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Sibling to Sibling [Hikaru]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Sibling to Sibling [Hikaru] Empty Sun Nov 20, 2016 8:43 am

Lee Nakamura
It was early in the morning before LeeAnn could even begin her day. The brink of dawn as the cold air nipped the young Nakamura's toes showing from under the comforters. Quickly, she removed them from the chilled air and back under the covers. Distant music played of a cityscape with a night light on of a lion. The other side of the bed lied Hans sleeping quietly and for once, peaceful and not running about causing choas. It was a cute little scene. There was a light wood nightstand that had a picture of Hikaru and her father together then another one off to the right of her mother. The last one was of the last picture all four of them had together and another one of her and Hans together laughing. It was a nice happy little setup. Family. The one thing she still had that most people did not have. A supportive one. One that would be there no matter what, but it was broken. She aimed to seek the remedy for her broken father. Nothing had stopped her yet. Sunlight broke through the sheer curtains and into her eyes. She squinted as the darkness broke seeing a bright light in her face. Moving her hand up to see, she saw it was morning. A long, quiet yawns came from her as she stretched. She felt Han's nine and fluffy kitsune tails on her side of the bed. After stretching, she plopped back on the bed looking at the cieling thinking. The new things that she had discovered.

The strange behavior from her Uncle and Ciar's reaction. The burnt picture. The note. The children's book. LeeAnn had only wondered what else could lie ahead for her. Konstantin was the only person she could really consider a friend and perhaps his brother since he didn't seem too bad of a guy. All she had was them. Kon, Ciar, and Hans knew of the truth. The whole truth. Assama and Selena just knew of the illness not everything about her mother or what she saw. The memory of that place remained repressed and something she would rather not think about at all. The only moments she remember was darkness and Han's face. Without that kitsune, she probably would of been dead. The white walls and cieling gleamed brightly reflecting the morning sunlight. You know that one feeling where you question everything in your life? You just lay there thinking about the recent events and wonder why you? Just these happenings and findings of the greater beyond are even more than what you could ever imagine. How far you would have come without the special ones in your life? Without them, you would be sitting here wasting precious time. It was one of those needed moments to recollect your thoughts and tell yourself everything is going to be okay. You are on the road to recovery.

LeeAnn. LeeAnn Kaya Alister Nakamura. The child of Nicholas and Elizabeth Nakamura. The little sister of Hikaru Nakamura. The friend of Konstantin and Alek. The lover of Hans. The hero of her own story. She got up and removed the covers off of her. Putting on simple jeans, a black t-shirt and white socks. Her hair was still a mess from sleeping through the night. A small yawn escaped her mouth as a response to waking up. Her calves felt like lead weighing her down aching to her to go back to bed. She went into the kitchen just down the hall and off to your left coming from their bedroom. In the freezer were frozen, neatly cut slabs of meat with different labels on them. Many of them said:

LeeAnn: Human

On the front. She took one of them and placed it in the skillet that she prepare by heating it. It sizzled touching the hot iron. It smelled like bacon to her. Hans was immune to the smell already and perhaps didn't care. The quiet for the first time gave her a sense of peace despite the city scape background track that play through the house. It gave her some sense of comfort. She never liked total quiet, but enough noise to give her a sense of coziness. Konstantin was out doing jobs so it was just her that was awake. She knew her friend's schedule by now since he was now living with her for about a week. Standing there cooking the bacon, she again remained silent with nothing to say but how good that piece of cooking meat looked to her. Though, that was probably her thing.

Then LeeAnn finished cooking the small slab of human meat. She placed it on a clean white plate and took it to the dinner table. Usually, Hans would make her something since she was always so busy doing missions, fulfilling her duties or training. She had no time to relax and enjoy life. Today was going to be one of those days. The redhead popped a brand new bottle of wine and pour some into a small glass. She sat down at the small dinner table to eat. Finishing her meal, she put on boots and brushed her hair. Wearing casual things today, she knew her fiance was still asleep. So she would have to at least deal with being alone for now. Placing her earbuds into her ears, she turned out loud music. It was another thing to soothe her mind. She was a complex persona. Walking outside, it was cold, but then again she was a fire mage and could heat up her body enough to keep her warm.

LeeAnn walked down the side walk walking at the fast pace of her music. She loved loud and fast such as rock or alternative with some metal in her playlist. She saw a small liquor store that she usually went to in the mornings on her day off to get a few things. She walked into taking out one of her earbuds looking through the selection. "Now...which ones...hard cider? Dark Ale? Which ones? Hmm...pick a poison, Lee" she whispered.

