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Making Mend [Selena]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Wed Nov 16, 2016 8:38 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn stood there right where she last saw her father leave for the Rune Knight safehouse. She gave a letter to their owl, a great horned one, to give to Selena. It said to meet her in the town square. The large owl flew off as she watched it soar out of her sight dodging the tall buildings. Oh how she wished she could fly and escape her problems. The talk with her father cleared things up a lot. He told her in order to move on she had to fix problems she had now. Recent events made her really think about her status in life. What was her purpose? Once more, she looked at the sky looking up at the clouds passing by. "What would I give for someone to give me answers. Guess like dad said, one step at a time. Fix yourself before doing anything else. Dad you know me too well" she smiled. Today, she had to fix one problem. She had to at least try. No Hans. Just herself.

LeeAnn held the note that held the riddle where her mother left in a children's book. She knew the next riddle was in the town square as well. Hit two birds with one stone. LeeAnn wore her black t-shirt, jeans and simple sneakers. She walked out of the front lawn and into the streets. Bustling to her destination. She kept her focus forward with the occasional glance at her note. A manticore statue. was there a such thing in the town square? She at least hoped so. When her mother was alive, she knew her mother loved puzzles. Seek and Finds, and was quite the locksmith. Riddles were another love for her as her mother would actually use them for a scavenger hunt for LeeAnn all over the house to keep her busy and mind active. The redhead knew how her mother was. LeeAnn reached to the town square and saw a giant Manticore statue. Just as she thought. LeeAnn would be seen standing there looking for a trigger. It's paw was risen high up. She looked down to see some strange runes she had see before from the library. It was Valan. She stood there studying it.

Waiting she tried to translate these runes to saying "Pull down my paw and you shall see" was what it had said. She climbed the statue and pulled on the paw. Nothing happened. She tried it again this time she felt something move. Hopping off she scratched her head. "What was that" she said. A small compartment shown with another note, a ball that was red and gold, and a old journal. The redhead looked to see this was her mother's doing yet again. LeeAnn knew. Perhaps Selena could help her with these clues. She was smart enough. But LeeAnn leaned against the statue looking at the note.

#2Selena Maelstrom 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Sat Nov 19, 2016 4:41 am

Selena Maelstrom
Selena tossed and turned in her bed. Tap Tap. She tried desperately to get to sleep. She was working all day and her body was tired. Tap Tap. The constant pecking on glass stopped her from doing so however. Lying there she threw her hand over her face and wiped the sleep from her eyes. Throwing the covers off the harsh cold wind did the job of waking Selena up further Tap Tap. Making her way to the window Selena wondered what the hell was causing the tapping. Pulling the curtains open, illuminating the room with a dull moonlight a owl was perched on the windowsill. Tap T- "ALRIGHT ALRIGHT" Selena bellowed opening the window. "Sheesh." She murmured as the owl hoped into the room. Rubbing her eyes again, Selena moved her hands to the leg of the owl. It was outstretched with a note attached to his leg. Selena untied the note from the owl and at once it flew away. Sighing heavily Selena unrolled the note and giving it a quick scan. Selena's Cobalt eyes woke up further seeing who the note was from. Lee.

They had only met the other day though with the team, what was so important? Selena got up and closed the window, throwing the note on the bed. he cold had now fully woken Selena up, as much as it was. Selena moved to her wardrobe and took out her usual leisure wear which consisted of a white t-shirt and blue jeans. She also stuck on a black hoodie to avoid the cold. Grabbing the note on her bed Selena headed out of her room and to the town square.

Despite the large hoodie enveloping Selena, she still found it cold. Her breath was clearly visible under the moonlight. It almost seemed like it was going to snow tomorrow. Selena reached the town square, around where the manticore statue was. There she seen as familiar red head, scalling the statue?! "Uh Lee? What the Hell are you doing?" Selena called out walking up to the statue that had definitely changed in some way.

#3Lee Nakamura 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:36 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn began to read the note, but was quickly interrupted by a voice. One in particular she had been waiting for. The redhead looked up as she jumped a little with it being so sudden. It was Selena. The young Nakamura hopped off the statue to level ground. The question remained of what the redhead was doing. "Long story, my mother left me this note in an old children's book that she used to read to me. Clue said something about a Manticore and core of Crocus. It lead me here. Personal business. I'm trying to find her" she explained. Whether she believed her or not, LeeAnn did not care. She had to find her mother to mend her family backd together and most of all herself. Without a mother figure in her life, it was a bit more tragic. The red head put the glass red fog ball, the new note, and her mother's diary back into her backpack. She turned to Selena.

"Though, that's not the reason why I brought you here. The real reason was to apologize for how I was the night before. It's been bothering me that I am not on good terms with my team mate and in order to move on I have to mend bridges and starting here would be my best bet. I seriously want to be friends with you. Although I may not know how to approach it, making friends is like trying to teach a cat how to bark. It's really hard" she explained. LeeAnn had been bothered by it since they last saw each other. Her father helped clear things out and gave her a few tips to work on. It was only a matter of time before the young Nakamura would take that and use it. Afterall, she held the family name dear to her. Family was an important part of LeeAnn. It was her duty to serve them and live up to that name. Perhaps, it was not suppose to be like that, but the redhead insisted on it. "So...do you accept my apology? I know I am not the easiest person to talk to, but I am trying. Though, I understand if you dont want to. Its all up to you" she said in a serious voice.

