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Let's Get Physical [Jeremiah/Private]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Let's Get Physical [Jeremiah/Private] Empty Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:43 am

Jeremiah Ali
You serious about making some quick cash I see. Of course he was. Phoenix was spot on with that on. Jeremiah had been running low on money because ever since he came to the capital of Fiore, his pockets have been running short - metaphorically burning a hole in them. Without a word he continued to walk towards the building where mages were to go if they needed to find work. His silence assured the spirit within him that he was indeed serious. When he was with his mother, he never needed to ask for anything because she always found a way to get it even though all she needed to do was ask his father. Sometimes she enjoyed taking the hard route, weird. Up ahead he could see the building, and a bunch of people gathering around a specific part outside the building. That must be where the request board is. Placing his hands in his pocket he simply cleared his throat as he approached the the crowd of people loud enough for them to hear him, but not dramatic enough for them to pay attention with him. With a sigh he closed his eyes and increased the temperature of his body, emitting a gold-fiery aura in order to draw attention to him. The commotion at the board stopped, and the crowd now had their eyes on him. "Sup." He said as he quickly made his way through the people before grabbing a random paper off the board. It didn't them long to realize that he only wanted to get a slip of paper, which then angered many of them and caused them to express their frustration by cursing and other words that would have hurt his feelings if he didn't give a fuck.

Finally, he was away from the crowd of people. Jeremiah looked down at his hand and opened the slightly folded piece of paper that he so easily snatched from the board before reading in large letters. "Training Children" The hell? Dammit, a bunch of kids? In the back of his head the Phoenix can be heard snickering. The paper said that the children's training would be starting in an hour, so he had enough time to get something to drink and plan a specific lesson. He yawned before turning towards Betty's Breakfast Cafe. Ever since he went there to eat pancakes and bacon, he couldn't stop buying his breakfast from there. Quickly he went to the restaurant ordered some pancakes, and ate while creating a regime for the kids he had to train. Apparently their usual trainer has been really sick as of late and these kids couldn't miss a day of training. Typical Magic Council, making kids work so they can be soldiers. Such a shame, they're too young to even know if that's what they want to do when they get older.

After eating, he left the Cafe and made his way to a small park down the block, convenient and not too far. After reaching his destination, he saw all the children ready in 3 lines with their little suits on, hands by their sides waiting for instructions. With a slight frown -because he did have to get in character- he placed his hands on his waist and spoke. "Goodmorning young knights, My name is Mr. Ali. I will be substituting for Armin today. I expect to see greatness from you all - now drop down and give me twenty!" This entire thing was a joke to him, but surprisingly each and every kid did as he said, some struggling to push themselves up and some doing 20 easily. The ones that did struggle were attended to by Jeremiah, who would give them motivational words in order to help them. "You can do it" occasionally and "Don't give up." He had to admit though, this was a bit fun and after about 10 minutes he really began to feel like a sergeant. After the kids were done, they all stood up straight with their hands by their sides. "Good job! Now let me see twenty-five jumping jacks!" With a "Yes sir", the kids immediately began doing jumping jacks. It seemed like this was one exercise they enjoyed doing, probably since it only required jumping twenty five times, something kids did on a day-to-day basis. After they finished that, they all waited for him to continue. "Alright, now to increase your stamina, I want 5 laps around this park, when you are done you may sit down and take a 5 minute break." And the kids did just that. Ironically none of them caused problems. They were obedient, and anything he asked, they did. After they finished jogging around the park, they took their break. A few kids sitting and relaxing for the five minutes and others made their way to the water fountain for a drink of fountain water. He felt like if he wanted them all have a big fight, a battle of the fittest though it would only be for his own amusement. With a chuckle to himself, he stood quiet. After a few more training orders, he dismissed the kids and watched them all walk away. There really wasn't much of a mess so he was pretty good on the cleaning up part.

Well that was fun wasn't it?

Jeremiah sighed as he wiped a tiny bit of sweat off of his forehead. He didn't know why the hell he was sweating, it wasn't like he did anything but stand, in the cold. Perhaps all that talking is what did the trick. Turning around after all the kids left, he made his way to the address on the paper to receive his reward from Armin, but being cautious of the space between him. Whatever he had he did not want Armin to give him because he did not lie being sick, especially since he wasn't in Magnolia where he wouldn't have to worry about going anywhere else. Finally, he finished his first job in Crocus. Perhaps it was time for another one?

~ Mission Complete ~

WordCount: 1,011+/1,000

Let's Get Physical [Jeremiah/Private] Haki10

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