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#2Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
There was no such thing as rest for Hikaru. He was a firm believer in Hard work beats talent, but only if talent fails to work hard. He was talented, and he worked hard too, so he felt this was the best way to make him as strong as he could be and today was no different. He was doing mile repeats throughout the town of Crocus. It was early in the morning, yet Hikaru had already gone through 7 miles, each clocking under 6 minutes. Hikaru took a break. His recovery were one minute. Hikaru was wearing a hoodie on, the hoodie was a darker color towards the bottom of it and the top was the natural color of the gray hoodie. All of it was his sweat.

Hikaru took a deep breath as he struggled for air. It only seemed like it was 5 seconds but his watch had gone off signaling his minute rest was over. Hikaru took a deep breathe and looked around. He looked down at his watch double checking his time was over. He reset the watch and began to run again. He had the same intensity as before and had the determination in his eyes to do well. About five minutes later as Hikaru finally turned the corner and had about half a mile left, He could see a figure up ahead. Who could be up this early? He sped up just a little bit only to see the red head. Could it be his sister? The women seemed to enter the store, and Hikaru looked at his watch signaling he had hit the one mile mark. He slowed down hyperventilating before walking slowly to the place the women he had seen walk into. It was a liquor store. He looked down and saw his sister through the window, and walked inside opening the door.

"A bit too early to be getting drunk don't you think?"

Hikaru had said sarcastically to the women who was immune to the affects of alcohol. He was curious as to her reasons for being up, but maybe she was like him getting some early training done. He doubt that was the reason, actually he knew very few who would wake up as early as he would to train, but he assumed the quirks and kinks of everyone is what made them, them.

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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn couldn't decide which one to pick as far as restocking her inventory. Hans, her fiance, had drank all of it the few nights before. It really pissed her off that she had just restocked that same day. Oh well, she saw it as a way to get out this morning. Its was her personal day off so to speak. From the corner of her eye, the door opened making a sound with a bell. Seeing pink hair coming through the doorway, she would most likely think of her brother, but she knew he was always busy doing...well...what ever it is her brother did. None of her business. Though, she knew the odds were possible. The answer to her question was answered as she heard the sarcastic remark to her drinking early. He must of caught on her love or more need for it. The redhead forced herself to like it or going more with the tasteless drink so she wouldn't have to taste the ridged and disgusting after taste.

A small smile appeared on her lips giving her true mood. He really knew how to bring the best out of her. "Why isn't it twinkle toes himself? You show off, what are you doing here? I don't suppose you made a route in your training schedule to get some ale" she teased. She noticed his outfit suspecting he was training. Afterall, that's all he really did every time they talk. This was no different. He worked harder than she did on his physical body. She did was well though, but not everyday. The redhead picked up a bottle of vodka, always a resort. "How have you been, Hikaru? Been a while since we have talked just the two of us" she said.

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#4Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Upon introduction, Lee-Ann called him"Twinkle Toes". It was a strange word that he often caught his sister calling people. He tended to ignore it knowing it was just one of her tendencies, or at least that was something he had noticed. She asked what he was doing, and said she didn't think he made a route in his training schedule to get some Ale. Hikaru chuckled a bit.

"No, I was just on a morning jog."

He said clearing up any confusion of him getting alcohol at such an hour. She asked how he was and she said it's been a while since just the two talked so hikaru decided he would have a conversation. He had just finished training anyways so it wasn't like he had anything really important to do.

"I've been well. But sure, we can talk I suppose, I don't have much to do today anyways. Whatsup?"

Hikaru said. He looked at the collection of alcohol that was being displayed for people to purchase. It was quite impressive, however after a workout he had little to no interest in any of it to be honest. Hikaru simply waited to hear about his sisters life since he had nothing else better to do.

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#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn laughed a bit knowing her brother well. He was a guy who worked hard in fact they both were. Lee was hard on herself when she never deemed to sucess like she wanted to. Hikaru seemed to take a personal interest into her new life. It seemed to lead to a good start. LeeAnn could only smile. She knew sooner or later she was gonna have to spill the beans about the illness and her past unless he knew about it already. It made her wonder really how he would react. Though, the council knew of her situation and set forth a certain process with the local hospitals to take maimed limbs from soldiers and mages they tossed away. The council would give it Hans and he would take care of it for now. It was legal and more human that way in her eyes. Grabbing a few bottle of polish vodka, she could only reply with the positive things.

