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Let's Get Physical [Solo]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

Let's Get Physical [Solo] Empty Sun Nov 20, 2016 4:23 am

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru had decided to spend some of his time volunteering. There wasn't much to do today, plus he was going to get paid jewels for it, so it wasn't half bad at all. What happened was according the council there was a seated mage who had been working hard in training children who were to become the future of the Rune Knight. yet for some reason today he needed someone else to take his job. Usually this work would be given to the seated or those freshly in the Rune Knight, but he assumed that either this class was exceptional or simply no one else was available. It was fine by Hikaru though he was a man who enjoyed to think of the future, it was weird because for most of his life he had been concerned about the future and getting stronger and going down as a legend.

He wasn't one of the minds to think what happens now is the only thing that mattered. He was one to think about months, years, or even decades later on how his life would be and his impact he would leave on the world. It wasn't a normal thing, the sheer concept could scare some individuals actually, but for some reason the concept drove Hikaru to become a better man as well as stronger. He wanted for his children, and their children to be in awe about the contributions Hikaru had made to the country, he wanted everyone to be proud of the Nakamura name, a name that is renowned in hargeon.

Hikaru approached the training grounds. The students all seemed to be lined up awaiting for Hikaru to come. In front of them was their usual instructor. The man seemed a bit young, but Hikaru saw potential in him. He was curious as to why become an instructor at such a young age, however he assumed someone had to do it. Hikaru approached the playground taking a deep breath in. Hopefully these kids weren't like the stereotypical kids he had been so use to. The ones who use Mayhem, and were simply annoying. If they were they would learn the wrath of Hikaru. He had 0 patience for games being played with him, and if these kids were going to join the Rune Knights he would make sure they would get a good enough work out so they could think about it before simply committing to it.

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#2Hikaru Nakamura 

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Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru approached the children and looked at them all He could hear his fellow knight address him as Lieutenant. He also said this was the highest rank the class had seen so far and hikaru nodded and looked at all of the Children. he was curious as to how many of these kids would actually tick to it and how many of these kids would be there as the protectors of Fiore. However he would show them what it really took. He smiled while looking at the children and decided his training activity would be simply but hard. It was a simple training ground but Hikaru was going to make them work. He took out several cones and placed them. Each about 5 feet away from each other all the way down. It was 100 yards, with maybe 20 cones spread out evenly making it 5  between each cones. Hikaru took a moment and decided to tell the kids what he was going to make them do. First off Hikaru looked at each of the children examining them by size finally he began to speak.

"I am Hikaru Nakamura, I am a Lieutenant. First and foremost the Rune Knights is a hard life, and it requires constant hard training. I will put you through one of my easiest training regiments to show you guys the difficulties of becoming a RK. First and foremost, I will never make any of you guys do anything I will not do so do not worry about this being inhumane or impossible. So with that being said i'm going to start with my first activity. Who here has heard of suicides? Probably all of you. We're going to do 20 sets of 20 suicides."

Hikaru said. He had a whistle in his mouth and began to take off his armor hoping to have a lighter run. He would run with the children as he blew the whistle taking off. He could hear their amazement with his speed and he finished before all of them only going 5 m/s when he could run faster. He looked around as he took a deep breath seeing the children were dying from the run. He laughed and upon the time they were finished none of them actually made it that far or most of them were out of breathe. Hikaru couldn't help but chuckle.  It looked like it was oging to be a long day for the children.

Several hours later the kids were nearly on the ground breathing heavily. Hikaru would ned the training regiment with some more body conditioning. He would speak with a commanding volume to all the children.

"Everyone line up."

Hikaru said they all lined up in front of him, He took a deep breathe and looked around to each one of their faces. He thought about what he would make them do and he decided they were only children and he had already given them a hard workout. They . He began to walk to their side, until he reached the middle of the line. He looked at them all and told them to change directions.

"Listen up, We will all be doing push up's together. We shall spell out Rune Knight. In short do 10 Push ups. I want none of you to give up on me, and I won't on you guys either. We do this together."

Hikaru looked at them and got on his knees and joined them for the push up's he would Lead. Each letter echoing, as the entire class of students scream in unison with him. They would do this together, as a team, as one. Each individual seemed to be struggling but in the very end they all finished. upon finishing Hikaru dismissed them and let them go. He picked up the cones one by one and took them with him as he went to go collect his reward he couldn't help but have a big smile on his face. The future for the Rune Knights was bright.

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