#4Selena Maelstrom 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Sun Nov 20, 2016 2:21 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Selena looked back at Lee looking plainky, no expresion, except one of mild exhaustion. It sounded legit. After everything Hans had told her about Lee and her Family, the whole Idea didn't seem as farfetched asit counded. Granted it did sound stupid, but Selena would pay no mind. "Nah I believe you. It isn't the craziest thing I've heard, well at least the craziest thing this week..." Selena said to Lee walking closer to see if she could lend a hand. Selena also remembered how she offered to help Lee in any way she could so it only seemed right to her. Besides it wasn't the only thing she remembered. Selena was initially annoyed at Lee flr calling her at such a late hour, but she did remember how she called Lee away from Wedding plans, so really it only seemed fair. Although Selena would have prefered a warmer scene or activity.

Selena stopped however when Lee said that's why she didn't cal her here. "Oh?" Selena looked puzzled at Lee. Then what? Selena asked herself, but Lee soon answered. It was to, apologise? Selena's face became more confused. They had already sort of apologised right? Granted Selena was holding onto some resentment but it wasn't because of Lee as a person, more like the fairness in the matter of co-captain. Lee also wemt on to explain how she finds it hard to make friends. She fonoshed by asking Selena to accept her apology. "Well yeah, I thought I kinda did already but sure." Selena said, again walking towards Lee. "But I know how hard it is, so do I. I mean it was partially my fault that the night turned to crap, not just yours." Selena said, putting more blame on herself then she wanted to. She knew it took two to tango, but it eas Lee who was making the most errors, in Selena's eyes anyway. Although that was then and now she understood why, still annoyed but she understood. "So do you need a hand? I said I would help, and many nands make light work and all so yeah." Selena said, speaking in her normal deep tone, het still managing to find awkwardness and shoving in there. "Because holy damn it's cold and I really want to get back to bed, so c'mon." Selena encouraged Lee.

#5Lee Nakamura 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Fri Dec 02, 2016 7:26 am

Lee Nakamura
The red head held the items in her hands as she put them into her backpack for safe keeping. These would be stored for later. She could have her fiance figure it out if he doesn't break something. LeeAnn didn't know if they fully apologized or not, but she rather be safe than sorry. It would clear things up and be more on a professional level. It was easier to forgive and forget in Lee's eyes since she had other things to worry about than this like preventing her brother from ripping Hans's throat out and vice versa. She would listne to her carefully. Selena thought they already kind of made up. "That was through Hans. I want to clear things up more coming from me. It seems right" she replied. The dragon slayer took half the blame that night. There was some effort into her side of the situation. It made LeeAnn smile. She seemed a bit at ease with Selena.

LeeAnn had forgotten that it was cold. With her being a fire mage, she could control the temperature of her body. It was an odd thing, but she enjoy it. She only wore a simple jacket. She had also forgotten that people actually get cold. She nodded. "Yeah we can go get some hot chocolate. My treat. I forgot it was cold" she would say getting out of this wretched weather. "Glad we cleared things up there. Thank you for coming out, Selena" she replied.

#6Selena Maelstrom 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:35 pm

Selena Maelstrom
Lee explaimed thatshe wanted to clear things up for herself and not through her fiance. Selena, although keeping an unchanging exterior was deeply comfused. She had though. They even hugged. Still Selena could get why she wanted to do it properly. It was probably annyoing her for a while and wanting to do it face to face was best. At least she had that going for her. Selena finally had one thing to positive to say about lee for her position of co-captain.

Lee then said that they could go get some hot chocolate because Lee had forgotten it was cold. "Yeah sounds good. I suppose you're all hot because of your disease that makes alcohol like water." Selena stated more than asked. "I feel the cold a little more than most because of- sprry nevermind lets go get the hot chocolate." Selena said quickly. Lee then said that she was glad to clear things up. Selena simpky replied with a smile and a nod.

#7Lee Nakamura 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:16 am

Lee Nakamura
She smiled now a bit relieved to see things at ease for once. Finally someone who didn't hate her guts or Hans's/ She sighed happily. "Actually its because I am a fire mage. My body is naturally warm. Just someting that comes with magic I guess? Regards to the alcohol, yes. It's like water to me. I can drink as much as I can without it getting me wasted. Something its wonderful, but for me I don't. There's nothing in the world that can help me just forget one thing" she said. She nodded getting the hot chocolate. They walked to the cafe quietly. Both didn't speak a word as Lee's eyes were darken thinking about something. Shaking her head free of any thoughts regarding to her present life, she entered the cafe holding the door open for Selena as a nice gesture.

"Here, they have nothing I can eat or drink here except water. Take this and order whatever you like. It's on me" she said. LeeAnn handed her a large bill that she had. Money was not a problem for her at all. The few things going for her in her life. LEeAnn stood with her. "Keep the change too. Money is not a big issue for me" she responded.


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#8Selena Maelstrom 

Making Mend [Selena]  Empty on Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:18 pm

Selena Maelstrom

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