"There is a lot we need to catch up. Good and bad things have happened, but I am doing rather well after all that's sorta happened to me. My life is finally turning around. I can say there is never a day in my life that I am bored" she replied. Referring to the randomness of the kitsune she was marrying, her father had a good idea how he acted. Hans meant well just really random and mischievous. He was love able and playful. She quickly bought the vodka and looked at her brother. "How about we go back to my house to talk. Its more appropriate and plus you get to meet someone very dear to me" she said. They would walk out of the liquor store while she carried the bag by the handle. She wondered where to start. LeeAnn would want to tell him about Hans first and the marriage. She knew for a fact her brother was not stupid. If it wasn't for her slip, this would of been a surprise. There was no denying it now. Hikaru probably would of noticed the engangment ring around her left ring finger.

"Well there are some things I need to tell you on a family note. I am pretty sure you already could guess I am with someone. Hikaru, dad and none of the family knows about this. Been saving this for a special occasion, but wanted to tell you first. I am getting married. Married to a man...you probably would wonder why the hell I ended up with him, but he really means well. He is certainly...peculiar and...random...very much chaotic" she smiled. LeeAnn's cheeks would blush a little as her mixed matched eyes would gleam with happiness. The news itself was exciting to tell especially to her brother since there was more to it than just than. Though, she was curious to see his reaction to Hans. Afterall, he was a kitsune...a very discord kitsune. "Hans is his name. He is a loving and loyal man. He and I were wondering if you would like to be best man? I know it's so sudden, but I cant help myself. I am excited for you to meet him. He's...like family to me. He saved my life years ago" she smiled, as her eyes gotten a little dark at the last sentence remembering her mother or Hikaru's stepmother. But she resumed to smiling seeing how her brother would react to all of this.

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#6Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Good and bad things have happened to her. Hikaru listened. Sometimes people just needed someone to listen. Hikaru was happy that she had found peace in her life, where her life was turning around and she was always busy. Being busy didn't always mean something bad, on the contrary it turned out it could mean something great. The more busy meant maybe you were just becoming a better person, or more people relied on you which wasn't a bad quality to have. Hikaru listened to Lee talk about how she wanted to go back to her house to talk and how it would be more appropriate and how he would meet someone important in her life. Hikaru Was curious about this. That's when he noticed the engagement ring on her finger. Hikaru couldn't help but nod and speak as if he was oblivious.

"That's fine by me I suppose. I love to meet pets anyways."

Hikaru said. It was his little sister, he would never discuss the matter of a male sleeping over at her house with her nonetheless marrying her. So he simply implied that it was a pet so she knew his stance on the entire thing. After they brought the liquor they began to walk back to her place and Hikaru woudl listen to Lee start to speak again. She broke the news that she was getting married to a man, the way she described him made Hikaru clenched his fist. However when he turned his head to his sister to bash the guy who she was marrying, he could see the look on her face. Nothing but love. She seemed happy, so Hikaru kept his composure and collected himself as he released his clenched fist. Lee-Ann asked if he would be the best man, and she also said he was family to her and saved her life. The man had a better resume in Hikaru's opinion but Hikaru answered in all honesty to Lee-Ann.


Hikaru said. He didn't sugar code it, he was very blunt. His reasons for it were straight forward. He wasn't going to lie, he would simply speak the truth.

"I don't like this idea of you getting married to a complete stranger. Secondly, I don't know the guy. Finally, for personal reasons beyond anything, I will not be his best man."

Hikaru said. The personal reasons were actually the least lawful thoughts one could imagine Hikaru to have. He would never say what he thought verbally, hence why he said personal reasons. Becoming a best man meant becoming friends with the man, sure it would be nice to be friends with the man, but that wasn't the point. Hikaru didn't want to be friends with the man, He wanted the man to fear the Nakamura name, and shiver if he meant any of the males in the Nakamura line. It was a prestigious line of males, each and every single one of them were powerful in their own respect, and strong. People in Hargeon feared picking a fight with that name, and he wanted to instill the same fear in Lee-Anns to be husband.

"Hmm.. So what should I call you in the future. Ms...?"

Hikaru said with curiosity.

