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You Can't con me [Private]

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#1Hikaru Nakamura 

You Can't con me [Private] Empty Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:51 am

Hikaru Nakamura
Hikaru looked at the request board for what seemed to be an eternity picking which request he wanted to do. At first there were multiple ones that stuck out, but due to laziness Hikaru decided to pick an easier request. Hopefully it wouldn’t give him much trouble, but one was looking for a con artist. A man with a debt. Hikaru looked at the request and stared at it for a brief moment before deciding this was the request he would like to do. He tore it off the board and began to walk away. There was an address to go to. He was going to go to the Client and speak to him first. The client would give him a better understanding of the mean so Hikaru would be prepared if the man was hostile or not. Hikaru arrived to the client which was at a bar. Hikaru looked at the time, and it was 7 a.m. so he wasn’t sure if the client would be up and about but it was worth a try. Hikaru began by knocking on the door. At first no response, but then he knocked even harder this time and heard a response, this time telling him to wait. Hikaru waited at the door until a man came out.  

“Sorry man we’re not open.”

The man said as he began to shut the door Hikaru stuck his foot out stopping the door from closing. The man turned back around with curiosity and all Hikaru could do was hold up the request hoping the man would now understand his reasoning for coming. The man stared at it for a brief moment and laughed and spoke to Hikaru.

“Oh yeah, I’m sorry about that man. You know customers come back looking for things they lost the night before and I usually tell em to wait until we open.”

Hikaru nodded with a smile and began to speak to the man.

“It’s okay no harm,no foul.”

Hikaru sad in the man’s bar as the man poured Hikaru a mimosa explaining to him what had happened. Hikaru nodded and promised to bring back the man’s money immediately. After speaking Hikaru walked outside taking in the empty streets of Era. Maybe immediately wouldn’t be the right idea. He doubt the man was up so Hikaru would have to stake out to where he usually was and would have to wait for him to show up for Hikaru to come out of no where and get the money. As soon as the man appeared it was around 12:00, the streets were filled. Hikaru walked to the man and spoke.

“Look Ive been up since 7 waiting for you I’m really annoyed. Give me the money you ower Barta and I won’t hurt you.”

Hikaru said as he grabbed the man by the shoulder squeezing it a bit with his lieutenants might aura hoping to make the man squirm. He did, and then greeted Hikaru trying to be buddies with him but Hikaru wasn’t going to be all friendly and rather Hikaru continued to threaten him about getting the money or things wouldn’t look good. Almost immediately gave Hikaru money, but then Hikaru got bumped by someone. Hikaru turned around to address who bumped him and in that brief moment the man switched out his jewels for counterfit jewels. Hikaru nodded at the man and left and brought it to Barta.

Barta looked at the jewels and started laughing. Then he realized Hikaru was serious and then freaked out saying the man had scammed HIakru with fake money and that he wanted his money back from Kyle. This infuriated Hikaru because he was a Rune knight, a man of the law and yet he had been deceived so easily by a con artist he didn’t even though. Following this Hikaru would go and confront the man. As he walked he walked a bit faster than usual, this time there was some anger to this face. As he finally was approaching where he had seen the man Hikaru could see the man in the distance. The man was laughing and talking around comrades bu then he saw Hikaru and it looked like he had seen the face of a ghost. He took off running toward the gate, and Hikaru took off in a sprint chasing him. Hikaru moved swiftly moving as fast as he could with as much speed as he could. The man was overpowering him in speed, but Hikaru made up for it by using his own technique.


Hikaru said. His feed would begin to electrify as he buffed his speed allowing him to move slightly faster catching up to the man steadily. From behind Hikaru came and grabbed him knocking him over. The man and Hikaru both stood up after Hikaru had knocked him down. He got in a fighting stance, but he had done the wrong thing to the wrong man. “Lieutenants Might.” Hikaru said as his Aura began to appear. It was a white aura and as soon as the man began to approach Hikaru Hikaru ducked and hit him with a right hook then a punch. Hikaru could hear a few bones crack as the man was definitely in clear pain. The man ran towards Hikaru yelling. Hikaru would duck from a swing the man through, Punch the man in the stomach with his right fist, then bring his left fist back and his hand would electrify as he brought his left hand crashing down on the man knocking him out.  Hikaru looked at the man and grabbed him by the shirt dragging him all the way to  Barta. Barta saw the mans face and smiled. Though the man was still unconscious, Hikaru gave the man to Barta feeling that this man was a man who deceived the law so his punishment shouldn’t even stop there. Barta gave Hikaru the jewels and said thank you. Hikaru nodded and was on his way, however he felt that that mission was a bit tedious. Though the running might have just made him a little bit faster so it was worth it.


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