited everything that they had probably eaten for the past week. Salem would proceed to give them a small break and allow them water. Though this break would be small in time frame only being five minutes. Since Rune Knights needed to be able to going even when others stopped and this would be the best way for him to instill that into the minds of these young boys. Since as soon as the five minutes was up, and not a second longer Salem would have the boys drop and give push ups until the palms of their hand’s started to bleed. Salem could barely count the amount of times the boys fail from not being able to support their own body weights during this phase of excurse. But with Salem’s constant yelling and pushing each and every single one of the boys would manage to push threw it. This not being a pretty site but one that Salem had come to be able to watch without blinking from have to undergo the same form of extreme training himself.

After each and every single one of the boys had fail from the pushup position almost knocking themselves out, Salem would proceed to allow for them to have once more a five minute break. Allowing for the boys to get water to re hydrate as he was sure that he was pushing each and every single one of their bodies to its limits. But this was what it was like to become a Rune Knight. Once finishing their break Salem would have the boys to run another one hundred of his dreaded suicides. One each and everyone of the boys finished he would proceed to dismiss them for the day so that they could now go and rest as he cleaned up the park and proceeded to go meet up with Armin to get his payment.


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