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#7Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn held the plastic bag of liquior in her right hand. The thought of her brother being the first to know about. When she told him, a light in his eyes she had never seen before. LeeAnn was quite observant after the numerous times she had studied people's behavior in bars and stores as well as other places. She was keen on seeing certain emotions. A big smile shown on her lips as she looked a little mischievous. There was something about this that she could see in him. Protective. It kinda nice, but noticed a few other things that he probably didn't like about Hans. He hasn't even met the guy. She only sighed as he turned down her offer. It was to be expected from his reaction. The red head only listened to his reasoning.

"Bro, you haven't even met the guy and you are already starting to form an opinion. Even I think that's kinda low, sheesh, he's good really. He just pulls harmless pranks and does crazy things such as walking on walls and breaks lthe laws of physics. Dad knows of him, but he doesn't know we are together. Don't judge until you have actually gotten to know him. Besides, you actually are protective of your little sister? Aaawww that's so sweet" she said then teased him near the end. She did smile a bit. It was one of those things where he had to warm up slowly to him. You couldn't hate anyone forever. She was really nervous of how he would actually deal with a greater spirit, that being a kitsune. Knowing Rune Knights were not very fond of other creatures or races, some people would mistake him for a demon. Its happened a few times. Though, they are not, but greater spirits.

Hikaru didn't know that. There was so many things she had to tell him. She could see the tensity in his eyes and feeling just the intensified air between them. He asked what she should call her since she was actually getting married. To be honest, she never knew about Hans's last name. He was very secretive about his past and never took interest of who she should invite on his side of hte family. She thought. "Surprisingly, for as long as I known him, he never told me. But I am still keeping hte Nakamura name! No man is going to force me to change it! No way. Its a name that needs to be held with pride" she said. She was keen on keeping her last name regardless if not add it on to whatever her fiance's last name was.

She approached the house that stood in a nice area. It was a good sized one at that. They would enter inside the house. It had been at least about an hour since she left. She turned the doorknob gritting her teeth hoping the house would not be a mess whenever she would open it. As she opened the door, she didn't see Hans anywhere. "I don't see him anywhere. Has must still be sleeping. Well, this place isn't much but was a good price at the time. I bought it since I had a lot of money leftover" she would say. She close the door behind her brother with a slam. A loud groan came from her right seeing her fiance on the couch. He wasn't there before, but probably over looked him. Hans held his head groaned at the loud noise. "Oooo, not so loud Lee! Sheesh keep it down" he groaned. She lifted an eyebrow. That's what he got for drinking all of her wine stash. His kitsune tails and ears were not showing, he had the appearance of a normal human. "That's what you get for drinking all of my stash that FORBIDDEN! Hika you can come into the kitchen" she said.

The kitsune just held his head groaning for her attention once she would walk into the kitchen. A small growl came from her seeing her fiance was a little possessive of her attention, but what could she do? "LeeAnn...I...need...water. I do not..remember what I did last night. I...think we have a...utility room to build my blimp and....a garage....added inside the house. Drunk science!" he said to her. A weird and confused face shown on her trying to comprehend what he just say. A small unsure nod came from her. LeeAnn gave him a glass of water then looked at her brother. "Would you like anything Hikaru? Milk? Water? Lemonade" she said. She was trying to be a good host for the time they did have together. "Hans, can you come here" she asked. He groaned as his head pounded. He stood up at taller than Hikaru at 6'5" then sat back down. He was a beanstalk, but tall. The man looked to be built for speed and nothing else. Hans held his head as he laid it on the table. "Hans, this is my brother, y older brother, Hikaru. The one I always talk about. Hikaru this is my fiance, Hans" she introduced. She gave both of them a look to get along, but knew something was going to happen. She gritted her teeth with a little worry. The kitsune seemed to look up and yawn. He was dressed some basic black slacks with a button up shirt and black vest.

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#8Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru listened to Lee critique him for forming an opinion. She began to tease him toward the end of her dialogue and Hikaru simply ignored it looking away to show he was standing his ground. This conversation hadn't started out well. Hikaru listened to Lee speak about the last name and she said she didn't know his last name for as long as she knew him. She even went onto say she'll be keeping their last name with pride. However the thing that stuck out was the last name. Hikaru wouldn't say anymore, because he wanted to comment on how she was marrying someone who she didn't even know full name but Hikaru didn't feel like angering Lee by continuously bashing the man so he kept to himself.

"Oh that's great I suppose."

