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Translate the Note [Assama]

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Assama Sinclair
It hadn't been a day since Assama completed her last request and she was already setting out to find another. This time, she did know where the request board was and didn't need any help getting there. She was still on borderline trouble with her money at the moment so she needed to get requests done as soon as possible, especially if she was going to be making her trip back to Orchidia or onto another town. In all likelihood, she would be leaving for Orchidia to hopefully meet up with some more Lamia Scale members. With the sharp rise in dark guild activity she found it best to stay with her guild and protect her own town from harm. First, to do that, she would need to be able to take care of herself.

Upon arriving at the request board she saw that there weren't as many as the day before. Maybe some other people started taking requests around the same time she did. If so, it would certainly be an odd coincidence. Anyhow, Assama took a look at the various requests listed. She decided on one that asked for someone to translate a note. It was definitely outside of Assama's comfort zone, but she lived for challenges. Translating a note sounded like a tough one to tackle. Foreign languages weren't exactly her forte, but who knew. She may need translating skills in the future, so she may as well get as much experience as she could. This request may not include everything she needed for that skill, but would at least be a stepping stone for her.

The request said for her to go to the library and meet her client, who, as said via request, was named Luciel. Without wanting to waste any time, she set off for the library. She knew where this place was and was confident that she would know how to get there from the request board. It was actually the first place Assama began to look for when she came to Crocus, not the inn. She didn't know if the amount of books she brought with her would suffice for the duration of her vacation, so she decided that it was wise to look for the library, just in case.

Assama reached her destination fairly quickly, much faster than when she tried to find the park where she had to train a few young trainees. She opened the door and stepped into the library. Bookshelves lined the walls and took up a good portion of the interior. Information desks, miniature studies and a colorful reading corner for children took up the rest. Assama could have spent her whole day in there indefinitely reading easily, but she had a job to do.

The Lamia Scale mage walked up to one of the information desks and asked if the lady behind it knew of a Luciel. Just in case, she informed her that she wanted to see Luciel for the translation request she put out. The lady nodded her head and went to fetch her. She came back with a blonde haired girl. She wore an eye patch, similar to how another girl she knew did. However, this girl had a cold, hard, emotionless look on her face. In a single hand she clutched a piece of paper with strange dark markings on it. "You're here to translate this for me?" Luciel asked, holding up the note. Assama nodded her head and put on a smile. "I am. What language is it in? I don't think I saw it specified on the request..." "It's written in a very ancient language known as the Valan Runic language. The library does have a dictionary here, but I don't have the time to translate this note myself. The dictionary is in the reference section," Luciel said, handing Assama the note. "When you're done just leave it on the desk. I'll pick it up later." With that said, Luciel left and Assama got to work.

She went to the reference section of the library just like Luciel said. She searched its many bookshelves, some of which contained text books. Others contained books that shared a greater resemblance to tomes. Finding the language part of the section, Assama looked for the Valan Runic language dictionary. It wasn't hard to find. She pulled out the thick volume and set it down on a nearby table. It was caked in dust. Clearly it wasn't a very popular language to study. When she opened the book a puff of smoke rose in the air, and, her nose being as sensitive as it was, let out a sneeze that she tried her best to stifle, but failed. Assama just shook her head and brushed off the dust. She began to read the first page.

Aside from the majority of the dictionary being covered in dust, the book looked very well kept. Albeit fragile looking, none of the pages were folded, not even the corners. The first page of the book stated that this section was dedicated to translating Valan into the language of Fiore. Assama thought that it would be simple at first with a direct translation like that, but soon came to realize that the runes itself had been translated. There were no letters that went with the runes. Crestfallen, Assama still went in her pursuit to translate the note. She flattened the note and looked at the runes. All she would have to do was figure out which runes could mean a certain letter and try to find them alphabetically.

It took Assama a while, an hour at least, to translate the note. When she was finished, she wasn't sure that she entirely got the note right. It read: Hare Meat, Cabbage, Potatoes and Ox Hooves. She wasn't sure why those words would have been written down, but Assama double, triple and quadruple checked to see her translations were right. Every time she checked, they were right. Done with her work, she set the note on the information desk for Luciel to pick up. On the desk as well was a little reward for her. Taking her payment and leaving, she was one step closer to leaving Crocus and returning home.

Word Count: 1040/1000

Translate the Note [Assama] Xw4RJjG

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