Hikaru said referring to her keeping the name. That was the good part of what she had just told him. At least she still cherished the name as much as he did. Hikaru entered Lee's house looking around. It was nice. The man wasn't there so that wasn't bad but he looked around. It didn't look cheap but she seemed to be doing well financially he supposed. Hikaru looked at the man who seemed to freak out about the door closing. He looked towards the man who seemed to be complaining, and Lee spoke about her alcohol. Hikaru assumed it was the man being hungover. He laughed as he followed Lee. Hikaru followed Lee to the kitchen overhearing the man continue to speak. Hikaru overheard the man talking, was he still drunk? He didn't want to comment much on the dialogue. Instead he brought his attention toward the house seeing the way Lee decorated it. He turned his head as she gave him a glass while giving him several options.

"Water please."

Hikaru said. Naturally he was dehydrated from his morning run so water was always a must. Finally Lee called the man to come over and he did. He was slightly taller than Hikaru but he didn't look like he was made for strength, he looked more like the speedy build which reassured Hikaru on his hypothesis if it came down to it he could kick his ass. Lee introduced Hikaru to the man and Hikaru wouldn't do anything too extreme in the presence of lee.


Hikaru said. He looked at the man who seemed to yawn and was clearly hungover. Hikaru made a suggestion to Lee.

"Maybe you should get him some water too."

Hikaru said as he would remove his gaze from the man and continue to survey the room. He was awaiting two opportunities. One was for the man to say the wrong thing to him, or the second was for a private chat. Either way Lee-Ann would disapprove. He figured the man was hungover, but even Hikaru didn't think this was the best way to meet someone at first. There wasn't much to say. He hadn't made any promises yet on his behavior so he was just going to see how things turned out.

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#9Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
The house was elegant and had many fox figurines as well as pictures of her family. A few of her mother and father with many of her and Hans as well quite a few of her and Hikaru. It was clear she cherished her family and Hans. She gave both Hikaru and Hans a glass of water each. Really, she never experienced being drunk. Most of the time, she had to remember no one else had her chemical built. There was something a bartender said to another man next to her once saying bread was also something. She gave Hans a few loafs of bread to help sober up and a few pieces of food as well. Giving her brother a few stern glares, she had a feeling something was going to happen and would end up not what she thought. Hans waved as she looked at LeeAnn. The kitsune wanted to have a serious talk with his guy. Though, his fiance was in the room to moniter their behavior. "Hello, Hikaru. LeeAnn has told me a lot about you" he greeted. He still eyed LeeAnn wanting her to leave. She narrowed her eyes both of them. Him and Concord would always fight when she was gone or had her back turned. It always seem Hans gotten himself into trouble.

"LeeAnn, can I have help trying to find something" said Concord. His head popped from the corner of the wall. He had navy blue hair or black hair with glasses. The red head nodded as she left the room. Before she left, she glared at Hikaru and Hans. "If anything happens, I will have both of her your heads mounted on the wall and it wont be pretty either" she said. Hans knew she was only bluffing...he hoped. She disappeared to the upper floor where Concord knew what was going on hearing from upstairs. She would walk into the room in the floor above the kitchen. "Whatcha need" she asked. Concord was seen lying on the floor on his side with his ear placed against the wood floor. She tilted her head and wondered why he was trying to over heard the conversation. "Oh, I was wondering if you could help me find some files to help organize your filing system, but it seemed you had a visitor. Come here, let's see what they were saying" he said. LeeAnn bit her lip hoping they were not going at it. She had a bad feeling in her heart. Doing the same pose as Concord they both listened to what was going on downstairs.

Meanwhile, Hans got up as if nothing was wrong. He looked behind him to make sure LeeAnn was not anywhere. The kitsune sat up looking more healthy. His eyes were more awake and he noticed Hikaru being a little...odd with him. The two males would sit there in silence staring at each other. Hans was actually extremely serious this time. "So you're Hikaru, the one LeeAnn cannot stop talking about? Heard great things, though not in person. Tell me...what is it that makes you not like me. i can already tell" he said, calmly. The air felt heavier as if there was weight on their shoulders making the moment more tense. Hans meant business. This time! He knew from what LeeAnn would ramble on about he was a lightning mage and stronger than his sister as well as a higher ranking officer in the Rune Knights. Hans wasn't stupid to see he could kick his ass if he felt like it. Though, he could at least intimidate. Hans had not unfolded one of the secrets he was hiding. His tails and ears were not visible at the moment seeming like he was normal.



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#10Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Finally the tense awkwardness was broken. The man spoke saying hello and said Lee had told him a lot about him. Hikaru was impressed, this was the first time he had actually heard the man speak in a sentence without implication that he had just awaken or was maybe even hungover. Hikaru looked at the man and thought to himself how to respond to what the man had said. Hikaru hadn't really met this guy yet, and frankly he was about to say he didn't hear much about the man but for the sake of his sister He decided to play along as if he had heard a lot about the man himself.

"Yeah, i've heard a lot about you too. Hans is the name right?"

Hikaru said. Hikaru turned his gaze towards someone asking lee for a favor. A butler maybe? Hikaru looked at the man and wondered how many men were actually in the house.  Lee was leaving and threatened both of them before walking out. Hikaru heard them walk away and finally the two were left alone. He seemed to look around to see if Lee was not there. Hikaru didn't have much to say so he was silent. Finally the man spoke this time with a different matter. He talked about her high praised and talked about the great things and not in person. He asked why Hikaru didn't like him. Hikaru looked at the man, and decided he would be blunt since Lee-Ann wasn't there.

"You're a smart man, I'd hope at least. The way I see things are different than most. To me you're a variable. One that I have no influence on. Well at least for now that is."

Hikaru said taking a pause. He took a sip of his water before putting down the glass and continuing his blunt dialogue.

"Nothing against you but I've met all types of people in my line of work. I've also done stuff to people that ..."

Hikaru thought about a good way to put what he was thinking about. He didn't want to get too graphic on his missions so he decided the best way was to keep the man on his toes guessing.

"Let's just say its classified and frowned upon. My point is, you've done nothing to prove you are a variable that I see value in or even have use for. Rather you're the unknown to me and whenever I approach the unknown, I tread with caution and I advise you do the same."

Hikaru said warning the man not to provoke him. Hikaru's tone was very calm, yet it wasn't the nicest dialogue but was extremely blunt. He was curious as to how this Han's figure would respond. What he said was cruel but what concerned Hikaru most about Hans was the fact that hew as the unknown. Only time could show a person's true color. Hikaru however decided to turn some questions on the man.

"So, why don't you tell me two things. How valuable is my sister to you and has your opinion of me changed yet?"

Hikaru raised two good questions. He was looking for a certain response from the man.

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#11Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Hans raised his head paying attention to a serious matter. This was LeeAnn's older brother. They knew both of them were protecting her. Hikaru took him as a unknown variable. He didn't frown, but wanted to smile. After Hikaru was finished, Hans would speak. He adjusted his tie and sat up. "I see, you are a tactician. A military man" he said. A serious face put on as it he slowly grinned. Clearly, anyone was scared of a element they cannot control. It was common in human nature especially if it was one with your only little sister. His red tie he was clipped together to his white shirt. He took a sip of his water then continued his gaze to Hikaru. "You see me as a threatening, unknown, possibility. Something about that terrifies you" he said so calmly.

The air would thicken and become extremely dense in weight on their shoulders. His eyes turned into slits showing he was extremely serious. He sat in the chair across from Hikaru. Both hands were on the table as he looked at Hikaru straight in the eyes. "And yet you have the courage to push past that, to threaten me. Good. I could care less how much blood you have shed. You dislike it, but I can see you would do it again if you must, and I respect that" he said. There lied a photo on a end table in the other room. It had a picture of LeeAnn and him. It was one of her being scared on that photobooth that one day. He scared the living wits out of her. He got up and walked towards it and picked it up. A little time passes as she began to laugh a bit. There was life in his eyes as he smiled.

"It means that you're willing to do what is necessary to protect Lee. Beyond all else, that's what matters. Without Lee, I'd be nothing. And you?" he said. As his eyes looked serious, but actually asking her brother the question. The value of what LeeAnn meant to him was more than any one could ever notice. He looked at him right into the eye. The air slowly relaxed as a gave a small smile. "I can work with you" he smiled.

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Hikaru Nakamura
The man adjusted his tie and made an observation regarding Hikaru. The man spoke calmly and even went as far as to tell Hikaru he was threatened by him. Hikaru let a slight chuckle out. He thought it was amusing the man even thought Hikaru found him as threatening. Rather his lack of intimidation also made Hikaru question his value as a protector to his sister. After letting out the slight chuckle he would continue to listen to the man attempting to respect his turn to talk. The man was talking about the blood shed Hikaru did, and he talked about the respect that came behind it. At least he knew how to appreciate the service of the military.

Hikaru didn't comment and allowed the man to continue to speak. The man seemed to pick something up a photo, Hikaru couldn't quite see it but the man seemed to be smiling at it. The man asked Hikaru what he would be without Lee-Ann, and frankly he decided to be honest.

" I genuinely hate that figure of speech. That's why I rarely do the couple nonsense. That's why i've worked alone up til recently actually. The dependence on other individuals makes one weak. You see without my sister, I'd still be Hikaru Nakamura, a renowned mage. To be honest I've gone a majority of my life without her. She does hold a place in my heart. I know, people should rely on each other, but I've never been the one to completely believe in that ideology completely. How I see it like building a table. Tables, rely on their four legs. Now lets say you have the option between four strong legs, or four weak ones which one will you pick?"

Hikaru said. Part of him speaking was his pride and the way he is thinking was probably the reason he wasn't married at this point. He knew his value and he was extremely independent, he knew that he wasn't just like every other male. Hence he was picky, he sought the perfect one for him, and he never had that feeling of being nothing without someone, not even for his own Mother. It was cruel, it was wrong, but it was the way he was. It was his pride. Hikaru looked at the man in the eye and was deliberating on what to say next.

"My sister is a strong leg, but you.... Only time can tell what type of leg you'll be."

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn heard everything knowing her brother well. He was not going to like Hans at all, but that kitsune was going to stick around no matter what. She looked at Concord who even looked astonished himself. "I know. Hikaru is a man who is....not...easy to talk to when people threaten his family. Thing is Hans is no threat" she whispered. Concord gave a irritated look. "More annoying than a threat" he commented back at her. At least he agreed he wasn't a threat. Though, he was possessive about her, but not controlling. LeeAnn came down stairs as she walked into the room looking at both her big brother and her fiance. With a small sigh, she was the only female out of both siblings. "You are not easy to reason with both of you. I guess I can't force you to warm up to each other like I thought. Don't take me for a fool..." she said. LeeAnn made it clear she heard their whole conversation upstairs and knew both of them would not compromise to a certain agreement or at least Hikaru.

She remained calm and took both of their hands placing them on each of their shoulders. It felt good to have people fighting over her, a brother who now reminding he still wants her in his life, and a soon-to-be-husband that will have her back to the end do them part. She as marrying him whether her brother liked it or not. "Listen...both of you...we're family blood or not and both of you are going to try to get along. Right, Hikaru? Right, Hans? Isn't that what family is all about? I know the Nakamura put the fear into their names, but Hikaru...I know being the your only sister does make you protective and all...but he's really harmless. He really...is useless in battle" she replied. Hans gave a little look at her as LeeAnn raised an eyebrow.

"Don't give me that look. Did you forget? When you saved me, your magic skills came to me. You lost the ability to when you came to save me" she said. He crossed his arms and looked down. "Yeah...just hit a nerve didn't I? But it is the truth...but you are there for me. More than anyone ever has for me recently. Anyways...Hikaru I am sorry for all the sudden news I hope you can forgive me" she said. A small sighed came from her.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn looked at the time and gritted her teeth. She looked at Concord to take Hans out of the room to prevent further discussions. The redhead's mixed matched eyes looked at her brother and took a deep breath. "Just...please...do this for me. I dont care how much you hate him. I think he might have amnesia as well about his past explains how he acts about some things. Though, this is something that really means a lot to me. I don't expect you to like him or be buddy-buddy, but what I do expect is your respect for my decision. After all, he did save my life on four different occasions and would do the same for you as well. Set aside the your damn pride and just....please be happy about this. I need one thing to go right in my life, can you do that Hikaru?" she asked. LeeAnn was not fooled by his acts in front of her. She was not easy to fool on that behalf after all they were family though not close enough. A calmness came to her eyes as she hugged her brother. It was not easy for her to do the same since they were both prideful and had the same flaws in that aspect. Too much pride for their own good.

"Easily, I knew this was going to be hard to make you even approve. You stubborn idiot! Though, you have to admit I did good at least he cares for me. I think that's something we all need...even you Hikaru. You think you don't but you do. Something you and I are different on. You seek independence but I seek dependency. You can't function one without the other or else those table legs your talking about will break. We're both opposites, huh? Well..I would love to stay to chat but there are some personal issues I must settle" she said. She hugged her brother as they both went their separate ways.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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